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Celestia is struggling to come to terms with her true feelings for Twilight.

Unwilling to watch her sister suffer under apathy and indecision, Luna takes it upon herself to help Celestia confront her newfound feelings.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 284 )

Needs to be a trolluna emote.

ha out of everything it was the wings lol :rainbowlaugh:

A Mighty ship, indeed! A like to you, sir.


The 'how many times' line implied that the wings have broken this particular dream apart before, even.

Didn't read but blowing my cover why troll

Not that bad for a oneshot.

LOL OMG yes! At first I thought Celestia would be angry that her sister had even shown her that dream, but no. She was pissed that Luna had misrepresented Twilight in her dream. All of the win. :pinkiehappy:

If not for the description, I would have thought Celestia "commissioned" that dream, and was angry that Luna didn't make it realistic enough :rainbowlaugh: The last line makes it sound like this is a regular occurrence.

I want more. Perhaps Luna trying to find out if Twilight reciprocates Celestia's feelings, and trying to get them into romantic situations together :twilightsmile::heart::trollestia:

Not bad.

Is this a one shot or not?

The whole setup and delivery is as a sort of joke fic. Yet its marked incomplete.

Either way, decent stuff for what it was.

I cant help but laughing my rump off lmao...... that last line just took the cake in this story..... I thought she would yell at luna about giving her such dreams... but no.... just yells at her that Twilight has wings now LOL!!!!!!!....

you my good sir/ma'am have earned a fav and like ^^

Hyz, welcome to my list of favourite people. I haven't read it yet -- I totally just woke up -- but this is the mother of all ships. Twilestia is bestia.

And now I have read it.

Sir. Sir. Sir.

I hearby knight you, "Sir Gusta".

Not only that, but the 'Twilight has wings now!' line means she's been having these dreams even before Twilight became an alicorn. Oh Celestia...

Cute little story, sad that she's already at end I would Love to see a sequel. *The Goddess of Twilestia has heard our prayers: It's marked as Incomplete. *Start worshiping at his shrine.

Comment posted by Isseus deleted Jul 24th, 2013

Not bad! Gotta love that Twilestia shipping.

Piss off. The concept may have been done before, but you can say that about anything. There's no need to be a douche.

2922901 Sorry, did I piss in your corn flakes or something? Even negative opinions have a right to exists, even though you might disagree with them. This is a 1,5k word stub of a story about a topic that's been done to death. So yes. YAWN. :facehoof:

2922932 ...

I have nothing wrong with negative opinions.

I DO have something wrong with pointless douchiness.

Saying "yawn" isn't helping anyone. You could have AT LEAST voiced your opinion in a more constructive manner. Yes, it's a small gripe, but it's a pet peeve of mine.

But whatever.

2922958 So you have something against pointless douchiness and then start raging at me, doing the same? Double standards much? Starting your commentary off with offensive language and denying me my opinions sure made you look like a fucking angel.

I DID give critique. YAWN = boring story. How original (facepalm) = Subject done to death. If the author doesn't bother to write more than 1,5k words, then why would I bother writing a thoughtful critique about it instead of just downvoting and slamming on the reason. Let's be honest here, this story doesn't have any right to be in the feature box. It is not even a story, but a short comedic vignette. It reminds me more of someone's practice pass at a story. Unfinished? It sure as hell is! It lacks the story itself. It's like the opening part of a fic's first chapter.

Grammar is good apart from a few comma mistakes which are pretty common anyway. That's about all the positives I can give to it.

So yes. YAWN!

Pffffft. Ok, this seems fun.

I'll give it a shot.

~Skeeter The Lurker


No need to be rude, next time just say that. Saves time and a headache, yeah?

~Skeeter The Lurker

I love how Celestia isn't angry about having the dream, just that Luna got Twilight wrong...

Perfect :3 It IS a shame Celestia never made those dream reality... Ot maybe it's merely a placehorder for when Twilight's not around? :twilightsmile:

Now that was quite a funny end to the first chapter. Can't wait for more. Nice work.:rainbowwild:

Well... Vary surprising for a morning read. I like it, I tip my duct tape hat to you good sir.

ultimate destination

Strange wording

Huh... I expected her to be denying her feelings... or being mad at Luna for making dream that dream. Surprising. :trollestia:

That ending... Brilliant! :rainbowlaugh:

“Luna, how many times must I tell you!?

Wait....Oh boy, how long has this been going on for??
I see that this isn't marked as finished- assuming this isn't intended to be a one-chapter fic, I'll be looking forward to what happens next!!!

heheh... I liked that. Poor Celestia:twilightblush:

Is that incomplete tag intentional or not?

If not, this works well enough as a oneshot.
If so, I'm definitely willing to see where this goes.

I spent ten minutes coming up with an extremely elaborate and sharp response to this, only to realize it probably wasn't a good idea to be so aggressive. Please just read this snippet of it instead.

If the author doesn't bother to write more than 1,5k words, then why would I bother writing a thoughtful critique about it instead of just downvoting and slamming on the reason.

If the reviewer doesn't bother to write more than a vague, extremely rude, two sentence representation of how they feel about the story, then why would anyone bother looking into it as a critique rather than almost pointless hate?

You may have an extremely negative opinion, but please elaborate on it from the start.

2924065 I refuse to continue this conversation because Skeeter asked me to.

Just know that you didn't act in a mature way either, so pots and kettles.


I suppose that's fine. And I can agree to that second point...

So if Celestia is mad that Luna got the wings wrong, why did she keep thinking of Twilight as a unicorn to?

Twilight continued her work happily as Celestia imagined a pleased smile on the unicorn’s face.

that last line.
you got me. upvote and faved
fuck i don't even like twilestia im more a twiluna , but still awesome.

So it was all a dream????:facehoof: :flutterrage::ajsleepy::derpytongue2::twilightoops::facehoof:

2924224 Because Twilight was a unicorn in the dream.

2923015 Throwing out a generic complaints that consist of one or two words is extremely unhelpful. If you don't like it, that's fine. But if you can't be bothered to at least explain what you didn't like about a story, then your critiques aren't going to help someone improve. If critiques aren't helpful, then they are no better than an anonymous downvote.

That said, once you bothered to explain yourself, you brought up some valid concerns. Thank you for that.

2922466 Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. And no, incomplete is there on purpose.

That was great. So was Celestia just mad that Luna didn't get Twilight correct or that Luna caused the dream at all? Cause it seemed she loved the dream, but wanted the dream to be accurate, lol!! :heart::heart:

Nice title. I see what you did there. :rainbowderp:

That last line killed me.

Incredible setup. The fact that this is just an intro rather than a single, well done oneshot, well.

First you had my curiosity and now sir... Now you have my interest, which is like attention only purely positive.



2924077 you should really stop posturing in such an obnoxious way. Take it from one pompous smart ass to another, it won't make you seem more intelligent or mature. Especially since your argument thus far has been "blargle fargle uncreative". It was a 1.5K prologue. It does not need to have Dante's Inferno's opening to become a good story. Never mind the not giving suggestions as to how it could be improved, or the lack of citation of specific cliches it could steer away from (and no, Twilestia does not qualify because it's a character interaction and not a plot device. If the ship and the ship alone drives the plot, that makes it cliched).

As to what Skeeter "said", he actually was asking you to elaborate on what you wanted to say instead of hiding behind meaningless put downs, something you clearly aren't taking the hint with regards to.

This was great!

Favorited and upvoted!

Definitely hoping this keeps going. :pinkiehappy:

I'm down for this. Let's see some more.

So that last line means that Celestia was having Luna create these dreams BEFORE Twilight was a Princess...

Gotta love it when Celestia drags Luna into her fantasies.

Up vote and watch I cant wait for more.:twilightsmile:

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