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I'm a writer of fluff, kibitzer, and especially interested in canon AU: Equestria Girls, the comics, etc. They are fun to play with.



This story is a sequel to Goodbye, Boneless

Cheese Sandwich keeps a lot of his thoughts to himself when he's around Pinkie Pie. For a party pony, he's still awfully shy. But today he’s going to slip up, think out loud when he’s barely awake, and say a lot more than he meant to.

Pinkie Pie is always happy to see her friend Cheesie. And this time, it’s not party pony business; it’s a really real visit just to see her! He’s so much fun to play with, and he thinks the nicest things about her, but she wishes he’d say some of them. Listening in is starting to get awkward.

This is a sequel to "Goodbye, Boneless." Technically, if you're trying to read in sequence, it also falls after "Flash and Trend Steal All Your Waffles." CheesePie, of course.

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Aw yeah! It's here. Looking great so far, hoping to see more.

Actually, looking forward to it.

And this is just a small knack, but I noticed a small spelling error in the author's notes. I kind of feel strict mentioning it, but it sort of stood out.


4575061 Aw, drat. I'll fix it later. I don't like clicking on too much just at first, but I'm sure I'll see it right away when I go and look at it.

And if people never pointed out my whoopses, I'd never know to fix them, so thanks!

Hooray for story! You know with all these cheesepie stories on your hand they look to be enough to make a book of short stories.

:unsuresweetie:Although if I remember well, this is the first Cheesepie story I seen from you that is told from Pinkie point of view, shaking things up?

Yes, been waiting for this a long time. It was a must read before I even knew what it was about.

Interesting to see Pinkie's point of view this time... :trixieshiftright:

Whee, new story! Great as usual! I like having one from Pinkie's point of view, and psychic Pinkie is pretty cool. XD

4575815 That is right! It's the first one writing POV Pinkie. I always thought that would be a challenge, so let's see if I can pull it off.
Psychic Pinkie? Well, she can't read everypony's mind, and she doesn't always get actual words--but I'm getting ahead of myself here.
4575849 Thanks!

Hmm, not gonna like it just yet, gonna wait and see where this adventure takes me. :trixieshiftright::pinkiesmile:

Gold as usual with your work. I'm interested to see where this goes too.

Comment posted by hootscootaloo101 deleted Jun 21st, 2014

Great job, I'm really enjoying it so far!:pinkiehappy: I can't wait to read more!:twilightsmile:

I want more... now :pinkiehappy:
Great job! This is definitely one I'm favoriting!

4576878 Thanks!
4577309 Thanks!
4577598 That's exactly what faves are for--so you can make up your own mind when you feel like it, although I hope you do.
4578041 Thanks! I have another chapter done, and I'm going to publish it in the AM.
4578341 Thank you!
4578501 You won't have long to wait. I'm sleeping on it for a final proofread, and then the next chapter is good to go.

I do like how Pinkie's mindreading is left ambiguous as to whether it's just her being really, really good at reading body language and microexpressions, and how it's not even a conscious thing for Pinkie.

Huh. Pinkie can read Cheese's mind. Now, is that a general ability of hers, or part of their party pony magical entanglement?

Also, that was some very effective procrastination at work. The party pony's duty can't be put off indefinitely, but it can definitely be put off.

In any case, this looks like it's going to be adorable. I look forward to more. :pinkiesmile:

Congrats on getting featured! You totally deserve it!

It's about time you hit the Feature Box! :yay:

Anyway, this was so cute. And Granny Smith's POV of the party pony tag was quite funny. :twistnerd:

Congrats! I've never made the feature box (and chances are, I never will.) I'm awfully glad you did, though!

Huh. This sort of came back to me. :trixieshiftright: Role reversal? Or basically, congrats on making it.

Because of my recent Pie high, and I'm sorry about this, but I was half-expecting Marble to appear halfway through that small game. I... I... don't know. As soon as I saw the word, it just came to me.

Definitely looking forward to the next part though.

Huh. The castle is inventing itself as it goes. Well, it is a tree. Continual growth is in its nature. Of course, the contents of the new areas are almost certainly influenced by the Element of the Bearer who does the exploring. If Twilight doesn't want a castle full of taffy and bounce houses, she should probably do some poking around of her own...

Also, I quite like Lord High Most Everything Spike. :moustache:

Looking forward to more, especially whatever Cheese has planned at Sugarcube Corner.

I always knew you'd eventually get Featured. :raritywink: Congrats, darling!

A great continuation of your last story! The amount of adorablness has gone off the charts too, so I'd be careful if I were you, lest you cause thousands of people to have heart attacks. :twilightsmile:

Congratulations on getting featured!:pinkiehappy: I really enjoyed this chapter as well!

Gahh! So cute!!! Loved this chapter and how you're tying everything together. I'm so excited for more!

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay you got featured
and great chapter

This was so sweet, and so damn Pinkie, that it brought tears to my eyes. :pinkiesad2:

Damn you Diabeetus!:flutterrage:

BTW, regarding he author's note, that's either some really horrible copypasta, or someone needs to decide what era they live in. There are typos galore, and it flips from middle to modern English from line to line. May wanna recheck your quote source.

4581022 Umm--it's actually Milton. As in, actual Milton. Which is considered Early Modern English (17th century), and I teach it, so I'm pretty secure on this one. Here's the text, with original spelling preserved. But I am very glad you liked the rest!
4579145 Ah, you shall see. Seems as though the duty of a party pony can indeed be put off. Of course, if you're reading this as a direct continuation of Flash And Trend Steal All Your Waffles, they've all had a rough night, and Twilight's vague request to Pinkie to find a party to plan and make Cheese help was connected with a party that she hadn't even considered before, so maybe it wasn't that silly to assume that the party simply wouldn't be today.
As you'll see, the ability to read Cheese is confined just to him and does have a lot to do with their multiple magical entanglements, plus the fact that really, only a party pony is really going to understand another party pony anyway. Cheese's "how did you do that?" in chapter one might mean "how did you get all those fillies and colts to come running out of school?", but to a party pony, it can only mean "how did you get them to leave?"
4579224 Thanks!
4579404 It's been kind of exciting! I can't help but wonder if it's a slow weekend.
4579467 I was surprised for sure. And Granny has probably seen it all. If there were such a thing as vampire pony baseball, she'd probably have seen that.
4579495 I was at LEAST as surprised as you were. I guess it helps not to have an Equestria Girls, Flash Sentry, or both as a tag.
4579676 I hadn't thought of that, but I sort of think the Castle might be a bit Narnia-esque; all the old things, all the dear things, are still there. After all, the Castle of the Two Sisters was built intentionally, including all of Luna's prankster-ish stuff, but this thing sprung up from nowhere. Come of think of it, Luna apparently had an interesting afternoon playing in the old castle with Chancellor Puddinghead. Also, I hadn't thought of this, either, but Twilight should get up out of her funk and see what's there. I think she'd be pleasantly surprised.
And why not give Spike some cool stuff, right? I think some people think I don't like Spike because I passed on what I heard at BABSCon, but actually, I was happy to see him get his own throne, and he does seem to enjoy the finer things. You could pass it all off as his crush on Rarity, but I'm not so sure about that. He rocks a little tuxedo, and he likes doing the announcing for fashion shows. I say he gets to be the Equestrian Pooh-Bah. Why not?
4580013 Aw, thanks! I hope you're enjoying the shippiness, too.
4580074 I shall do my best to avoid health hazards.
4580796 Thanks! Honestly, I'm just happy when CheesePie shows up in the box. I'm pretty hard-core, I guess.
I'm balancing between doing something I truly MUST do with a hard deadline and polishing this off, but this may well win. And besides, it does tie in with the summer solstice, so soon, anyhow.

4581375 Oi, so is that common for that era of writing, or does Milton just need to better edit his writings before publication? As a writer myself. and being a bit OCD, my brain started to scream at me that he seems to randomly add and extra E to words, and not consistently either. One time he says 'doe' another he says 'do', and several times he uses 'Book' and randomly one time it's 'Booke'. And then, outta nowhere, random unnecessary contractions.:rainbowhuh:

I dunno, mebbe this was considered proper, and they had ridiculous rules on grammar back then (goodness knows we have enough of them now), but to a layman like me, it just looks like the text I drunkenly sent my cousin yesterday with my spellcheck turned off.:pinkiecrazy:

But historic english aside, good story.:pinkiehappy:

4583119 As a teetotaler and Cromwell's Latin Secretary, it would make Milton's heart bleed to think you thought his grammar was not up to snuff. But spelling wasn't regularized until much later, and more to the point, printers and typesetters had leeway in a way you'd scarcely imagine possible. There's a reason a lot of words are spelled ending with "ie" and the same word with "y" in the First Folio: different compositors setting up the typeface, who liked to spell the words different ways. Printers could do pretty much anything they wanted. In one of his early books, the printer picked out a weird engraving to depict Milton, and Milton just shoved in a few Latin lines saying "anyone who actually knows me knows I look nothing like this."

Seriously, the guy was brilliant.

4583233 Having been formerly trained as a printer, and by association, a typesetter, that makes perfect sense. Especially if you are being paid by the letter, and had a big arse box of E's. :derpytongue2:

I like how Cheese just wanders in and out of the fabric of Equestria's tapestry so easily. Considering all of these stories in a row made me realize. Also funny and fitting how Goodbye, Boneless leads to Good Morning, Beautiful; even if there were waffles in the middle there. :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie is perfect. No other words need apply. Although wondrous and ephemeral do come to mind. :heart:

Party Pony Tag is indeed much better than that other thing you said. I won't give it more merit by allowing it to be acknowledged a second time. :raritywink:

I love it! It's such a cute story. :heart:

Bravo! A very nice CheesePie fic.

You... can you just... never stop writing cuteness for these two, but dammit at least give us a break because my heart. :heart: You make these two work so well, I don't even understand it. The way you characterize them, write them, play them out, it's astonishing and I love it i love it i love it this is why you're one of my fave authors GAH. Your work is so sugary sweet and adorable, I seriously wanna hug you. Your work makes my heart explode with cuteness and tears of happiness dare to form in my eyes.

You're awesome, scoots. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Wait? It's over? ...Darn.

It was nice to see Cheese finally making a move though. Seeing him duck away at the beginning was a bit irking. Then the (maybe?) cop-out with why he says what he says, though in reality, he really does have a point about the morning pinkness. But the tails. It's nice to see he's doing something forward.

Not that he wasn't earlier of course. Because really, I had a constant "NOW KISS" vibe going on after that second chapter, my inner ships sailing. Still though, a very nice way to conclude this, and I'm not really spoiling anything in saying I'll be looking forward to more. You've got quite a long series going here.

Hooray for shout-outs! Already people are adopting my little town for their headcanons. I'm so happy. :yay:

Also, their attempts at that kiss were so adorably awkward, and I loved how they just laughed about it before we got the real deal. Ah, the moment we CheesePie fans have been waiting for. :pinkiehappy:

“Oh, for crying out loud, Cheese Sandwich, you just shut up and kiss me right now!”

Bwahahahaha I love this story so much! :rainbowlaugh:

So, sequel? This is much to good to simply end here.

OMG OMG you!!! Are so awesome I swear your gonna make me explode of cuteness I love your writing just LOVE you writing!!!! :D

I... I... I love this story so much. It is beautiful and heart-warming, and everything that Cheese and Pinkie said makes sense to me. I understand the concept of Joy. And then the end. I... there are no words to describe the cuteness of that kiss!! GAH! And now if you excuse me I have to cry in a corner because that was the end... :raritycry:

No but honestly, this was beautiful and I admire your work. Never stop writing. Ever. Because this story alone made at least my world a better place. :twilightsmile:

Thank you!!!

Cheesie was easy to be with. Easy-Cheesie, she thought, and giggled. He understood that funny was serious business, and he never said “oh, Pinkie” in that tone her other friends sometimes used. “Oh, Pinkie, you’re so random.” “Oh, that’s just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie.” He didn’t expect her to explain things all the time. He instinctively knew when it was time for a piñata, when it was a four-alarm emergency laughter situation, and when it was time for a hug. It just proved that she was right to want to make friends with him from the beginning, before they both started being stupidy McStupidheads and challenging each other, but then he’d been her friend before they’d really even met, like all of her bestest best friends.

That's a good, Pinkie Pie Speak description of "soul mate."

Pinkie sighed. Cheesie thought the nicest things about her, and she really enjoyed hearing some of the things he didn’t say, but sometimes she goofed up and responded to something he was thinking instead of what he was saying. Like now. And she wasn’t really sure she should let him know about that.

He might get scared if he knew she could hear his thoughts.

She turned, he turned with her, and off they went, his long strides perfectly matching two of her bounces. Her tail reached out and started interlacing its curls with his. It did that all on its own, and she didn’t know why, but she and her tail went way back and she trusted it.

Her tail, she thought, knew what it was doing.

That is one of the sweetest descriptions of a small but meaningful physical intimacy I've ever heard described in xenofiction.

“Well, at least they weren’t real ponies,” Rainbow Dash had pointed out. “I mean, who’s gonna die fighting for a couple of books?”

Somehow I doubt this little speech cheered Twilight at all. Especially since the point at which she really started fighting was in anger at the destruction of those books.:twilightangry2:

Applejack had suggested that it wasn’t an old library, and she hadn’t lost any family, and Fluttershy had mentioned that Owlowiscious was safe, thank goodness, and Rarity had added that at least many of the books weren’t expensive and didn’t have artistic covers. She personally had tried some of her very best balloons twisted into funny animal shapes.

Perfectly in character for all of them. AJ focuses on family, Fluttershy on animal, and Rarity on financial value and aesthetic appeal. And Pinkie uses party balloons. :pinkiesmile:

But nothing seemed to work, and finally Spike shooed them all away, because when it came to things like this, Spike really knew her best.

Spike has known her all her life and -- while he's not as obsessed by them as is Twiight Sparkle (or Jordan S. Bassior for that matter) -- he values books too.

Actually, the conversation had been something like, “Hey, Twilight! Can I be a Lord Chancellor or a Lord Chamberlain now?” to which Twilight had responded, “sure, Spike. Go ahead. Be both.” It was perfectly fair, though, since as Twilight’s longtime number one assistant, he really was in charge of arranging all her royal appearances and her political duties, too, so he might as well have the titles to go with the job. The new titles clearly made Spike very, very happy, as did the jewel-encrusted sash he was wearing, and Pinkie liked seeing Spike being happy.

Twilight doesn't totally take the dignities her new role all that seriously yet. But even if she did -- who better to trust with such tasks than Spike? Seriously, he's the one person she can count on who has the time and inclination to do this who she can be sure cares for her first and only secondarily for the status gain.

“There wasn’t any official design yet, so Rarity designed it herself!”

Aww ... and she'd be happy to do that for Spike, too.

When she opened them next, the sun was quite a bit further down in the sky. It wasn’t quite so warm, and she was practically nose-to-nose with Cheese, who still seemed to be asleep, and she didn’t want to wake him up. Cheese’s eyes half-opened, he smiled sleepily, said “good morning, beautiful,” and kissed her on the nose.

She was a little startled, but not nearly as much as Cheese was. He gasped in horror, “Pinkie, I’m so sorry!” and backpedaled so fast that he left a long trail of flattened grass in his wake. And then he truly began to panic.

Oh, Cheese. I think that pretty much any mare would take that as a compliment ... :pinkiesmile:

His head came up. “Yeah, but I wasn’t thinking about it! I can’t just kiss you in . . . in cold blood like that!”

No, no, Cheese. I really doubt she wants to be kissed "in cold blood." The warmer the better, I'd imagine. :raritywink:

“Because I’m carrying your magic now,” he said. “I thought that was over when Boneless was –lost—gone—whatever; but now I don’t think so. I have mine, and I have some of yours, too. Every time I see you, even when I think of you, it touches off your magic. There are fillies and colts singing the Smile Song wherever I go. Sometimes they know it before I even get there. There are ponies laughing because of you that you haven’t even met. You matter.”

This is perhaps the most beautiful thing he could have said to her. Perhaps more beautiful even than "I love you" ... but then it also mplies "I love you," doesn't it? And much more.

South-Dunnich, actually. The implied geography is that Nickerlite is about 50 miles from Ponyville along the western rail line (not the one that goes south toward Appleloosa) and that South-Dunnich is around 6 miles south of Nickerlite, with the Pie Rock Farm another 4 or so miles southwest of Dunnich. The main town used to be South-Dunnich, with Nickerlite a satellite farming community, but then around 20-25 years ago the railroad ran through Nickerlite, bypassing Dunnich because the terrain was unfavorable for the earlier-tech steam locomotives, and since then South-Dunnich has been dying, its younger population moving to Nickerlite where the new businesses are opening to serve the rail traffic.

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