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The mane six are holding a silence contest. The winner gets princess duties for a week, courtesy of Princess Sparkle.

What are each ponies' reasons for wanting to win?

What complications arise due to six of Equestria's most important ponies refusing to speak?

What is Spike's take on all this?

Chapters (4)
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:pinkiehappy: Wowhoho, this looks promising.

I can see this back firing. And for somereson i see Spike wining. Don't a why.:derpytongue2:

As the wise fool would say:
"What could possibly go wrong?"

What IS Spike's take in all this? I hope I can find out. I wonder when he will grow his wings. That last part was just me thinking out loud.
Did you mean to just write a short "Jack" at that point? You really should call them by their full name in narrative.

I'm thinking Fluttershy is unbeatable. She has stated she's the world champion at this game.

(Waits for Flutters to be the first to lose)

Why didn't they invite Spike to that party? It its purpose was to get Twilight to relax, didn't it occur to them that Spike might be just as stressed-out from dealing with her? Do they have any excuse for that??

Pinkie can zip her moth closed she gona win

Wait, if the spell is sealing their mouths shut, how are they going to lose?

(Puts on helmet)
This may get a little messy. Let the game begin.

4927060 its not sealing their mouths, its making it so twilight will know of they speak

Personally I can't wait to see one of them sitting in her castle being completely overwhelmed with work then having a heart attack and dying (scratch that last part, I'm just very angry whenever people say that they could "totally" take on someone else's job and do it better than them because it happened to me with my friends and they were total jerks about it)


"Yeah well, you want to be a princess don't you?" Twilight snapped, firing up her horn. "I'm going to cast a spell on you. If you speak, I'll know. Then you lose. Got it?" The five nodded and she shot a beam of light into their faces, sealing their mouths shut. She aimed a beam at her self, beginning the countdown.

...it says it right there, am I mesinterpretting?

4926583 Good point on that name thing. I personally think nicknames make it sound less repetitive (and I do like the name Jack) but you're right, I'll use them less often.

4926874 Well, Spike had to clean up the kitchen. Good point, though.

You're right! I intended it to be that when they open their mouths, Twilight knows, but I'll go and change that part. :twilightblush: I think I can have more fun with this if they can open their mouths.

Calling it right now, haven't even read the first chapter. Pinkie's gonna win.

It's the least likely thing to happen, which means it'll be in Pinkie's area of expertise.

4926937 I just saw a picture of something, but I can't remember what it was

Fluttershy is being quiet. I'm gonna hide from Discord now:twilightoops:

would be a an awesome surprise if Spike filled out all of Twilight's work when she got home :moustache:

4929658 why would she hide from him?

4932228 not her, me. Fluttershy is discord's only friend and without her to talk to him or lecture him when he's being too chaotic...

4932400 If we're talking post season 4, Discord's got more than one friend.

The one who holds out the longest gets to play princess for a week.
Why is Twilight staying silent? She should be giving up right away.


"I get to choose!" Twilight snapped furiously, glaring at them. "You all to shut up. That's my choice." She met five confused faces and sighed. "If you beat me in the silent game, you get princess duties for a week. I can't talk until all of you do, because I'm casting the spell and that's how it works. Got it?"

So last of the five to speak wins. Then they can talk, and they get princess duties.
I hope that answers your question. :twilightsmile:

4932400 so you fear his chaotic being?

I can't talk until all of you do, because I'm casting the spell and that's how it works. Got it?"

:facehoof: "I'm beginning to wonder if I thought this all the way through."

That letter seemed rather cruel of Celestia. She practically said she failed at something. Failing things and disappointing Celestia are two things that can really hurt Twilight.:fluttershysad:

4933117 Just a moment of non-pony stuff. If she doesn't fill out the paperwork, she can't can't live there. :applejackunsure:

So. They challenged the World Champion silent pony Fluttershy, and Twilight put her crown on the line for the winner.

Wait, that's not how it goes?

"i before e, except after c".

Received, not recieved.

I think Fluttershy's gonna have some serious problems with her animals.

Ok, so now Pinkie and Twilight are suspected of being Changelings, marvellous.

4940894 fluttershy doesn't talk with ponies. Animals on the other hand...

4941435 Thanks for pointing that out. :twilightsmile: When is that? I'll go fix it.

4983335 I have seen all of My Little Portal except the last half of the last episode.

Look at me! I'm the guy who says, "I GOT THE FIRST COMMENT!!!", and no one cares! So, HURRAY FOR IRRELEVANCY!!!

Also, poor Flutters....:fluttercry:

Yeah, poor Flutters, at lest nobody thinks she's a changeling, so there's that.

Before the finale, he wasn't a good friend to most of the Mane 6 (we have no idea how he treated shy) but I really dont think he would do this to her solely for the freedom. He would probably pout and do chaos everywhere not because he has the freedom to (though that would be a very strong part) but so his only friend would speak to him . Knowing his ego, he probably thinks that fluttershy is being silent because of him

4941435 Oh! :derpyderp1: Where was that?


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