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Welcome to Equestria Divided. i hope you have fun with us.

Nah, you didn't miss much, just the usual sex jokes, people providing all of their own ideas for fanfics and what should happen in CRISIS hoping to get an editor's attention, and the general randomness that seems to pervade the Google Doc chatbox whenever Anon2249 opens his highly opinionated and sarcastic mouth, including changing his tone and style of voice every other time he 'spoke',

Also someone called me insane...

Yeah, don't know what that was about, but whatever...Apparently he doesn't want me to change at all so I guess it was a compliment? It's probably true considering the sudden shift to third-person...

Anyways glad to see you're still up and running man, it was boring without you there delegating the topics of discussion and maintaining the masses. No one there could provide any interesting or insightful conversation.


If I remember correctly, I had been up for an extended period around the time of Chap 30's release, so after doing the final edits, I pretty much passed out. Did I miss much?

School: Meh, it's school. I happen to be better at writing than my English teacher, but I digress.

Crisis: I make time when I can. Between school, internet outages, and conflicting schedules, it can be hard sometimes.

Writing: See Crisis.

Why does everyone make that comment?

Also sadface that you weren't in the chatroom on Ch. 30's debut.
Some crazy shit went on it there, but then again crazy shit always goes on in there.

So, having fun balancing school, CRISIS, and your own fanfic endeavors?

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