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I promise nothing and deliver less. More than what you expect, but less than you might've hoped...

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Come back you swain! :flutterrage:


I must say, the works you produce are simply fantastic! In all respects, your works are set for nothing less than success! Carry on your writing, bar blunt trauma via real life or writer's block. :twilightsmile:

277857 Oh, it won't take nearly as long as that. Everything is laid out, all that must be done is fashion it all together with details and dialogue.


Well now, color me blue. Ah kin only hope th't chapta duex o' "Goddess" does not take the same duration unda' th' creative processes as chapta' Un. Lookin' forward ta' it!

277738 Too be completely honest, it is really the first story I have penned down in any serious attempt.I think the only reason its any good is I've spent a lot of time hammering this story into something legible.

Months of planning and refining...

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