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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle have a private meeting during the Royal Nightmare Night Party.

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It was simple and sweet. Also the image of Celestia putting on a Rarity was awesome.

As this Nightmare Night party demonstrates rather apply.


Other than that, cute, but short. :fluttercry:

But I suppose we can put its length aside when judging. For science. You monster.

That's what I was aiming for. Glad you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile:


I hope the cake isn't a lie this time.

Very sweet and sentimental. Good job, Fuzzy.

3380650 the grief counselling was, I know that. :raritycry:


Is the cover image supposed to be creepy? Because the cover image is creepy.

Honestly, I couldn't find a sweet Twilestia pic that fit. So, I thought about Nightmare Night, did a serch and came up with bupkis. Then I thought, Hey! Nightmare Night is supposed to have a creepy vibe. Let's do creepy!

A little photoshop later and bam! Creepy cover!


Sad. But don't fret, more Twilestia will come your way.

Haha adorable. Very well done! Great job.


The story doesn't seem to be intended to be creepy, though. Unless there's some subtext I missed, the cover image is disconnected from the content of the story.

I realize that. Hopefully it won't throw too many readers off.

I'll put a note in the description.


I've seen a Celestia acting self -conscious about having a big behind in a couple of fanworks before,but this is the first time I see her self-conscious of her physical stature,if only a little bit.

This one-shot was cute! You've done well :pinkiehappy:

So sweet but Too SHORT:fluttercry: I need more:raritycry::raritycry: gods how I love good written Twilestia love story's. But seriously why there aren't any new long twilestia stories.


I hope the cake isn't a lie this time.

Not only is the cake a lie, the pie is a statistic!

Exactly what I've been in the mood for, and here it is, on schedule and under budget. Nicely done! Flustered adorkable Twilight is great, but I really like seeing Celestia get distracted on her own. She's the chessmaster, sure; still, it's delicious to see her back up and say, "Wow! Never saw that coming," even if it's just to herself.

the peel of foals’ laughter

Should be peal.

And yeah, needs a good, sweet, daaawww-inducing title pic. That it's set during a Nightmare Night party doesn't mean it merits a creepypic.

Thanks! I tried for something a little different. If you're three times the size of everyone around you, you're butt is going to be big. I would think that her over all size difference would be the first smack in the face of interacting with Celestia.

Because Varanus and Device Heritic beat us to it.

The cupcakes are Boolean variables!


Ok, geez, I'll find a cute pic! *grumble* Kids these days...

Now with a d'awwww inspiring pic, as opposed to a creepy one.:twilightblush:

Which is good. I guess.:twilightoops:

If you like that sorta thing.:facehoof:

3381588 Um... while that is cute, my mind wonders why we can't see Twilight's horn, then points out Celestia has a long muzzle. So now I can't help but see Celly deep-throating Twi's horn. Still, cutest hornjob pic ever.


Not to spoil your fun (I laughed), but there are a few pixels of Twilight's horn visible just under Celestia's chin.

Gotta lova me some Twilestia. I have to admit, the old picture was... interesting (but good!)

Minor immersion-breaking: It's hard to picture Celestia even thinking the word "ass" to herself. She strikes me as the type who'd be refined even when thinking naughty thoughts. Perhaps "...her hindquarters weren't... ...covered in formulae" might work better in that passage?

The joke itself was amusing, it's just the presentation that was jarring.

As for the fic as a whole, bonus points for cuteness, and for having Celestia at least think carefully about it before committing. You have several elements in here that were both new and funny (the Rarity costume in particular stands up well in that respect).

*snerk* Maybe that's why I saved that picture?

Never saw that before, but now that you've mentioned it, I will see 'adorable hornjob' instead of 'cute forehead kiss'. Thanks.

Thank you. I see your point on the terminology, but I offer a rebuttal:

Celestia(to me, anyway), is a serious character. She also comes across as mysterious by having more information than everypony around her and only letting out little bits and pieces so that they can put it together themselves.

That said, her behavior, right down to her speech and body language is tightly controlled and purposeful. I tried to convey that with her mimicking Rarity while still promoting Rarity to potential contacts and business partners and her sifting through old answers that she's given many times before to similar questions. Celestia's inner dialogue(such as it is here), isn't sculpted like her speech to convey any greater meaning than it has. She doesn't bother with "big words" or 'flowery speech" when she's talking to herself.


The difficulty with that approach is that, by and large, our external and internal dialogues/monologues tend to match. That's why "affirmations" are used as a psychological tool, and why social conformity pressures are so powerful, and where (in part) the concept of "cognitive dissonance" comes from. In situations where our external and internal dialogues don't match, we tend to either change our external actions or what we think/believe until they do match again.

Or, if you want a simpler criticism, it just comes across as being very out-of-character (for readers who expect such a match).

That said, it's your fic.


The cupcakes are Boolean variables!

No, the cupcakes are merely damned lies. Thus you have cakes, cupcakes, and pies!

A little fast I think. There are a couple jumps you make in the train of logic Celestia worked herself through, and I don't think you really sold us on how nervous Twilight would feel about this... but I appreciate the sentiment.


Curses! Broiled again!

*curbstomped by feels*

That's a fair assessment. It is a short fic.

At least it's with a very soft boot!

3382341 And it leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy.

I could argue for compartmentalization on the part of an ancient and powerful alicorn...:trollestia:

But let's just leave it at that and say we amicably disagree.:unsuresweetie:

Aaaaaannnnddd... Featured! Deservedly so. Nice job on the revised cover art, too.

I like the writing style in this one a lot. Celestia's good too.

I'm almost inappropriately giddy about that. It's my first Feature!

Wonderful, I was captivated through the whole thing. I also like your use of words, you truly are a credit to the craft by not only being able to create such a vivid scene but also add a touch of realism by not completely omitting the noises and voices of the other party guests.

How could Celestia possibly pose as Rarity? She's twice her height!

If you'd have simply said 'magic' it would have been a much more satisfying - and shorter - explanation.

In my mind, she only changed her coloration slightly, added a wig and a fake cutie mark. She would obviously still be recognizable as the Princess by her height. It's a costume that is meant to evoke Rarity, not mimic her perfectly.

She is a guest at the party just as much as any other pony. She's not there incognito.

D'aaaawwww. Cute.

that was so precious

well written. elegantly styled and fulfilling in its short length. i say good job.


Alright, yeah. That was rather cute. Very cute, actually. :heart:

As a full supporter of Student Shipping, I found this to very effective in such a small amount of words without being rushed or contrived. Good show.

The current cover looks like Celestia is sucking off Twilight's horn...


Good comment; Made me laugh :']

Contrary to rumor, Celestia knew her ass wasn’t as wide as two chalkboards or covered in math, so it must be the later reason that her shadow chose to drink.


My thought process after reading that.

great now i have to upvote a story. that contains my least favorite shipping pair.
great story.

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