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New story incoming · 1:22am June 11th

So.. I have a new story coming out next week and it has a bunch of weird and cool details attached to it as to how I came about writing it. If you're interested in the details you should keep reading.

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An Anchor Weeps (a poem) · 3:09am June 5th

An anchor weeps its sea salt tears
Absorbed by the flowing current.
The tides ebb around it
as oceans are ones to do
Ever changing.
And yet the anchor sits, unmoving, at home on the silt.

A chain is pulled taut upwards from the anchor towards the depths above.
Attached to what? The anchor does not know, for under the waves it is dark,
much too dark to remember things like glistening pools of sparkling light and the things that dwell in such.

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Loneliness is a Friend to Me · 5:47pm May 23rd

Loneliness is a Friend to Me:

Loneliness has been a longtime friend to me.
It's been my kindest enemy.
Always in reach, residing in each
old memory.
Teaching me empathy.

It's taught me to let go.
It taught me to take "no."
Forced me to be myself,
to need no one's "say so."
Loneliness was always there with the ending day glow.

I get a call to come attend
the outside world and just pretend
like I belong. But, in the end,
I'm not the type to leave a friend.


New Story Tomorrow! · 1:46am May 14th

So! I have a new story coming out tomorrow at 4:30 pm. You all excited? I am.

Oh, you want to know more about it? Well, I guess I can tell you more details. I can even show you the cover art!

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Something About Sunset! · 10:22pm May 10th

Krickis wrote a story as a gift to me!

It's called Something About Sunset and you all should read it. I've read it all the way through already (helped proofread it) and it is sooo good.

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I wrote a Playing House song · 1:51pm May 8th

Caution: Spoilers for Playing House and technically all subsequent stories in The Who We Become Series by Krickis.

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And so a story ends · 8:54pm April 11th

Wow.. has it been a month already?

It's a bit crazy to think that it's been a month since I started posting chapters of Changing Your Tune.

I always planned for the story to only have 4 chapters. You can see it in the profile pic, even. In any case, I guess I had hoped to have something profound to say by this point in the tale. I'm afraid I don't. Still, I'll try my best.

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Subtext (or: remember when I did poetry?) · 9:55pm March 28th

My ink's bleeding on the page,
Watch the sheet soak up the rage.
There are things I cannot say without a pen.

Praise me for my metaphors.
Don't ask "what's the meta for?"
This is fiction. So at least let me pretend.

Does it matter why I write?
Are there things I shouldn't type?
Are there whispers that the wind just shouldn't send?

And what does a story need?
Truths that no one wants to read?
Or someone to write a satisfying end?

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8 Years Later · 8:55pm March 21st

Hi everyone.

I was going to do a simple "Hey, I'm writing again" blog post and talk a little bit about what got me back into writing. However, I then saw that my last blog post was literally that and I wrote it in 2016. Not only that but my last story update was in November of 2013. That's 8 years.

Since then, Generation 4 has ended. The world has changed. Things are different. I'm different.

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I'm writing again · 4:26am Sep 8th, 2016

As the title said, I'm writing again.

No one is safe

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