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When Twilight Sparkle returns to Canterlot to celebrate the Grand Jubilee with Princess Celestia, she again meets the prank-loving Princess of the Moon - but what does the mischievous Luna want with her? And what do socks have to do with it all?

Special thanks to Canterlot-expert TwilightFlopple for not only inspiring me with her sexy pic of Luna in socks http://twilightflopple.deviantart.com/art/Luna-s-Socks-227462669 but also for helping me come up with a DJ-PWN3 song, a room opulent enough for Equestria's capital and a Griffon King with a suitably epic name. Thanks!

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Comments ( 87 )

Great! Tracking!

i still think this could do with more text... as in... about 20.000 words more :pinkiehappy:

Hmmm, is this the "Deluxe" edition, or the regular edition I wonder? :twilightblush:

Tracked because you're you.

it would be nice to see a continuation on this story ^^

glad you uploaded it to fimfiction!

The End?????????????????????
Why you :trollestia:.

"You wanted to put those socks on Luna's legs yourself, didn't you?"
yes. yes I do.:trollestia:

I love this, like... too much... :heart:

Please don't end this here. Please!

I remember reading this far on Equestria Daily. Was there more? if not then I hope to see more here on Fimfiction

I like the story, but I'm seeing a lot of '–' entries dotting it. My guess is an editor incompatibility


like, really? :twilightoops:I'll have to subtract half a star for the sudden ending. leaving olny 4,5. :twilightsmile:

On the other hand, it would fit right into the story for you to have a secret 'begging-for-more -counter' right next to a 'right where I wanted you' button. :twilightsmile:

Well.. okay. You got me. MOOOORE! :twilightblush: pretty pwease!

Boah! You big, meany prankster! You labeled the story as incomplete!
Yay me, found out. I should get myself a smarty-pants-picture as avatar.. :twilightsmile:
(or you just mislabeled and I'm in for a big, shiny disappoinment :fluttercry: ).

Still cute and still to short, just like I complied about on deviantart. But even though you seem to have forgotten to mark this as complete; is there perhaps a slim change you might want to continue this, even though you have already told me otherwise? =)

Oh, you magnificent bastard... That ending was so cruel, I was really looking forward to more.
Regardless, very sexy for what it was, really enjoyed reading it.

119119 HAY, NO FAIR! I already called Dibs! EVERYPONY knows about the Universal Dibs Protocol! AND the No-Take-Backs Accord!

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

butterscotchsundae: Trollololololololololololololololololololololololololololol!!!! TROLLOLOLOLOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOL L-LOOOOOOOOOOOL! *Keeps singing the troll song*

Oh you... *makes half-hearted gestures of annoyance* Somepony needs to teach you a lesson on kindness! Fluttershy needs to punish you! ... *Thinks for a mo' * Oh wait, I see how it is... You WANT her to punish you, huh?! WELL THEN... NO PUNISHMENT FOR YOU!!! *Trollface*

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

p.s. Not quite random enough of a comment... I must be slipping...

lmao I read this on EQD a long time ago and it's wierd to me

please continue it i think it's great :twilightsmile::heart::heart:

and thus the comments on this fic erupt into i saw her first/dibs

Socks? Really? Couldn't have been something like a shirt or a hat or.... Anything but socks.

Oh you :trollestia:! Either you're just messing with us, or you REALLY know how to leave us BEGGING for more...either way, I love the ending! There's just something about nonconclusive and open endings which I oh so love and loathe at the same time...


I missed those as I was super-sleepy when I proofed it. :ajsleepy: Yeah, I think it is a little editor incompatibility - I transfer my stories from my DA account, and their editor is quite different.

Oh My Celestia you added a second chapter.:pinkiegasp:

Part of me wants more. Part of me is glad it ended here, before it turned into a true clopfic. *sigh* It's not that I mind it, exactly.. just that I don't like thinking about My (silly) Little Ponies that way. So.. if you do add more? Please try to keep it to about this current level. Hinting at it, suggesting things.. but not outright saying stuff. Just my two cents.. hope they're worth more than that. :D

Is http://www.youtube.com/user/DJPwN3 your channel? You mentioned being inspired to make a song for "DJ Pwn3" so I was just wondering.


That`s probably the closest a pony can get to erotic clothes without getting into silly stuff.

But.... Socks. Dang.

I am sorry but I think I need a refresher on dibs protocol:rainbowhuh:

first of all continue :flutterrage:
your a great writer but continue :flutterrage:
:raritycry: please continue

Good. Ah.

I want to see Twilight and Luna have a sock party!

Don't forget the first-second agreement and the treaty of GTFOIMCLOPPING

Socks, This bitch loves socks! Who doesn't?!?!? SOCKS!?!?!:rainbowkiss:

THE END?! WAIT! NO! WRONG! :applecry:

Tracking regardless, with hopes that you'll continue this epic little fic SOON!

Nice enough I suppose... Not long enough for you to develope any characters so you'll get a 3.5 from me. Mainly cause the ending sucked.

;~; the sudden end is heart breaking....:fluttercry:

PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THIS!! i dunno maybe make a spin off of twilight talking to her friends and trying to keep the kiss a secret. :moustache:

':flutterrage:';SEROUSLLY!?!?!?!?!:rainbowhuh: WHAT THE BUCK!!!:rainbowdetermined2: all that potential cuteness left to hang in wind. unfinished fic or fics that just up and drive me nutty. but it is well written so i'll be deductind half a star on my rating at's still 4.5:raritywink:

So mislabeled and corrected that it is.
I'm gonna be sad now. :fluttercry:

I think my mind just blown... I'll wait a little more before reading chapter 2. You know... To pick the pieces of my mind that are scattered around my room...

You only get 50 internet points, I'll give you at least another thousand if you actually finish it.

MORE!!!:flutterrage: um...well, if that's all right...:fluttercry:


I know i wouldn't mind seeing what you could do with this:pinkiehappy:

Wanderer D

:pinkiehappy: This still remains one of my favorite stories to date! :twilightsmile: Always good to read again!

"You wanted to put those socks on Luna's legs yourself, didn't you?"
Hell ya I do.

OMC are you kidding me 'complete'. With my heart racing in my chest and me begging for moar out of my favorite ship. You butterscotch are truely EVIL, but in a good way. But ,still, there is so much more to write. Please and more chapters whenever you can I have you tracked and they don't have to be clop, just fun like these are. You could even rebrand it as a comedy. And, maniax, are you missing your left arm?

PLEASE CONTINUE! look at how many people want a another chapter. do you honestly, and i mean HONESTLY THINK THAT THE WAY YOU ENDED THIS STORY WASN'T GOING TO GET PEOPLE PIED OFF?!
just one more chapter please. :twilightsmile:


Ive been keeping my eye on this since you posted it on DeviantArt.

PWWWWEEEEAASSSEEE continue. I'm actually willing to pay, cant stand stories ending all too suddenly. :pinkiesad2:

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