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Celestia and Luna were born as unassuming foals in troubled times. But already marked for greatness, the simple earth ponies stand to face a world set against them, full of danger, fear, and sadness. A world they will change forever.

A sweeping epic taking place before Equestria was made, where Celestia and Luna must rise from normal foals to become the Princesses we know them as, beset from all sides by monsters, other ponies, and even the forces that govern nature. Their tale is as tragic as it is triumphant.

Currently on hiatus. For more info, go here.

(Cover and internal art by Madmax)
(Editing credit predominantly Lightside Luc)

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>Checks site
>Sees Paradise being uploaded

I can't wait to see the next chapter Slywit!

Great to see this being uploaded here. It's an excellent story.

(assuming you're referring to Chapter 10) It's coming.

Be it rain or sleet or pony, I will continue this story and get it out there eventually. :derpyderp2: I'm always at least thinking about how to complete next chapter when I'm not actually capable of doing so.

Easily my favorite fanfic, hooves down. MUST. GET. MOAR.:raritydespair:

What do the &#150 and &#151 mean?

It means I failed at converting a few characters into the right format. They mean basically a dash line --

Huh, very entertaining story. It's nice to see young Luna and Celestia.

Oh dear god Granny Pie? :pinkiehappy:

>sees chapter 10 at long last :pinkiegasp:
>gets chills down spine from awesomeness :pinkiecrazy:
>forgets the urgent homework I was supposed to be doing :derpytongue2:

and now we know where pinkie pie gets her... unique.... qualitys.... ::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

THIS is why I love this fanfic.


The whole of chapter 10 was just spot-on. I mean, like, spectacular. The scene with Celestia running from the pack was just amazing, and then Granny Pie with her Shaman-y-ness just comes along...

As much as I hate the cliche of the phrase, you can have all of my stars.

If Granny Pie can laugh away the wolves whenever she wants, then why does she let wolves eat some of the Earth Ponies? Why get the herd to do stuff that would protect everyone?

Learning to truly approach a wolf without a hint of fear is a skill extremely hard to master. It goes against basic instinct and takes a certain kind of pony, IE a shaman. Even with that in your favor, teaching a pony is difficult, teaching an entire herd is impossible. Just one freaking out would cause disaster.

Not only that, but could you imagine the shaman trying to explain this to them, when they already think she's crazy? Good luck getting one to agree with a live demonstration (they'd probably just freak out and ruin it anyways)! :pinkiesmile:

"Ponies bumped into each other, stammered,"
You probably mean "stumbling".

Yeah, some of those early chapters I released without a volunteer proof-reader. I did my absolute best, but some errors have still managed to slip through.

Providing proofreading for you was exactly why I did it. It didn't break my concentration noticably at all, I was just trying to help...

Also, based on reading to chapter 4, it occurs to me that what with there being the forebearers of :ajsmug: obviously represented, that the shaman may be the forebearer of :pinkiesmile: .

Oh my god....Pinkie just happened to this story...this story was awesome and then Pinkie Pie just happened. That gets a holy crap *squee*!

Seriously, as far as origin fics go (and this one goes quite a way back indeed), this has got to be one if not my favorite for the moment. The interplay between the sisters, the entire societies you've laid out, the system of predation and then you throw all the little references (Uncle Apple, Granny Pie, the Elements, the quotes from Celestia...) and this is almost fecking perfect...

It's kind of insane. Also... :pinkiehappy: That's the first time I've used a smiley here. You made me do that.

Ok, so we have proto-:duck: and either Ebon (1) or Silver Spear (2) is probably proto-:twilightsmile:.

(1)"My passion is related to . . . bringing ponies together, I guess."

(2)"A close ally, friend maybe even? Either way, Phantom feels just a bit safer when Silver is there, but I guess we all do."

Huh... so do pegasi not exist yet, or shall there be TWO proto-:yay: ?

Grr... my internet connection keeps eating my comments.

I seem to remember finding a DIFFERENT error of the same sort as the three following on my first read-through, but since I found two more that I didn't find the first time, I think that is enough.

Failure now and she'd be thrown to the forest,
Should be "Fail"

It simply wasn't done, pony were meant to be together.
Should be "ponies".

His body limp with limbs laying about unnatural.
Should be "unnaturally".

Ponds can be a LOT of sizes. You aren't trying for mathematical precision here, but pony-lengths would probably serve you better.

it was like a wondering mountain
Should be "wandering".

I see pegasi pre-exist the story...

the change went beyond juvenile fantasy and into something estranged.
Not sure if the last word here is a good choice.

Huh... I guess this might be the impetus that lead Luna to decide that the night needed to be striped of its fear, and thus eventually becoming the ruler of the night? Too bad she didn't manage to strip it of its inconvenience (or perhaps ALL of its fear?) before she got fed up with her subjects and went nuts (however you will handle that...).

I personally hope that it WILL turn out that they actually end up controlling the sun and the moon, rather than that being a lie. For one thing Luna DID bring about darkness in episode two, and for another it would be a violation of Honesty to do otherwise.

Three trees fused into one for the purposes of creating greater safety? Why does this seem symbolic?
Here is a hint: :ajsmug::twilightsheepish::rainbowdetermined2:

In case that wasn't clear, let me try to express it another way: :scootangel::eeyup::unsuresweetie:
Didn't realize the symbolism of the unicorns silencing all natural song to turn it into a "useful" thing until you pointed it out more clearly... that is a good thing I think.
She raised back legs, intimidating the canines with a chambered kick.
"chambered" is used here in a way I am unfamiliar with, or it is a typo.
"Honk" is cool, but at the same time, anachronistic due to the fact that... wait I guess the humans MIGHT have invented squeeze-bulb horns, and besides, a reality warper doesn't necessarily let the fact that something hasn't been invented yet stop them from referencing the concept. (also, nice to know my earlier guess was right about proto-:pinkiehappy:).

Thanks a great deal. I love detailed comments, as it gives me more to work with and thank about. And: Whoohoo! Smilie level!

To everyone who comments, even if I don't respond direct to you, I have read and love the comment.

Yeah, I do my best to make the chapters readable. But now that I have formats on FimFiction, Googledocs, Deviant Art, and my own personal copy, it sometimes gets confusing know where I've corrected what! In either case, I try (almost) every time to fix an error someone points out. I'm so :duck: that I just can't let an imperfection stand.
I'm not sure the first two are errors (in my mind, for some reason, Pony can be plural when referring to a race. ". . .us pony" for example. Probably makes no sense and I should break the habit and throw in that "s".) The third is an error, though, and I'll fix that.
Might have confused me with those other faces there. . . I thought I had it fogured out until :scootangel::eeyup::unsuresweetie:

Chambering a kick, must be my martial arts background influencing my words. You can think of chambering a kick much like chambering a bullet. It's effectively "cocked and ready to go" (though I do not think guns are where the term originates, just an example). What was going on in otherwords was Celestia rearing with her legs ready to kick but had not actually kicked out. Like someone pulling their fist back to throw a punch, but that split second before actually throwing it forward.

The fact that Granny Pie is who she is justifies the use of Honk. I'm sure it makes sense to her in some way (besides, I thought it was really funny to have her honk that nose and thus worth it).

2734 The trinity of pony races (earth, unicorn and pegasus) which are represented not only by the three trees being joined, but by the main duo themselves as a combination/distillation/[insert word I can't seem to remember here] of the three races (presumably mirroring the way they'll eventually unite the three at some point)?

That's what I got from it at least. Certainly one of the things I've liked in this story, especially when the earth ponies get a fair shake (well, mostly) in ability during the last chapter or so. Their easily the most dismissible (see: "Unicorn = master race" jokes) in a lot of fics so it's nice to see them get some love.

Y'know, that wolf scene is making me seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. So much power in the words...

Ahh, I see. I'm glad to see people still gleaming symbolism from the story. It's always interesting to me what people pick up.

Yeah, Earth Ponies are certainly very useful with that talent of theirs. They'll certainly play a critical role continually for the story.
As long as you're not eating anything that can ask you not to, then you're probably okay.

I actually adore wolves. Just last week, I got to hang out with some trained ones at this one person's house that has a lot of exotic animals. They had an older, laidback she-wolf and a young male. They were absolutely adorable and liked a few pets and attention after they feeled you out.

They look a lot more like dogs (really tall dogs) when not all fluffed up for the camera. That classic wolf face you see is after they've let their fur stand up the intimidation factor. I suppose wolves have such a huge role in the story is that I respect what they can do and I think they would be very scary up one on you in the food-chain. Otherwise, I love them.

"Chambering a kick, must be my martial arts background influencing my words. You can think of chambering a kick much like chambering a bullet. It's effectively "cocked and ready to go" (though I do not think guns are where the term originates, just an example). What was going on in otherwords was Celestia rearing with her legs ready to kick but had not actually kicked out. Like someone pulling their fist back to throw a punch, but that split second before actually throwing it forward."
Ok, that makes sense once you explain it. I can't be the only person who would be confused by it. Might try a physical description, such as what you said above (but condensed down to about six words or so) instead. Then again, maybe not. I can't tell because my own perspective limits me too much.

"Yeah, I do my best to make the chapters readable. But now that I have formats on FimFiction, Googledocs, Deviant Art, and my own personal copy, it sometimes gets confusing know where I've corrected what! In either case, I try (almost) every time to fix an error someone points out. I'm so :duck: that I just can't let an imperfection stand."

Yes, uniting the pony races to make them safer is, indeed, what I meant.

Another terrific chapter, wolves, granny pie, everything was spot on as usual! Love it loved it loved it. Even if I'm now slightly more scared of wolves than I was before I started. Lovely prose, wonderful characters, and an always compelling story. Keep it up!:heart:

And curse you cliffhangers! This isn't as big as last time...but anytime a chapter ends it's a cliffhanger! Can't wait for the next bit!


Well... :pinkiesmile: can break the fourth wall, so why can't she dye her mane and fur and master the art of time travel?:ajsmug:

Amazingsauce story. It deserves a :rainbowkiss:
I'm so glad I discovered this story. The idea of Celestia starting out as an earth pony is novel and fascinating. I think it's interesting that Celestia got her horn first, and Luna got her wings first.
Following! :)

*Bored, checks around for things to do, hopes that Paradise has been update, my face when it hasn't* :applecry::pinkiesad2::fluttercry::raritydespair:

Hopin you get inspiration for more chapters soon mate.

This story has been wonderful so far, I cant wait to read more :twilightsmile:

Radom comments are random so here we got a random comment because of it's randomness.



I'll do my best! Most of what I need right now is simply sleep and energy. As soon as I have that, I can make progress. Sleep is hard to get. :trollestia:
Thanks! I'll have more updates as soon as possible.

#36 · Sep 6th, 2011 · · 1 · Chapter 6 ·

That Chief sure is some jerk. Would like to kick his flank real hard so he would fly right into a cave with a dragon in it.:flutterrage: :twilightangry2:
Hope he will have a fate worse than death (yes I'm a bad pony and I frankly don't care).:moustache:


I'm working on a fillyhood fic too, though mine is very different. Nice idea too! Gonna try and read all of this, but don't want to accidentally steal ideas!

Feel free to read it! I'm not overly concerned with idea protection, so I won't persecute any accidental inspiration. :twilightsmile:

Literally streaking; a long, fading tail of the same unclear color trailed behind, evaporating like dew in the Sun as it went.
-So, probably a pegasus after-all despite the warning of personal desires clouding judgement. Or MAYBE just a cloudy-colored non-pegasus leaving a contrail.

Losing little time, she turned her attention to the sky for the comet-like pony.
-Proto :rainbowdetermined2:?

Her wings snapped to her flanks and stuck there. Without warning, Luna fell into the treetops, only able to yelp in surprise.
-Not thinking Luna=proto-:fluttershysad:... but nice Dragonshy reference anyway.

Going to stop here to change computers.

Awesome, and feel free to check out mine as well!

Y'know, I'm still curious how far along the established timeline you'll be pushing this fic.
Well, fun chapter even if not a whole lot happened (ignore me, I just want instant and lasting gratification), I like our first glimpse of the pegasi... it'll be interesting to see what sort of set-up you've come up for them. I certainly imagine it'll be very different from the unicorns and I'm not even sure it'll be all that close to the earth ponies either. I'm thinking tribal for some reason... dunno why.
Nice job.

It'll cover up to Nightmare Moon, then there will be a chapter or two extra of covering the pilot of Friendship is Magic and a little of its aftermath, from Luna's point of view.

In between getting off the other computer, and getting my lazy but through the process of opening the necessary two windows (one to read, one to write my comments) something occurred to me...

You have a small group of prey-animal-creatures, living in extremely primitive conditions, traveling through dangerous territory between various groups, and fitting themselves into each group in turn.

The first society has a strong leader and is a pretty nice place all told, if it weren't for the threat of death.

A later one is run by very strictly, along military or semi-military lines, and puts huge amounts of effort into hiding itself from, or tactically beating predators.

A prophecy is involved near the start.

These (will) go on to found their own society with members from many different societies, taking small bits from the structure each of the other societies, but in the end mostly coming up with novel ideas that work better than anything they have seen before, especially when it comes to the form of government (their original herd didn't have the sort of robust distribution of responsibility to run a large empire, and the unicorns lacked freedom).

A secondary character escaped from human ownership.

All of which to say that you have basically created the Pony equivalent of (highlight to read punchline) Watership Down. This realization makes this story 20% cooler.

Actually, I'm going to go ahead and post this, since it is a seperate thing from my normal review style, and thus worthy of its own post.

Funny enough, I've never read the novel in question. I am aware of its existence however. Sometimes I use it as an example of a story featuring animals that nevertheless is to be taken seriously (I think)

7038 Definitely curious as to how the unification of the races shall occur/proceed in that case. Kinda neat how you'll be touching on both common and uncommon ground with this fic since you'll be hitting creation mythos and the NMM mythos as well. Curious to see your take.


This has been on my to-read list forever, and I finally got around to starting it yesterday evening. Read half of it then and just caught up now - I would have read it all in one go if it hadn't been for my need for sleep.

It's basically amazing and you should feel good about having written such a great thing. As someone mentioned above, it feels a lot like Watership Down, and adds much-needed characterisation to the Princesses.

Do you have any plans to incorporate the Discord stuff from the season two opener? I can see how the world you've set up could clash with what's recently been added to canon, depending on how many years pass between the events of the story so far, the newly-revealed backstory, and NMM.

Great story so far! :twilightsmile:

Amazing story so far, maybe some problems grammatically but overall a very good read. The subject matter is that of a fresh idea and has not been prodded to much. I love the fact that you came up with all of this, being a sucker for new ideas I couldnt stop reading! Lol. Very nice, hope to read more chApters in the future. :twilightsmile:

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