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Hello and Welcome to The Normal Fan Club
This is a group dedicated purely to the awesomeness that is Normal. In this group we shall all bask the awesomeness of her stories, and personality. For there is no other who compares, not even PenStroke, or Aegis Shield can stand up to such awesomeness.

No blatant insults
No shit talk about Normal unless there is an element of creativity
Threads can be about anything and nsfw is encouraged~ (but don't get yourselves banned for doing stupid shit!)
Story folders are reserved for stories written by Normal, other stories must first be approved
And basically respect your fellow fuck buddies

Don't forget, struggle snuggles are the best snuggles!

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382675 Swearing is a fact if life for me, not a day goes by that I do not swear. Should such a day occur, the earth will de-orbit and fall into the sun...


Bloody brilliant! And I have to apolagize for my strong language, I do not swear nor curse much when it comes to comments, but in real life I swear way too much.


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