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(Second person "You" x Lyra NON-clopfic)

Lyra's been staying with you a week now and seems to be settling in well. But now it's laundry day and strangely enough, you can't seem to locate your favorite black shirt. Where could it be? Maybe Lyra knows...

Based off a scenario most likely familiar to anyone who's seen those greentext things. I just took it in... a slightly different direction. Because I am silly sometimes, and I needed something to get the creative juices flowing before I got back to something more serious.

Picture is by Avante92-- but watch out, the picture itself is adult in nature, and so is most of his gallery!

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Being the night security guard for Ponyville General Hospital is a boring and thankless job-- especially for Vigilance, who has his heart set on becoming a member of the Equestrian Royal Guard. Unfortunately both his current job and his future career are now in jeopardy thanks in part to a ridiculous incident in which Rainbow Dash broke in at night to steal a book, of all things. A book!

Now to save his job a reluctant Vigilance is saddled (pun unintended) with a new and frustrating duty: assisting in the treatment of his least favorite patient, an unidentified mare who thinks she's a dog.

Can Vigilance swallow his pride for long enough to get "Screw Loose" the exercise therapy she needs, or will her canine antics drive him barking mad?

Author's Note: Thanks to my prereaders, including Sapphire, Rated,and Ezefilly.

I came up with this idea ages ago as something I could write easily by hand when I didn't have access to a computer. And now thanks to the magic of "long exercise which gave me time to write," here it is!

Special thanks to Arrkhal on deviantart for drawing the picture that gave me the idea for this story in the first place.

Oh, and sorry for the potentially misleading short description... This cried out for a "they fight crime" thing, and I couldn't figure out something more accurate that would fit in the space provided ha ha.

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Sunset Sherbet is excited-- and with good reason. It's been forever since she's visited her brothers, but now they've managed to get shore leave at the same time! She's meeting them both today while the Raptor-class Cloudship TMS Reaver takes on supplies after a lengthy patrol over Enclave-held territory.

For Sherbet, seeing both her brothers at once is a rare treat. What could Windfall and Sunset Charge have planned?

...Fallout: Equestria counts as 'alternate universe,' right? 0_o

This is a short character sketch of three characters from EzeFilly's Fallout: Equestria story, Fall of A Pegasus, featuring the main character of that tale and her two brothers. The concepts for the characters and the storyline are his, and the basis for THAT is of course Kkat's Fallout: Equestria. Wow, this is like credit-ception or something.

Artwork is by Rana-San and is a commission she did for EzeFilly.

Original Artwork is here (EzeFilly is ColgateFIM on DA)

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The Medallion of Light and the Medallion of Shadow are some of the most powerful yet obscure artifacts of antiquity. Created by a now-vanished cult of assassins, the two devices together give their bearer the incredible power to walk the worlds with but a single step.

Nefarious forces are closing in on both artifacts, and very little stands in their way. Heinrich Himmler's agents covet the medallions for the greater glory of the Third Reich. Ahuizotl's simply want their master to get what's coming to him: the world, and everything in it.

With the fate of all good people and ponies in doubt, one thing's for certain: saving two worlds would be one hell of an adventure. And if adventure has a name, it must be Daring Do… or is that Indiana Jones?

Will our heroes win the day? Find out in... Daring Do and the Medallion of Shadow! Or, Indiana Jones and the Medallion of Light!

NOTE: there will be some violence in this story, but nothing more than you would expect to see in an Indiana Jones movie-- so I didn't check the "gore" content box.

Artwork by Tzelly-el.

Special thanks to SapphireStarlightPony & Rated Ponystar for helping with the brainstorming on this one.

Thanks to this stupid thing I've had the Indiana Jones theme song stuck in my head for like the past four days and I am about to claw my eyes out AAAAAAAHHHHH @_@

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Princess Celestia gave very clear instructions to Twilight and her friends before sending them through the Interface to the temporary embassy on Earth: without the unanimous support of all six mares, any and all negotiations with the humans of the Confederate Gulf States will come to a screeching halt.

Both sides have much to gain from a cordial relationship and, after a week of feverish talks, the Confederacy has brought around five of the six Equestrian ambassadors... But there is one hold-out: Applejack. How can the CGS' diplomatic team get Applejack to sign off on the deal?

That's a tricky question, but by no means the hardest... The hardest is being asked by Texas Guard Corporal Robert E. L. Cargyle: why the heck do his bosses think that he is the one for the job?!

One thing's for sure... Politics definitely makes for some strange bedfellows.

Art by Tzelly-El.

A/N: Don't worry, readers; despite the title, this is not a clopfic

Tagged alternate universe for things on the HUMAN side of things, not the Equestrian side. I only made this an alternate human history for my own personal amusement... and so that I could fudge the details of protocol etc for the diplomatic stuff.

This is just a silly little thing I came up with after watching some line dancing when I got dragged to a country bar for someone's going away party. Anyway, it was fun.

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Zecora is coming to market today
So Applejack tells Apple Bloom, stay away!
When the filly tries anyway, she's quite quickly caught
And AJ sends her right back home at a trot.

Though I have the actual plot line derailed,
We'll push right on through with an alternate tale
Of how Applejack learns about stripes, fur, and skin--
And how little they're worth next to what lies within.

So sit yourself down please, and read to the end
About how an earth pony got her zebra friend.
It's not all in rhyme, though; don't give in to gloom
But after this dear God I am not putting two zebra characters in a room together because GOOD LORD SO MUCH RHYMING; WHAT WAS I THINKING AAAAAHHHH! Er, I mean...
But new personal rule: JUST ONE ZEBRA PER ROOM.

A/N: Special thanks to Rated-R PonyStar for providing me with much-needed editing / pre-reading / input.

So yes as you may have guessed this is a rewrite of the season 1 episode Bridle Gossip in which I take the starting point and go wandering off towards the same general destination by an entirely different route.

Art for this is from Alfa995, the guy who runs the Ask Nightmare Moon HQ Tumblr.

I initially got the idea from this picture by the artist Elosande

Chapters (2)

While doing a little early Spring Cleaning (or possibly some very belated Spring Cleaning from last year), Octavia unearths part of Vinyl Scratch's comic book collection. But when she amuses herself during a break by reading one of the books, will she realize that some things are better left undisturbed? Will what she finds within reveal some of the puckish DJ's darkest secrets and tear to pieces the two musicians' nascent love?

Well, no. Not quite. Not at all, in fact... But it will give Octavia a pretty weird dream.

Picture by the awesome Skaleal. Gallery is work safe as far as I know, but it is on Furaffinity so your mileage may vary.

Author's Note: I came up with this silly idea when I saw that surge of "Octavia as small pony-octopus" pictures in November 2011. I hope you guys find the idea as amusing as I do. Oh, and I didn't tag this as a crossover or alternate universe because one, it's a dream and two, I would say it's more of a fusion...

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This could be Lyra's big break: she's the warmup musician for the first annual Running of the Leaves autumn concert! The audience will be huge, and if the musician does well, she could be on her way to bigger and better things! But it's going to be hard to prepare in the few days she has left, so Lyra really needs to work hard to be ready.

Unfortunately for Lyra, her mind doesn't seem to be at home right now. Instead, her body is being controlled by a very surprised MLP:FIM fan named Lyle Hartman. He doesn't know the first thing about playing the lyre, but time stops for nopony and the show must go on. So all Lyle has to do is figure out a way to get back to his proper world (and hopefully bring Lyra's mind back to wherever it went) before the unicorn is expected to perform on stage. Easy, right?

...Now if only Lyle could get somepony to believe him.


Artwork by Discommunicator! Thanks for letting me use your art for this; it fits well!

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Gryphons are a proud race, and Gilda is an excellent example of the breed. It's been a long, cold winter in the Everfree Forest waiting for Rainbow Dash to realize the error of her ways and ditch those lame new pony friends of hers, but Gilda's ancestors weren't quitters and by Orion, neither is she.

Surely one day, Rainbow will finally realize where her true loyalties lie. One day...

Note: the image may be furry, but the story is not. Such as it is.

Rated "teen" for copious amount of pony-swearing and small amount of actual swearing.

(Image is by kdjade. My usual warnings about galleries not being as work safe as the pictures I use continues to apply)

Author's note: All this came because I commissioned kdjade to do a picture of anthro Gilda looking annoyed about shoveling snow. I figure the ponies may be all enthusiastic about winter and manual season changes, but that doesn't mean everyone is. Me? I hate shoveling snow. Blargh.

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Poor Princess Luna. She's spent the last thousand years trapped in an insane version of herself, and then further trapped on the moon-- not the best place to stay up on one's social and diplomatic skills.

The night princess has studied hard and tried everything she could to ensure that she's up-to-date with normal protocol and everything the modern age has to offer, but old habits die hard. When faced with the prospect of putting her hard-studied skills to the test, Luna is unsure of herself-- and flagging or failing now could set her back even further than she already is.

Perhaps the advice and companionship of a few members of her faithful royal guards could help Princess Luna to relax before her big Not-Nightmare-Night-At-All Banquet? ...Or perhaps that could be the most disastrous thing that has happened to Luna since her return from the moon.


Marked as teen for alcohol consumption. Because we all know that teens do that. HURRRRRRR. Just a little light humor piece I slapped together after watching Luna Eclipsed and thinking "Boy, she acts kinda like she's drunk..."

Art is from Unnoticeableperson. Warning, the rest of his gallery may not be quite so work safe.

I stole the names for Luna's guards from Ask Whirly and the Night Guards because Vengeance and Wrath are just too awesome to pass up)

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