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2150460 you gone for a week and I need and story fix because most my favorite stories have not updated lol

2150194 Hello. :twilightblush: What do you mean by that?

2142115 come back

2142052 I'm sorry, but I felt I couldn't do justice to the way I had it planned out. I felt I needed to develop the way I wrote a bit more first. /)


Sad to see that you deleted "The Cutie Mark Reformers". :fluttershysad: This story really had potential, even though the beginning was a little silly.
And it was the only fanfiction here that was about it that Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle get sent on missions by the Tree of Harmony. :applecry:
I'm going to miss it.....

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How to please an English teacher... · 5:07am Oct 14th, 2015

*Sighs* I just got a 71% on an essay only because I accidentally re-submitted my rough draft as the final draft. She took it as me being lazy and marked off points from my previously 93% essay. :fluttercry::applecry:

Report Apple Heart · 217 views · #sad #teacher #english