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Welcome to the official group for Babs Twist/Twist Seed shippers! This unlikely, but highly adorable pair deserves its own group, so I'm making one! If you've ever written a story about the nerdy candy maker and the punk manestylist together, please upload it here! Please? I'll love you forever!


1. Don't be a bully! There is a difference between constructive criticism and just being a jerk. I won't tolerate that nonsense, so don't be a bad seed!

2. Please upload your stories to the appropriate folder(s). Guys. Please.

3. Please follow the site rules!

4. Keep your clopfics to the clop folder. If it has brief clop, post it in all of the normal folders, but if it is exclusively clop, please keep it in the clop folder.

5. Have fun!

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First instinct: Ooooooh
First thought: Oooohhhhh. There's zero stories*

*Situation has been exaggerated for your pleasure.

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