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In a world where there is nothing stopping evil from reigning supreme. Equestria and the lives of it's citizens rests in the hooves of one, small group of ponies. Each gifted with a birth given ability. They have to fight any evil that threatens Equestria's peaceful state.
These ponies are known as ... Harmony Squad!

Co-written with SolidFire

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 55 )

OOh this gonna be good.

2665825 yeah this is great compared to my other stories.... :fluttershbad:

Yo, found it! Still looks lovely.

2665851 yeah and Dashie Mine works a lot better than 'my only sunshine' :rainbowlaugh:

I listened to that song...Damn, it's beautiful!

Soo.... Nobody knows the quote? :rainbowhuh:

looks interesting. Will this have Flutterdash by any chance?

2680743 Duh! Hey um... :rainbowderp: you think you could help write those parts? Me no good with da romance :twilightsheepish:

Bro, romance...damn. I'm not too good with it, but I'm getting better at it.

Maybe, I'll just have to give it a shot.

An interesting setup... :moustache:

Well, I like this so far. It's short but I guess it's a pretty nice start. Flutterdash also? That'll be awesome! :yay:

2682741 chapter two is halfway finished, I'll be writing the rest around Friday...

2689910 I'm writing right now actually :rainbowkiss:
Guess the next character to be introduced!

Bro...you misspelled "Chapter"....

Quoting the Boondocks for no apparent reason. Well anyway.... that's a neat little back story for Fluttershy.

2690512 wasn't me who put that wpquote in there it was my bro... How do you edit Chpt titles?

You just go into the edit option and change it... :facehoof:

2680807 Oh good. Just checking.
well you can always send me what you got and I can make suggestions and stuf like that.

2690044 I don't think I'm allowed to guess that... I already read it :trollestia:
The pony was :yay:

2694213 well it's a choice out of two.

2694784 .... Wow I didn't think you would get that

2698038 guess what element he is!
Dash is Harmony, Flutters in water, what's Soarin (one of the best flyers in Equestria) gong to be?

2698038 oh and I punned in chapter 2, if you can find it, you can either choose a spoiler or I'll give you a pic of something

2698277 I have no idea! Couldn't be air!! :trollestia:

So I also believe AJ will be earth and Twilight will be fire. :twilightsmile:

2699056 you are correct!! On both guesses, so I shall send you your reward! I load of FlutterDash pics!

2699067 I'm so, so ,so ,so so so so sorry for the porn I sent you :twilightblush: I'm really sleepy, that was meant for somebody else hehehe....

2699159 I got those right?! :pinkiegasp:
And I'm *cough*12*cough* I know I know "YOU'RE THAT YOUNG?!" :facehoof: I would probably get that a lot if I told people...

2699201 It's fine, :twilightsmile: I deleted them before opening them because I saw what the Flutterdash one said as the subject. :raritywink:

Cool story.... I guess :ajbemused:

who is the :heart:romance:heart: about because i wanted to add this to my group

3090050 look at the subject of the comments below \/\/\/

Edit: never mind, it's FlutterDash, ignore the comments below

3090050 2680743 2665825 2682741 2694082
Holy hell in a basket case batman! I still haven't updated this yet :facehoof: only half a chapter written! (Even though it's is 1000+ words)

If ya wanna read what I've got so far, I made a blog postp, which no one bothered to look at....


So this falls under the "this existed?" category. Ended up having to reread everything over again, and found that I do still like this and would read more. Just don't leave us hanging for so long

4072756 :rainbowlaugh: yeah sorry about that, i tend to procrastinate too much....but i've whipped my ass back into gear! I'm planning chapter One part 4 out now. The first chapter is just introducing the characters and showing how they got their 'powers' after that i'll get into the main storyline.

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