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Princess Celestia gave very clear instructions to Twilight and her friends before sending them through the Interface to the temporary embassy on Earth: without the unanimous support of all six mares, any and all negotiations with the humans of the Confederate Gulf States will come to a screeching halt.

Both sides have much to gain from a cordial relationship and, after a week of feverish talks, the Confederacy has brought around five of the six Equestrian ambassadors... But there is one hold-out: Applejack. How can the CGS' diplomatic team get Applejack to sign off on the deal?

That's a tricky question, but by no means the hardest... The hardest is being asked by Texas Guard Corporal Robert E. L. Cargyle: why the heck do his bosses think that he is the one for the job?!

One thing's for sure... Politics definitely makes for some strange bedfellows.

Art by Tzelly-El.

A/N: Don't worry, readers; despite the title, this is not a clopfic

Tagged alternate universe for things on the HUMAN side of things, not the Equestrian side. I only made this an alternate human history for my own personal amusement... and so that I could fudge the details of protocol etc for the diplomatic stuff.

This is just a silly little thing I came up with after watching some line dancing when I got dragged to a country bar for someone's going away party. Anyway, it was fun.

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Comments ( 25 )

You sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar.
You have made my day!

Also, who's up for a Sequel?

I'm going to keep griping about it every time a writer uses it: Ponies shouldn't give two toots about humans being omnivores. The mane 6 own pets that are meat eaters. they associate with dragons, sea serpents and gryphons, who are not known for vegetarianism. They should be well-accustomed to creatures, intelligent and non-intelligent, eating meat.

Heh. Never, never break a Pinkie Promise.

and furthermore: MOAR! Gotta have a sequel.

I don't suppose there will be a sequel? I really enjoyed this story a lot. 5 stars.

I surprised the people at the bar took the fact of a talking pony quite well....

They're drunk, nuff said.

You've never been to Texas, have you?


Hey now, we're not drunk.:rainbowderp:
We're differently sober. :ajsmug:

First. All of the Mane Six were afraid of the dragon, even Rainbow Dash. She was just being reckless.
Second. Gryphons obviously have been an accepted part of society for a long time, seeing as most ponies don't just scream out in fear at the sight of them.
Third. It is VERY difficult to be afraid of sea serpents that are crying about their mustache.
Fourth. Manticores. The one they faced against was both a baby and injured. An uninjured fully grown Manticore would most likely be trying to take a bite out of your shoulder before you even knew it was there!
So OF COURSE they would be afraid of creatures that are bipedal (dragons are semi-bipedal but it's easier to fly or go quadrupedal), omnivorous, and typically around twice the height of your average ponies. They were afraid of ZEBRAS FOR PETE'S SAKE! And zebras are the closest creatures to them anatomically, including griffons.


We're serious about the whole 'sequel' thing, huh guys? :scootangel:

I should have watched you along time ago, Fernin. On the flip side of that, now I'm going to start reading your stuff and not working on mine.


Definitely up for a squeal. :pinkiehappy:

Gotta give thanks to the new favorite system for reminding me about this story and something I wanted to mention. If there's one thing I loved about this was just how much it reminded me of the world of Crimson Skies upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/8/84/Crimson_skies_map.png/800px-Crimson_skies_map.png

Can't wait for the sequel! :rainbowkiss:

This, and Whip and Wing, are two of the best HiE stories I've seen so far. They are believable, and consistent, and enjoyable. They avoid the stereotypes that I dislike the most. (ie, OMG, I'm a brony, I'm in Equestria! Wow! I know everypony and I'm going to be a super hero!, or OMG! Rainbow Dash/Pinkie/Twilight Sparkle is in my living room for no apparent reason and I'm going to love them and squeeze them and call them George!)

*chuckles* Anyway, I rate this right up there with Arrow 18.

please let there be a sequal

The author confirmed a sequel in his latest blog

Aww the wonders of alcohol is there anything they can't make interesting or turn into a conversation starter.
Inspirations often come from the most silliest of circumstances.
Nicely done.

Had me rolling, well done! You really captured the "Oh crap" feeling when they woke up, that part was just priceless.
I'm really interested in Earth's political situation here: there's reference to "Reunification", but the US seems to have balakanized, a la Crimson Skies. (But that's for a sequel.)

Consider this faved!

I can't think of words to properly express how much I enjoyed this story, so instead have a random picture:

I still think this should have a sequel. I enjoy it tremendously each time I read it. Great characters, world building and dynamics all fit into 10k words. Great job.


Interesting story, still wondering what really happened before they passed out.
(maybe write a M rated story about it :rainbowwild: )

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