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This story is a sequel to Secondhand Laughter

Maud Pie has never dealt with change well, not that life ever seemed to take her comfort into consideration. With the ending of the school year on the horizon and her doctorate close at hand, there are many changes coming Maud's way—changes she is in no way ready for. And so, on this last winter break, she decides to head back home.

Home means consistency. It means stability. It is predictable.

But few things are set in stone and Maud is finding that family may not be one of them.

A story set in the Who We Become series.

Proofreading/Editing by Krickis.

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This story is a sequel to The Opening Act

Nobody said that friendship would be easy. There are often as many bad nights as there are good ones. The important part is being there regardless.

Or at least that's what Pinkie keeps telling herself as Trixie, once again, fails to pick up her phone. She can't be mad at her for that though. Trixie's been having a bad night. In fact, there's been a lot of bad nights lately. Maybe, by going over to her apartment, Pinkie can help change that.

Trigger warning for Implied Ideation. No actual act or explicit discussion.

A story set in the Who We Become series.

Proofreading/Editing by Krickis and Gowak.

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This story is a sequel to Under Her Spell

Trixie Lulamoon learnt a lot from the Friendship Games. She learnt the true scope of what real magic was and what it could do. She felt its power thrum through her body, saw portals to impossible worlds, and quite literally saw the light in the form of a pillar at the entrance of her school.

And afterwards, life just seemed to move on for everybody. But how do you move on as a simple illusionist in a world where actual magic exists?

Trixie has found that you don't.

A story set in the Who We Become series.

Proofreading/Editing by Krickis and Gowak.

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The Great and Powerful Trixie does not get flustered. She does not get shaken or upset. Not once has she allowed herself to become disconcerted or confounded. This is what makes her a great performer.

And no two bit trio of singers walking into her school cafeteria is going to change that. In fact, she'll let them know just that, as soon as her heart stops racing.

A story set in the Who We Become series.

Written for the Pride and Positivity event. You can support the event by donating to the Transgender Law Center, the Palestine's Children Relief Fund, or to SEWA International (Indian charity collecting funds for COVID relief).

Proofreading/Editing by Krickis and Gowak.

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This story is a sequel to Something About Sunset

After Twilight confesses her feelings and asks Sunset out, Sunset is left with a lot to think about. Thoughts about relationships. Thoughts about the future. Thoughts about her place in the world.

Sunset Shimmer, however, is tired of thinking.

Written as a gift to Krickis and sequel to her SciSet story "Something About Sunset." You do not have to read her story to understand mine, but it is highly highly recommended. It is.. sooo good.

Proofreading by Krickis

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It's been years since Vibrant Tone last released anything. Since then, the music scene has changed, new artists dominate the field, and very few even remember who Vibrant is.

And yet, despite these challenges, Vibrant is expected to mount some sort of come back in what may very well be her last chance at relevancy.

A task further complicated by the fact that she herself doesn't feel like the artist she once used to be.

In fact, she feels like someone else entirely.

So! First story in 8 years... Kind of daunting. I was actually content to never write again but Krickis over here decided to bully me into coming back by being just an amazing and kind person.

All blame goes to her.

Proofreading/Editing by Krickis and Darkraimaster12

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Octavia has been accepted to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns in order to study music which, as an earth pony from Ponyville, is quite the feat.

Now she must make friendships, endure life struggles, and contend with her peers away from everything she's ever known, something made all the more interesting by the appearance of a certain pegasus classmate.

Prequel/Sequel to Dysphoria Arcs: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

ArtWork by the marvelous Echowolf800

Thanks to ElkinFencer10 and MyRenaissance00 for pre-reading and editing.

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High Style, Photo Finish's aide and famous stylist, was trying to have a normal day, but few things are normal when Cloud Kicker arrives.

This story is written as part of the Winningverse (which is why I don't go in depth into exploring Cloud Kicker's character). If you don't know why Cloud Kicker is the way she is, then go read the Life and Times of a Winning Pony. It is by far a better story than this one.

However, I'd appreciate it if you came back once you were done.

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Following the Summer Breeze trial, Rose finds herself packing and preparing.

Along with the Equestrian Equality Envoy, Rose will travel through Equestria, arguing for her cause. However, when she finds that her actions could have an even greater impact than anticipated, Rose must make a choice.

What would you sacrifice for change? Equestria itself?

This story follows the events of Dysphoria, Arc 1: Introductions, Arc 2: Ponyville, Arc 3: Canterlot, and Arc 4: Summer Breeze.

This story is now finished, but I've got something you might be interested in: Dysphoria, Arc 0: Octavia

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Evening Rose is a survivor.

She endured a fall from Canterlot mountain after being attacked by her father. She barely survived the attack by Granite that left her hospitalized. She even faced a copy of herself in the midst of a changeling invasion she helped cause. Her life has not been easy, but each experience helped her come to terms with herself and the life she has.

She's finally happy with her life, and all she wants to do is leave the past behind and enjoy the normalcy she's earned. However, changes are happening in Equestria and she's caught in the middle, despite her wishes against getting involved.

But what can one do when destiny knocks?

This story follows the events of Dysphoria, Arc 1: Introductions, Arc 2: Ponyville, and Arc 3: Canterlot.

This Arc is finished but the story continues in Dysphoria, Arc 5: Equestria

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