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Twilight Sparkle loves three things: her family, her friends, and her kingdom. She would do anything for them, even give up her own magic. But what if she were replaced by a different Twilight? A Twilight who mind-controls her friends and family? A Twilight who brainwashes an entire nation for her own personal gain. A Twilight who cares more about power than the magic of friendship?

Midnight Sparkle has arrived. Given great power at sanity's expense, she sets out to conquer Equestria. This cannot end well.

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Comments ( 6 )

Both Twilights will be badass in this story, right? ...There are two Twilights in this story, right? I haven't read the story yet.

7589524 Um, no. Not so far, anyway. That was just something I put to make my description sound better (also totally not having writer's block). But, as Rarity would say: IDE-AH! :raritystarry: I have a new passion to write now! Gonna start working on dat second chapter. Heck, I may rewrite what I've already got! Thanks for the burst of inspiration! Starlight, you are a genius

7589582 It sucks. It's mind control and it's evil Twilight and it's been done. I was bored when I wrote this. I am making a longer story similar yet different to this. You may want to check it out.

Three people favorited this piece of crap... Whoever did, thank you.

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