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The Great and Powerful Trixie does not get flustered. She does not get shaken or upset. Not once has she allowed herself to become disconcerted or confounded. This is what makes her a great performer.

And no two bit trio of singers walking into her school cafeteria is going to change that. In fact, she'll let them know just that, as soon as her heart stops racing.

A story set in the Who We Become series.

Written for the Pride and Positivity event. You can support the event by donating to the Transgender Law Center, the Palestine's Children Relief Fund, or to SEWA International (Indian charity collecting funds for COVID relief).

Proofreading/Editing by Krickis and Gowak.

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Could not stop smiling at Trixie's gay panic lmao I love it

Trixie is such a lesbian and I am loving it.

Hey, feelings are scary. Nothing more terrifying than a cute girl, right?

I'm glad you approve ^_^
She was definitely fun to write <3

This was great. I love the gay panic coming from Trixie, it just feels so ... her...

I love your writing style and I mean.,... You know I love a good WWB story so I’m hella hyped ! Woot woot!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And not a huge spoiler at all but, I can promise plenty of gay panic ahead ^_^

Can’t wait to write you another eventual essay!

Yo, bro, I didn't read any part of the story.

I'm just here to gush over the creativity in making the Cover Image.

Is cool, good angle, good font use, size is nice, writing perfectly legible.

You good.

Take follow.

Thank you!

I had a lot of fun conceptualizing it and figuring out how to make it happen the way it was in my head.

Well, it worked fantastically, at first glance I thought it a commissioned realism piece.

Good job.


Can hardly believe that I haven't seen a story with this premise before, (people must be too busy writing anon-a-miss stories) everyone is very in character for both the movie and of course WWB. Looking forward to hearing from more than the lovebirds, and it seems we've got Pinkie Pie later on, win!

Maybe Pinkie will use her sage powers to warn Trixie not to fall in love with a siren. But then Trixie might only hear the fall in love with a siren part.

Poor magician girl.

Speaking of which I was expecting a story like this to have a sad tag or at least a drama tag. I guess that seeing as it has neither, that it's okay to smile at the concerned confused conjurer cursing confounded cuddle-feelings.

I like the slow pace and it has good grammar and spelling. Well done, good start!

Thank you! And can I just say I love the alliteration in your comment? Masterful.

Trixie x Adagio... hmm, cute pair.

Right? Though honestly, Trixie x anybody is a cute pair. She’s just the best ^_^, in my humble opinion.

That is true, Trixie is just a jellybean
My all time favorite pairing is Aria x Fluttershy, sadly there not a lot of it anywhere.

“I’m gay,” she said again, with a bit more confidence. “And I have a crush on Adagio.”

Bitch me too you ain't special :trixieshiftright:


Ok everyone, go home. This is the best comment on the site. We’re done here.


okay so i didnt know this was updating daily and i didnt go on fimfic yesterday other than for a quick glance at something but holy shit yes!

Trans trixie AND gay trixie? hell yes. i love this chapter because we just get a lot of trixies thoughts and inner dialogue and her figuring herself out again which i think is really cute.

her saying "im gay?" out loud had me smiling because thats so freaking cute.

god this pretty much met my expectations as for how awesome it is! hell yeah! cant wait for what i assume will be the final chapter, i love this

I’m glad that you’re so excited :twilightsmile:

I hope the final chapter lives up to your expectations.

I really enjoyed this story, looking forward for sequel. Was Trixie being trans mentioned in previous WWB stories? I read all WWB stories happening in Equestria and can't remember it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I'm really looking forward to sharing the sequel with you. As for the trans Trixie details, it's never come up yet; however, when I was given the go ahead to take up Trixie, Krickis basically filled me in on a lot of details for things going forward for her and that was among the most prominent for me to know about when planning my stories.

I'm sure she'll be in here at some point, making her own comments, so maybe she'll add some more insight assuming that I didn't just say everything she thinks needs to be said on the subject.

The way you write Pinkie is so good, I love her so much! Between her and Trixie, you've really spoiled us with this amazing fic :yay:

Pretty much just what thedarkprep said. When I gave her the reins on Trixie, I told her a few important details that haven't been public yet. It was very important to me that she knows Trixie is trans, though I let her decide if she wanted to make a big deal of that or even not acknowledge it (as long as she didn't contradict it, I was fine). I'm rather happy with how she Incorporated the detail.

Why did I pull the lever?

A minor point but it was Trixie's band mate that pulled the lever after Trixie snapped her fingers. Unless... Wait, if Trixie thought that her snapping HAD pulled the lever! Okay I'll believe that she thinks that. Also this works better when phrased as a direct result of Trixie. And Trixie had other things on her mind.

Wait.. That’s not right.

Guessing that should be either one full stop or three, after 'Wait'.
(Unless this is meta commentary on typos ; with a typo on the line that says 'that's not right'.)

Good stuff. Liked the brief amount of character that you gave the band mates (I didn't even know they had names to be honest, then again some fans REALLY like Trixie).

This is really amazing. Thanks for the sharing.



No meta commentary I’m afraid. I’m just a hack that finds it more aesthetically pleasing to use “..” instead of the full grammatically correct “...” when writing. My proofreaders catch most of them, but some still slip by. There’s also one when Trixie first admits she’s gay, but shhhhhh.


Thank you for your comment; it means a lot to me. I’m glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

WWB Pinkie Pie exists.
Therapists all over the world worriedly form unions for future job security.

Pinkie, looking at the forming union: “I’m just glad you all found each other. After all the people you’ve helped, it’s about time you all had someone to support you!”

Trixie will always be my favorite disaster lesbian.


Right? In her defense, cute girl, so.... :ajsmug:

Okay, so you seem to really like Adagio , Trixie thought rapidly. That’s fine, maybe she hasn’t noticed. You can still salvage this and maybe still be friends? Just figure out when this started and how far your fixation goes so you can control it before it gets more out of hand.

Ah, a useless disaster lesbian. How perfect. Trixie saying "I'm gay?" to herself was probably one of my favorite things I've read in a while.


Ah, a useless disaster lesbian.

Is there any other kind? :raritywink:

In all seriousness, Trixie is so much fun to write. She can do such extra moments but then show so much fragility. I love how flexible she can be.

“I wasn’t upset I thought I was gay,” Trixie mumbled. “I mean, I had never thought about it before. I had never had a crush before. I never really considered anything about who I’d date someday. Too busy with magic you know?”

Huh, y'know in most other stories I would have read this and been thrown for a loop. It sounds more like ace spectrum experiences (not like that would "rule out" Trixie being a lesbian, just that she's not a homosexual one) and is one of the most frequently described signs that someone is probably ace. Actually, this is three or so different signs all rolled together. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not.

One thing I really liked was how much stronger your writing is here, though the examples I read were a decade out of date for the most part. While I would have liked a little more exploration of Trixie being trans (because trans youth who were able to transition in high school aren't super common) what resulted was amazing work in Equestria Girls characterization for a lovable skittle-skinned dork. Not to mention, this chapter contains one of the best examples of unpacking mind control ethics (now there is an oxymoron if there ever was one) I've seen in MLP fiction. When something like that is canon to the universe across dozens of characters and with multiple severities and forms observed, finding a mature and fascinating spin on things is a white fashion unicorn. :raritywink:

That defense doesn't fly in my court. I may be gay, but I'm not women-gay.

[slams rainbow gavel]

Trixie is so much fun to write.

That's why I'm very glad that there is more Trixie to follow. :trixieshiftright:


So, Trixie being trans will get more development amongst the sequels. I feel like I can say that without spoiling anything. This just wasn’t that story, if that makes sense.

I agree that there’s plenty of interesting things to explore there, but that can be its own thing at some later point. Plus, I plan to include how this part of her identity affects other things in her life, like how in this she was better prepared for the realization because she’d already had to adjust once. Stuff like that.

As for my writing being better than it was in Dysphoria, as you said, it’s been 8 years ^_^ I’m glad I’m somehow showing some improvement, given that I didn’t write at all in the intermittent time.

Thank you for your feedback and your time; it truly means a lot.

That makes perfect sense! I can’t wait for the sequel to drop!


I don't know why it took me so long to read this final chapter but hot damn I'm glad I came back to it. Just as enjoyable as I thought it'd be. Of course, you wrote it so that isn't surprising.

Trixie's gay panic is incredibly endearing, and Pinkie was just phenomenal in this. The perfect mix of silly and boisterous and caring that the perfect Pinkie is. It's cute that Trixie thinks of Pinkie as a friend, and I think its also a cute little detail how Pinkie said "Maybe I do, maybe I don't" when Trixie asked if she knew about her, and instead opted to admit to knowing only what Trixie had already told her.

God, this is just amazing writing, Prep. I love to see it. I know you had taken a long break from writing and are coming back to it and I am glad you are because your stories never miss.

As for her crush on Adagio? I can't say I blame her haha. I'm happy for Trixie here. This was a strangely feel good story, although I suppose not every WWB story has to rip me to shreds. Nice change of pace, I'm glad you wrote this <3

And I heard rumours of a sequel (and by rumours I mean a blog post you made pfft) so I'm super hyped for that.

As always, excellent work! Love reading it.

You are much too kind! :twilightsmile:

I’m really glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, I guess even I can write a happy story once in a while. Weird, right?

I hope the sequel lives up to expectations.

Oh and finally:


Bring it! You ain’t about that life! :ajsmug:

No need to explain yourself.
Trans Trixie was an idea from waaaaay back as early as Season One.

We heard the original Boast Busters storyboard featured the magician as a stallion instead of the mare we ended up getting. Some fic writers and other fans ran with the idea, and it resurges in popularity every every now and again.

Thanks for sharing your take on it.
I'm enjoying your writing.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the story ^_^

And yeah, I know how popular the trans Trixie thing is. I just did the author note because writing a trans story is, like, the only thing I was ever (marginally) known for and when Krickis told me about Trixie there was a funny moment of:

“Oh? So, of course, you’re giving her to me then.”

“....I swear it’s not on purpose.”

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