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It has been ten years since Tirek was defeated, and now the Cutie Mark Crusaders are all grown up. Sweetie Belle has a foal named Emerald. Apple Bloom is engaged. And at the same time, Scootaloo is waiting for her response from the Wonderbolt Academy. Want to know more? Stay tuned!

Thanks to xStellar_Bubbles for the artwork!
And thanks to FelineFluff for editing AND big shoutout to her as well for writing the first, third, and fifth chapter.
This is going to be a thing where I write all of the even numbered chapters and she writes all of the odd numbered chapters. We hope you enjoy it!

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ITS APPROVED!!:heart: I loved writing ths!,

5702311 thanks for being he firast to let me know that it was approved!

Bad problem!!!! You didn't post the edited version!!!!

5702323 you have to press edit, then paste the edited version!!, this is all wrong!!!

5702368 did you already read the second chapter? Because it's not quite done yet, she accidently submitted it with the un-edited version :twilightoops:

5702381 then I shall go and read it, point out her errors, like I always do for her stories

5702392 it's already edited, but it needs to be fixed. Please don't read it yet!

5702399 it is now fixed, you can point out MY mistakes now :)

5702404 so far, I did not really see any mistakes, awesome job

5702408 maybe in the second chapter, but the first chapter was edited better :pinkiehappy:

Third and fourth chapter will be done before the 15th :pinkiehappy:




...hahahahahHahaHaHahaHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

*falls on floor and dies*

Who disliked this story?!? I need to know, so I can go get Angel to destroy your life!!!(mostly just your garden :pinkiehappy:) but thanks to the people who liked it :heart:

5702873 When you said "my birthday is on the 14th!!!!!" When I said happy bday!!!:rainbowlaugh:

5702894 Yup! He's the perfect punishment for haters!!!:pinkiehappy:

5702416 I edited the second chapter MAJORLY, so if you haven't read it yet, you still can point out any mistakes :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by SweetyBelleluvsu deleted Mar 14th, 2015

i like it and SweetyBelleluvsu are you going to mark this story as complete now since this is the last chapter for this story

5786080 oh, there is... one... chapter... left... To be written by 5705010!
Um, Feline, you almost done with that?

5786102 the last chapter is up now, and marked as complete!:pinkiehappy:

5702113 I counted only four sentences that either had grammitcal errors, misspellings or inconsistencies.

"And I'm getting married on April fourth!!" Said Applebloom.....

"It's on April fifth. The day after your wedding!" Babs said excitedly.

"Oh, that's so perfect!!! You can be my one of my bridesmaids at my wedding, then I could be one of your bridesmaids at your wedding! And maybe, we can have a sleepover with the girls in-between those days!"

You might want to fix that.

""Hey, that's not a word!" Scootaloo said releasing from the hug, and fighting with Apple Bloom." (I think you meant Sweetie Belle.)

Emerald is a lot like you Sweetie! Clumsy, cute, and obsessed with waffles! Babs Seed said with a giggle. (You forgot the quotation marks.

Sweetie Belle, and Babs sat back at the table, and continued their chat. (I think you meant Applebloom.

Other than that, I had to pause every now and then because THE CHAPTER WAS SO FUNNY, I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING! :rainbowlaugh: I loved the dictionary irony and the interactions you made between the characters superb.

All right, on to the next one.

Emerald took a deep breath, and started talking really fast, while hopping around, describing everything she didn't with her body.

I think you meant "did."

Emerald said, reaching up to the egg bowl, and dropping it on the floor, cracking three eggs. "Oh, please for give me!


Wow. I actually love this chapter. For a moment there, I really thought there was going to be a scuffle between the two stallions. Glad cool heads prevail. Well done.

5791443 Well, technically, there was. But I didn't really want a big fight so that's how it ended. Oh, and blame FelineFluff for the errors, not me.

"Can I help you with anything sir?" Scootaloo turned around, and the sales pony, embarrassed, said "Oops, my bad mam, I'm really sorry about that!"

:rainbowlaugh: Aw man that was funny.

This is not bad. I actually liked this chapter. Rainbow Dash trying to look serious is funny. :ajsmug:

5791714 Omg I messed up a lot XD thanks for the review though! If I have time, I'll fix stuff. I'm glad you liked it:twilightsmile:

"Wait, why are we hugging you?" Scootaloo said, letting go of the hug.

You just hugged someone with out knowing why? :rainbowlaugh:

"Fine, I got laid off today." Sparks looked down at the ground, and started crying.

oooooo. I didn't see that one coming.

AJ really needs to cool down man.

Great chapter. I liked it.

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, yet with the biggest smile in the world. She whispered "you... Have... You have a cat!!!" She stood up, revealing a black, and white cat, asleep on the ground.

Wow Feline. You must really love cats. :derpytongue2:

Well, this was a cute chapter. :pinkiesmile:

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