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"Congratulations, Spike! You're the new Rainbow Dash!" Twilight may have said those words in the heat of the moment, but what if it were true?

Discord, spirit of chaos and infinite jest, manages to play yet another trick on Twilight and her friends by making her hasty solution more real than she could have imagined... in his own rather idiosyncratic way, of course.

...But how will the original Rainbow Dash deal with her chaos-twisted, semi-official replacement? And can Spike really take the place of everyone's favorite speedster?

Short answer: Probably no.

Long answer: Well, read the story and find out!

A/N: This is kind of against my better judgement since I usually publish entire rather than serially, but let's see how it goes. I can always delete it all and claim it never happened, later. 8 D

(Illustrations in this story are courtesy of Unnoticeableperson. Warning, rest of gallery may not be as work safe as this image is)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 47 )

This story is soooo random :pinkiecrazy:

I like it, I like it a bunch! :pinkiehappy:

YES!!! Spikebow Dash is best Pony!!! :rainbowlaugh: I was thoroughly entertained by this.

This is great! Looking forward to more :pinkiehappy:

Alot funnier and curiousity getting than I thought it would be!:pinkiehappy:
Looking forward to more!

Okay I LOVED how Discord was omnipotent, utterly hilarious. Okay and poor Spike, not only is he a pony, he is a girl. Poor thing.

Oh dear, we've gone FAR off script. :rainbowlaugh:
Not gonna lie, I'm curious to see where this is going.

I swear if you do some sort of thing to make it go back on script in anyway shape or form I will sic my kittens on you.
(What I just said so fits the mood.)

Hum... :moustache:
This is quite good, my fine fellow. I hereby requisition more of this tale forthwith.

I think we can expect great things from you Mr. Author, terrible things...but great. :trollestia:

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

well, it had to be done someday. this should be interesting.

Okay color me interested in this tale. Becuase I would love to see how Rainbow dash reacts to all of this...:rainbowhuh:

I mean being replace by Spike, who is now a pony, as well as a dragon. This could make things interesting for Twilight's assistant.

Please do keep up the good work upon such a grear tale like this one. :twilightsmile:

Wait, Draconequs means "dragon" and "horse". So technically Rainbow Spike is a draconiqus like Discord. Does this mean he/she has some extra magical powers similar to Discords own? That could explain at least one factor in how the elements didn't return Spike to normal.


A Draconequus is actually Similar to a Chimera, which is composed of several animals, so no. :applejackunsure:

If I could hug you I would.

SO HAPPY to see this going again.

I never really thought about it, but I guess Spike would have experience with dealing with Twilight in one of her :pinkiecrazy: moods.

This story is so good! its so good that if it was cat food id eat it!

Rainbow dash (next chapter): fus ro dah!

Rainbow dash (next chapter): fus ro dah!

Dis gon b good.
I really want to see where this one goes.
Nice writing too.

Mad science Twilight is best Twilight, especially when she's grappling with a form of magic that actively defies analysis.:twilightsmile:
This is a delightfully bizarre story. I look forward to more.

Question, so Spike is a stallion draco-pegasus? Because in one line it says turned to mare. Just mention it is all. Great work and I CANNOT wait for the next epic installment!

The narrator can't seem to decide wheter spike is male or female.:rainbowhuh:

Phew. I feared this one had turned into a dead fic. I'm very glad it didn't! :pinkiehappy:

Well, the gender retcon was a surprise as there was no warning when reading the new chapter. Other then that, a possible suggestion to the artist, square the snout a bit more in the images as that seems to be one of the main methods to determine gender visually in the show besides mane style, which unless it was retconned as well is a bit long on Spike and not quite clear in the image either way.

Gah, I spent like a week going over the chapters and reading them aloud to myself and sending them to pre-readers to try to make sure I found all those. :facehoof: I'll go over it again, but I would be very grateful if you would assist in pointing out where precisely where I missed changing 'em.

Ha ha, fortunately not. I'm just excruciatingly slow as a writer most of the time. :ajbemused:

Yeah, missed a few spots with the Retcon Beam. Two just before Spike's daydream, and again when he makes sure the Element isn't around her neck.

'He turned the gesture into a furtive sweep of clawed fingers through her scraggly mane.' Retcon Cannon, away!

I hope you kept a copy of the original version somewhere. For, uh, archival purposes. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Thanks, fixed! :yay:

I mean... What are you talking about, Nemryn? That's crazy talk. Why are you saying crazy things? You're absolutely cupcakes. :pinkiecrazy:

RETCONNNN BEAAAAMU~ :derpytongue2:

What, of Spike-as-a-girl? Only the first chapter. It's on my FA. Other than that, nope nope nope :scootangel:

The real beauty here is that I honestly can't tell if Discord instigated that dream, or if it was all just Spike's tortured psyche. In any case, I'm looking forward to Pinkie shenanigans and Dash hopefully being a mildly more mature mare than Spike is cutting her out to be.

Same guy as the other chapters. Check the story's main page A/N for a link to his gallery.

Or I guess I could put it here too. Both links contain potential NSFW.
FA Link: Unnoticeableperson
DA Link: CaseterMK

believe it or not all his stuff is pretty much done in MSPaint, somehow 0_o

:ajbemused: Then stop reading now. "It's all a dream" is precisely what this story has to offer for one more chapter, after which I get to THE TRUTH in the AJ chapter and the epilogue. I explicitly said this was what I was going to do (it was all a dream / different scenarios) in the author's note of chapter four: "I’m doing chapter-by-chapter examination of the different ways that RD might receive the news that Spike is the new Rainbow Dash."

I would make the imagination sequences all in italics to indicate "THIS ISN'T ACTUALLY HAPPENING, THIS IS JUST SPIKE'S IMAGINATION," but that would make the majority of the story italicized. Reading a story nearly all in italics would be painful.

In conclusion, if you're annoyed now, seriously-- stop reading the story. I already have this thing planned out and I'm not going to change course and start doing some serious world-building when I only have two full chapters and an epilogue left to go.

Discord be trollin'! For a minute there I thought the whole thing from the transformation to now was just a dream and that in effect the Elements had failed and THEN Spike would wake up still himself :derpyderp1:

But guess not. Can't wait to see what happens with Rainbow Dash :rainbowderp:

I think you might be a BIT overdue for an update here... Just a reminder that some people are still eagerly waiting! :twilightsmile:

Actually I'm about five pages into writing the latest chapter right now. Haven't been happy with it so far, bleh. :pinkiesick:

But I'm working on it.


Cool, I know how you feel. No pressure, just support! :raritywink:

Frankly, rushing it would be a greater disappointment, so good luck!

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