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This story is a sequel to CMC All Grown Up

It has been a month and Rumble and Sweetie are back from their honeymoon. They are now going through the rest of their lives with their little filly, Emerald. Emerald is a sweet little filly whom you shall get to enjoy some of her life with!

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 108 )

Is this the surprise? I'll read it:pinkiehappy:

Can you change the first line, it's confusing.:moustache:

Not bad, I didn't see many errors and it tells it's story. I liked it, easily an improvement over your previous work.:twilightsmile:

Oh god XD the first chapter was good, now I have to read the second one.

Rumble had stayed over about a month ago for a graduation project. Unfortunately , that is not all they did. To make matters worse, she was in heat at the time. At this point, Sweetie regretted what they did that night.

I laughed so hard when I read this :rainbowlaugh:

Omg I'm emeralds friend!! So honored:rainbowkiss: it could use a proofreader, and the pacing was a bit fast, but other than that, I can't wait for the next chapter!!:pinkiehappy:

5785322 Is it a problem if what was meant to be said was, Thunder Lightning?

5785309 Why should I shut up? I really loved the story!:pinkiehappy:

5785327 That's not a story error, Fluff said were as in past tense not currently, in stead of we're which is "we are" meaning currently. if she put we in front of were it would be grammatically correct.:rainbowwild:

5785338 Ummm I just complimented your story... What you mean"catch up"

This story is great, far better than any of yours I've read. However, the critic inside me wishes to point out that this story falls to your usual problem: lack of description. Otherwise, I've only got nitpick to say about this. For instance, it's spelled "Prequel".

A fine job.

5785591 fixed the spelling error! And was it supposed to be

A find job

Oh, hey, there's your story! :pinkiehappy: But, before I read, I want to tell you one thing... look in the popular stories section. :twilightsmile:

5786012 *Major scream so loud it burst your ear drum*


welcome card for the new exchange student, Thunder Lightning


And Rarity missed the chase lounge and hit the floor with a 'crash':raritydespair:
:unsuresweetie: Better get Spike
:twilightoops: Wut?
:raritystarry: baby !
:moustache: Who?
:unsuresweetie: Me!

:duck:She beat ya to it:moustache: yikes !

could you change 'while' to 'who' on second line,
---->It reads like Rarity's two months pregnant <-----holding her belly. . .

:raritystarry: I'm sure Spike wouldn't mind.
:twilightoops:Wut? who said anything about getting married?
:moustache: cool.

:unsuresweetie:I've been a little busy.

5790844 Spike, go home! you are not married to Rarity in this story!

5805310 yea, but if that's where you are starting, you still have a lot to go!

I loved this! But wouldn't it be confusing if the reader hadn't already read Crystal Lily? I have, but I'm speaking for the other readers:twilightsmile: great job. I'm off to read the next chapter now!:rainbowwild:

The MIGHT IT! Can't wait to see who the it is:scootangel:

5821076 I should probably start working on the new chapter huh?

Hmm.. It's a bit fast, and you could work on your pacing. I don't know if it's just the format or what, but I find it hard to read. And I thought they lived at rarity's?

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