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After the foal services visited the home where Sweetie Belle and her daughter, Emerald, live, They decide that Sweetie is not fit to take care of the foal.

Set in the Emerald-Verse

Cover Art by Crimson Ink

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So the "Black Cats" huh? *draws sword* Let's hope they got nine lives!!!:flutterrage:

Wait...it says that it's complete but...theres a MASSIVE cliffhanger. I mean, what hapens? Please continue with the story. I was getting wrapped up into it but then I just skips to emerald and rose.:flutterrage::fluttercry::raritydespair::raritycry::twilightangry2::applecry:
Also, found spelling error.

I mean, sure the would beat up foals but they got caught for that!"

they. WOULD beat up foals...but they would get caught for that!
I mean I get the end where it says all that stuff like ok the end. Go to bed now! I get it. Its funny but...continue it


6054265 but the story is complete?
6054407 I was on tablet at the time so thanks. And who knows if I will continue it because I am stuck with tablet now
6054450 if I do continue, it will have mass amount of errors, I'm on tablet now

I don't really care if it has errors I just wanna know what happens next!:pinkiehappy:

>>SweetyBelleluvsu oh yeah i really do and cant wait for you to finish if you do.:rainbowwild:

6055088 I'm planning on this being a three part thing

6055009 I know but it ends with a cliffhanger! Can't wait for part two.

6064150 I shall decide between yours and Crimson's. Future reference, Emerald no longer has glasses

6064150 plus, can you replace the frowns with smiles?


Okie dokie lokie! Thank god I have a backup. :rainbowlaugh:

6064520 perfect! that will go on the next part!

6064556 Wait a minute... Oh! So that's why you needed those changes! :pinkiegasp:

OH NO THEY DIDN'T!! :flutterrage: Please continue the story I don't care for the errors I just want them to suffer and die a painfull death wait a minute:
Me: Arthur! Get my pony hunting kit!
Arthur: Miss I thought you stopped the pony hutning after one of them nearly killed you from one of the stories.
Me: Just read this!
Arthur: Youre kit Will be ready in a minute miss

6065478 don't worry, I have the story up and ready for the writing process to begin. I am back on laptop so you definitely will get the next part!

Please continue this!! I'm hoping since it says 'Part 1' you will continue, I must see what happens next!


6640643 Cant wait for PT 2!

Part... 2?

8244093 ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh................................ thaaaaaaaatttttt......................... that...... that may be a while..............

That's fine

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