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Dismayed after her loss to Chrysalis, Celestia departs the royal wedding reception early, retreating to her royal chambers to console herself with a bottle of wine. Concerned for her sister, Luna soon follows to check up on her...

(Rated Teen for tipsy princesses, and thanks to Junglepony for the cover art!)

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Pony incest. Sexy, :trollestia:



I enjoyed this quite a bit.... Wow you wrote a View also? Nice.

I demand moar Princest..... please ;W;?:fluttercry::fluttercry:

1594088 Not really if they arn't blood related.

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! :twilightblush:

Celestia being *lonely* is the cornerstone of my MLP headcanon. I will like any story that averts this reasonably. And one that averts it so nicely? Warmth and love of sweet, caring princest? Reasonably dwelling on the conflict and resolving it by the simplest, wisest let the feelings take their course? Instant favorite!

Not just wincest.


I'm sorry to be a hater here, but princest seems sorta... wrong. I mean, I realize they're both a pair of the only immortals and they also have a lot in common, but that's because they're sisters, dammit! I'm not going to thumbs-down, but I am going to put my opinion out there. You can try to change it, but that's the way it is.

1594350 Let's just leave it at Princest for now, k? :trixieshiftright:
And my mouse keeps gravitating toward the start button . . ..

Chef Ram Sea...

I love you.

Awww, what adorable princest! So cute :rainbowkiss:

Yeah, no. Sorry, I can't accept the headcannon of them not REALLY being sisters. So, yeah, no down vote, because it was cute and well-written, but no up vote because, well... Princest... :pinkiesick:

And so, chosen course in hoof, Her Serene Majesty Princess Celestia, Solar Regent of the Principality of Equestria, Eternal of the Sun, Herald of the Radiant Dawn, and the Shining Light of Ages, gathered her supreme power to her, unleashing the terrible, beautiful weave of delicate alicorn magic...

I'm going to be using some of those titles 'K.

which would only, of course, make the whole thing twice as hilarious.

The hilarity has been doubled!!!

Well, first of all, I didn't think I'd like it this much.
Wait, what?

Thank you Luna, that was what I was thinking.

and so needed more...field data. Yes, field data, on...alicorn romance potential.

Possible reference to Field notes on Alicorn reproduction?

Field data on alicorn romance potential? If anything it sounded like the title of a bad romance novel.

Parinoia verified!:twilightsmile:


That's how I see them too!

This was a great story. I like the them not being actual sisters, not my head canon, that'd be Paradise, but second place.

Liked and favourited.

it was pretty good but still that part. why is there still infinite denial in the confrontation between celestia and chrysalis over the fact that celestia isn't god? the rest of the story was cute and well written with all the parts of good sisterly bonding but the fact we're still trying to give rationalization over celestia's lack of absolute powerism is still insane. why can't we let her character move on? and i'm not fanboying either nor do i hate celestia with a passion. i loved that scene cause it proves that alicorns aren't the strongest force in existance. that point goes to the bond between friends.

....not even finished reading this. Enjoyed it... then came to this part.

And besides, she'd never get such pilfering past Head Chef Ram Sea, and the last thing she wanted was to risk his barring her from the kitchens - more importantly, from her late-night cake runs.

Just wanted to mention... you are a wonderful person... now back to reading the rest of this fic. Already starred and Favorited, though.

Edit: Yup. Just as I thought.

This was gold. Never was a fan of CelestiaxLuna. Seemed wrong... until now. :twilightsmile:

But that end... there was a betting pool! :pinkiecrazy:

Ohmygosh! Cute, cuddly and funny princest!

May the heavens sing your praises for centuries to come dear author person, for this is relevant to my interests.

This was...intriguing. Can't say I'm a fan of the shipping, not then nor now. But you managed to pull it off well enough for me to enjoy it, so well done.

Also, was that cover art done for this story? Because the manes are treated as though they are not wearing the regalia, yet they most clearly are.

I'm bloody entertained from this. It was funny, romantic, and all around great. You deserve an internet cupcake, heres a voucher for one when I'm not exhausted and itching to play ACIII on an HD tv.

Liked, Fav'd and hell, I may even throw you a watch. Might review the story elements at a later date. Not sure.

I'm going to be honest... the whole bet thing and Luna having started this one kinda took a bit away from the story for me. I liked everything else though.

1595060 I'll admit it, I laughed.

1595197 1595598 Truth be told, this story ended up being Lunestia because I assigned numbers to the FiM Shipping Chart and then rolled dice. I wanted a pairing I would never write by personal choice, and this qualified; I was surprised as all hell that Luna ended up arguing the case that she did. So I ain't gonna demand you accept it :pinkiesmile:

1595639 I went into it getting Celestia in the bag, and she decided it was because she got trounced by Clever Miss Cheeshooves. More to the point, the idea was that alicorns aren't all powerful gods; Celestia did legitimately lose, which shocked her. As she says, the only way she could have won was to unleash total solar fury, which would have wiped most of Canterlot, and that isn't really a victory.

1595625 >Possible reference to Field notes on Alicorn reproduction?
Yep! As further commented, there's also the ref to A Slice of Life, and there are also nods to Composure and Eternal in there.

1595693 OMG Dawnscroll liked my story squeeeeee
More seriously, thanks! I don't like playing favorites, but getting compliments from authors whose work I follow does make me tingle a little. Also, A Slice of Life is fantastic.

1596001 Nope, Junglepony did that up way back in June. I just borrowed it, and it may have informed the one scene a little bit.

i'm not talking in regards to victory. doing something like that would continue portraying her as a god. celestia lost doing her best because chrysalis performed beyond her best.

An interesting take to be sure. Breaking their family ties aside this was actually quite well written. Soft, slow and exsplanitory, just as something as complicated as immortal sister law breaking of family ties for the sake of a fanfic ought to be. Good Job :twilightsmile:
I am suprised someone could actually pull this off without making a great deal of people upset from the start.
Still, i do not see this pairing becoming anything but rare.
Good job though. :twilightsheepish:

I came into this story looking for a good laugh at what I considered a dumb ship

Now that I finished, I can honestly say that the story is amazing, and maybe, just maybe, I have become a fan of this pairing?

What is wrong with this world?

Awesome writing!

A cute little romp! I enjoyed it quite a bit! :pinkiehappy:

I believe the term is "Princest"

Best Princess Celestia and Luna romance EVER! Though I think this might be the first I have read of the pair, then agian I'm a big fan of this pairing....I loved this, 100% you are so bucking talented it's not even funny...seriously, you did amazing

Oh God... The references galore that is found here...

This desperately needs a follow-up where absolutely nobody is surprised and they're just happy Celestia is happy. :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, if the immortal alicorn of the sun and benevolent ruler for untold ages wants to sleep with her sister, I think she's earned the right to be perverse.

Huh. You actually made this work. It helps that they are A) both immortal B) not blood related (although they are gods, and when has blood ever stopped gods from fucking each other?) and C) It had been 1000 years since they saw each other— time apart makes the heart grow fonder.


That's been my headcanon. Yeah sure, Celestia could have utterly fucked Chrysalis to the end of the universe and back. At the same time, unleashing her full power would have killed everypony present, and that would hace included her niece, her champions -including her beloved daughter-esque protege- most if not all of the Canterlot nobility, and generally a bunch of ponies that don't deserve to get vaporized. She didn't really have much choice but to take one for the team in an incredibly embarrassing way. Celestia has pretty awful luck: Can't save her sister the second time NMM rolls around, can't stop Discord from breaking free, can't mingle with her ponies without scaring the shit out of them, can't really reinvent herself -basically meaning she's stuck being seen as a flawless, white virginal goddess that can do no wrong and is barely even equine, when really she's about as humble and "normal" as an immortal ruler can get, and has an effectively barren personal life as far as we know.

Let's face it: Princest is justified, one hundred percent, because there is literally no one else she could ever date. For immortals like her and Luna, there are no fish in the sea. Thankfully, you hit my other headcanon: Until we know they even had parents, I say they're sisters in title only. So, it's not really incest. Still awkward though, but that's what makes it adorable.

I like this fiction. Short but warm, interesting and sweet.
I also love the characters of Luna and Celestia you put here.

My sweet Luna and Celestia.
This picture is amazing!!!!


Actually, the kinky and interesting part of incest has nothing to do with blood relations at all. People don't get off on matching up their gene trees, generally. It comes from the fact they share a wholly different kind of bond than is supposed to be romantic, a very close and powerful emotional bond, that goes into the taboo zone of intimacy.

They are no less sisters for not sharing the same blood, and it's no less fetching to the intended audience just because they are not born from the same parents.

i was literally sitting here wondering if this even existed...I will read but i really hate incest...damn my curiosity. oh well, i wont judge anypony.


There is actual logic in your thought process....I am now obligated into thinking Princest is alright :applejackconfused:

Btw faved, liked, and watched.

Bravo, good friend. :D

get more lunestia : http://www.fimfiction.net/group/1554

shameless plug, yet someone added this story so its kinda an argument why i linked it here. that's cool, right?:twilightblush:

nourishing affection

I see what you did there.


Or everyone just sits there with a blank look on their face. Then some guy in the back yells "Well it was about damn time," while all the rest nod their heads.


Where the hell did you come from???

I read, so, so many fics on here, and occasionally to spice things up I'll pull a fic down from the featured box that looks promising, not expecting much more than to be entertained for a short while. Today, I read this, and WHAT THE HELL.

Where have you been all my life? This was BRILLIANT. Honestly one of the best Lunestias I've ever read.

I'd go into more detail, but I'm 20 hours in on 4 hours of sleep, so my mind is a little hazy, but suffice to say, I love this, and I'll be keeping a VERY close eye on you in the future. :heart:

I have no clue why my previous comment takes up some much spacedl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png


Or....that one? WTF!

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