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This story is a sequel to Under Her Spell

Trixie Lulamoon learnt a lot from the Friendship Games. She learnt the true scope of what real magic was and what it could do. She felt its power thrum through her body, saw portals to impossible worlds, and quite literally saw the light in the form of a pillar at the entrance of her school.

And afterwards, life just seemed to move on for everybody. But how do you move on as a simple illusionist in a world where actual magic exists?

Trixie has found that you don't.

A story set in the Who We Become series.

Proofreading/Editing by Krickis and Gowak.

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That's gonna leave an impression... Poor Trixie :fluttershysad:

You've a really well-written inner voice/thoughts/monologue for your Trixie.
You've a great understanding of how magicians operate.
Really sells the magician stage performer aspect of her character, which informs the rest of her perception and decision-making.

The magic show in this chapter was amazing to experience, even in prose.
It showed how much effort, attention, knowledge, and skill Trixie has to put into her performances. Her life, really, if you read her behavior as a performance for which she never gets to step off stage.

And then that reminder that for all of her hard work and suffering, she's never wielded the actual magic of her peers - only ever been a victim of it.

Well done. This is turning out very nicely.

Thank you so much! I put a lot of thought into the magic acts in this story, to the point that I’ll have a blog post coming out with Friday’s chapter that’s just about what I was thinking while writing them, so it’s really great to hear someone appreciate them.

I hope you continue to enjoy the story! :twilightsmile:

I’m sure she’ll be fine. I guess, yeah... this incident could stick with her but, honestly, what are the chances?


Really good chapter. I love the switch to first person from Trixie here, great way to show how much things have changed. And the end with the gun, like... I felt that. Powerful stuff.

Wasn't expecting the time skip. But it's good to see the long term effects of Trixie's 'Where's your god now?' moment that was set up in the last chapter with the friendship games.

I guess we'll need more than Pinkie Pie this time especially as Trixie's dad might have pulled a disappearing act from her life.

Awaiting more, and maybe a happy ending? Maybe?

I know that part really stood out to you during the proofreading process. I’m glad I was able to convey that uncertainty you liked.


it's good to see the long term effects of Trixie's 'Where's your god now?' moment that was set up in the last chapter with the friendship games.

I like how you put that, it certainly messed her up as much.

As for “awaiting more, possibly a happy ending? Maybe?”

Well. We have two more weeks with this story, so I guess we’ll see. Perhaps more interestingly, I have something happening in a sequel story that ties into something you mentioned in your comment. So because of that I’ll go ahead and let slip that that story is ready and will post the week after this one finishes.

In any case, thank you for your continued readership :twilightsmile:

Pinkie has arrived! Gosh I wonder what these two will talk about, i can't wait to read more! Also can I just say how relatable Trixie is here? Because oof I felt this chapter...

Fjakqjwnrbfbxi shE FOUND MAGIC :raritycry:

I don’t quite get it? What happened re magic there at the end?

The idea was that the support and understanding from Pinkie was a type of magic that Trixie found at the end. The magic of love and friendship and all that, and possibly a crush or something more. After all, her issues were a lack of purpose and a lack of feeling, but with Pinkie's support she was able to have an impact on others and feel something again, which to Trixie would have been very powerful.

Or at least that's what I was going for. I apologize if I didn't make it clear enough through my writing.

In a setting with literal magic, I had to be sure I wasn’t missing something. :)

Yay, another happy ending.
Glad that Pinkie got as much of a helping hand as Trixie did. Although it was a bit sad to hear that Pinkie thinks that Caramel only likes her.
Let's hope that they all get a super happy super ending in the future.

If I were to complain about one thing it would be the repetition of the the idea that seeing the real magic made the stage magic that Trixie does, much less. Don't get me wrong I loved the initial idea of it in chapter one, but over time we saw how it affected her life, but not any attempts to re-examine it on her part or view it differently when in different states of mind. Anyway this is just for me, it slowed the narrative a little but that's all. The rest was really engaging , relatable, and well thought out.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to more!


I’m glad you liked it!

And yeah, I can see how that could feel like retreading. I’ll be curious to see what your thoughts are on the story coming out Friday. I’d get into why, but spoilers.

Anyway, thank you for your time ^_^


It's interesting that you choose Bellatrix for her first name, since most stories (including my own Trixie stories) use alternative full names.

Wait.. it hadn’t been raining.

There is a missing period in that ellipsis.

Human Trixie is bound to have more overt vulnerabilities than her pony counterpart. This story showcased that well, and the result was a strong and well-guided character portrait that was free from the usual ins-and-outs of high school that pop up in nearly all Equestria Girls stories. Writing about teenagers usually yields an appropriate amount of teenage angst, and that can potentially narrow down the audience a lot. Getting to see Trixie work towards raising herself from rock bottom was not something I realized I wanted. Post-Rainbow Rocks Trixie would be feeling lost and shattered, and this was an angle of her that didn't get to be shown in the previous story. The fact that she made friends was even better. I look forward to reading the third installment soon.

It’s not every day that someone has a close encounter with magic.

Guess what I'm finally doing? I don't know how I completely forgot to read these lol

“Behold trespassers, for you stand in the presence of the Great and Powerful Trixie!” she bellowed with a flourish of her cloak, which began to disperse the smoke. “While most in this place would shun you based on your school of choice, Trixie stands above such petty rivalries and has chosen you three to witness acts beyond comprehension. Consider yourselves favored amongst the few.”

Oh Trixie. What an entrance

I absolutely forgot to pick more stuff out as I was reading but dang. I dunno, I think I'd prefer Trixie's magic shows to the magic that seems life threatening. This is an interesting set up, I wonder what happens next. Good thing i can immediately find out, huh?

The volunteer shook her head.

why am i nervous i mean like i know she isnt just gonna die lmfao

anyway, i had started reading this earlier in the day but got sidetracked by sports. the nice comment i had started writing DISAPPEARED but to sum it up:

Trixie in Bitchette is something I never knew I wanted so much. I mean imagine the ENERGY she'd bring to that group???? Unmatched

And again, another great chapter. I sense some.... depression in Trixie heh. I mean she is not even fazed by the idea of the gun trick failing, and I, the reader, was. Even though I knew it'd be fine.

Onto the next!



I can't even leave a comment. I need to keep reading

You know, when I was younger I wanted to be a magician. I bought a magic set and everything. I don't know if I still have it, but I think I threw it out. I got good at a few of the tricks but I found myself unable to do anything truly impressive. I still think that magic is really cool because of all the things that go into even the seemingly simplest of tricks. The sleight of hand, the showmanship, everything. In the end, i wasn't made for magic.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, Trixie had wanted to throw out her cards, something that kept her connected to the past, and pursue something "normal". Magic is not only her hobby or her pasitme, but it is very clearly her passion. Being a good magician requires a lot of hard work and practice, and because of that I believe that you really have to love magic to be a magician. You need to be cut from a certain cloth. Trixie is definitely cut from that cloth, and seeing all these dark and sad thoughts go through her head really sucks.

And even though Pinkie was feeling her own bit of unbelonging and loneliness, they found each other. Pinkie was able to do what she does best. She helped Trixie. She was afraid to be useless, and yet Trixie needed her encouraging words. Now, Trixie on the other hand needed Pinkie's kind words of truth and her push to do her magic again. Trixie thought that just because she didn't have magic like Pinkie, that meant that she didn't have magic at all and should just give it up.

I love emotionally intelligent Pinkie. It's my favourite type of Pinkie and you do it so well here, Prep. She knows what to say and just how hard to push Trixie into regaining her love for her passion again. That simple pleasure of amazing someone and making them truly smile. They really did need each other to see that the magic inside them was enough.

In the end, Trixie found her magic, and Pinkie found that hers never left.

Loved this one, Prep.

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