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This story is a sequel to Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Detective Fit of the Manehattan Police is stuck on a case involving a spree of anti-lunar graffiti. There are no clues, and Fit is getting desperate. Desperate enough to call the craziest consultant he knows.

Editing by Mitch H

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Ah. So that's where that The Producers gag ended up. Righteous, to borrow a phrase from Tree Hugger. :twilightsmile:

Tree Huger so is the one behind it all.

I feel like the chief is in on it... the boss of the good guys is always in on it.

Mirror grinned. “And it might even be you I help.”

That didn't sound ominous at all, honest.

Springtime for Nightmare and syzygy!
Winter for Sunbutt and plants!

A most intriguing mystery. Looking forward to more.

If that is the case, I get the feeling that everypony is misinterpreting her actions. The gibberish would probably explain everything... if anyone else could make sense of it.

“Wait, since when are you a lawyer?” Haven blurted.

Being someone who studied law, this gave me a chuckle.

LOL! Springtime for NMM! XD

But, isn't Treehugger on drugs?

Fit has the right idea, never question Mirror's methods. I'm still not sure she's not an immortal abomination serving the crown and protecting equestria in her own inscrutable ways.

Heh. Pegasi do redefine the term "known flight risk."

In any case, there's definitely method to Mirror's madness, as there always is. The question is what said method is. I suspect she'll keep that close to the vest until it's too late to avert the inevitable.

Glamour? What Glamour? :pinkiecrazy:

On one hand, the idea sounds preposterous. I mean, why would they do such a thing?

On the other, considering what happened in the previous story, how far they were willing to go to win a game, and how in the first story, The Night Guard and Wash Margin especially were treated was a place to put guards nopony wanted, it sort of makes sense.

“I met up with Mare Do Well last night and after trading some information we put our heads together and figured it out,” Mirror said.


"Officer of the Deck?"
"OOD, aye-aye, sir."
"Man the interesting story tracking party, please."
"Aye-aye, sir."

You know, depending on how close this 'verse is to Cannon, Mirror might be a vampony (or a dhampony) ... she never "takes off the uniform band" because that is what she looks like, ponies don't notice her because of mental influence (and vampony speed and stealth), she hangs from the ceiling like a bat because she is more comfortable that way, her train of thought is so hard to follow because she's not thinking like a "normal pony", the string smoking is a replacement addiction for blood/fruit ....

Just a random thought.

Hmm. Now I find myself wondering if the last Pinkie clone is involved in this somehow. In any case, the mystery deepens, even as a few questions get answered. I expect nothing less from Mirror. Looking forward to more.

Someone is sleeping in the dog house tonight...

The look on mirrors face is kinda creepy, in a good way.

“She’s literally never not dressed like a bat pony.”

I’ll take double negative for six hundred.

fellow Manhattan cops

One normal Manhattan snuck in there.

It used to be his monther’s

Oh would you prefer a PM instead of a comment for typos?

Trixie sat back. “That...was actually better than Trixie’s idea.”

Can I ask what Trixie's idea was?

“Which do you think is more plausible? That your boss has superhero fantasies, or that Princess Twilight and her friends are here to solve crimes as vigilantes?”

The worst part was, Fit wasn’t sure.


Fit threw the clipboard in his face and charged.

One of my favorite triggers to all action sequences. The “Wait a minute BANG!” moment where both the hero and the villain know something is afoot.

He felt his forehead bounce off the floor, but not much after that.

Well, crap. I guess it’s torture chair time when we get back.

Very impressed with this sequel. Haven’t read the other two yet, but now I honestly have to. Keep it up!

So, Acerbic Cure and Library Long may be involved in the anti-Luna moment (along with their daughter) ...
Another member of the EUP medical branch (a doctor? a bureaucrat?) was apparently involved in whatever happened to Mirror ...
And two other members of the EUP staff might also be involved (although they could have just been reacting to an attack on a fellow staff member) ...

It's mostly circumstantial, but all current signs do point to a faction (or a "cult" as Mirror likes to put it) in the EUP that has a problem with Luna. But what do they hope to gain? Putting up anti-Luna graffiti in one city (even one as big as Manehattan) isn't going to do diddly to affect national perception/behavior regarding Luna, and it certainly won't put any pressure on the Princesses ... unless it's not in just the one city, that could be why Mirror was looking for a cult!

Turns out physical altercations in a military hospital are a bad idea. Who'd have guessed?

In any case, this should get very interesting indeed from here... or just embarassing for the entire precinct.

“How do you know my marefriend?”

I’m waiting for the twist where Mirror is actually Treehugger. Some say it wouldn’t make sense, but it would be one hell of a shocker.

I was going to comment on this but... It set off another idea.

Maybe Treehugger has been getting some extra exercise while Fit is out. I mean, she is from Ponyville...

9517723 So Treehugger is Mare Do Well?

It's just speculation, but it's possible. Like I said, she is from Ponyville, and we don't know what all she's doing when Fit isn't around. It is also why Mirror might know her.

“It didn’t make any sense for a body to be completely covered in the colonoscopy clinic.”

“Unless something went really wrong,” Mirror interjected.

Spontaneous colonic implosion.

Ah, they planted the story about Luna coming to town with Nosy in hopes of stirring up the anti-Luna faction while they pull the raid on the hospital. It all makes sense. :pinkiehappy:

Well. This raises some intriguing questions on multiple levels. And if Mirror has anything to say about it, the investigation will only get more ridiculous from here.

Though there's always the chance that Luna pops in of her own accord to see why they didn't actually call her in...

9521933 Heh, I can see it now:
[Luna] Apparently I was to make an appearance in Manehattan regarding a police matter. Strange that I knew nothing about it. Wouldst thou care to explain, Detective Fit?
[Fit] .....

His eyes widened as he realized she was smoking a dynamite fuse.

Oh damn :twilightoops:

I expected this to blow up in their faces. Just not literally.

His eyes widened as he realized she was smoking a dynamite fuse.

How are we going to do this?

Boom. Lots of boom.

Mirror does realize it's a hospital which not only has staff but patients? Patients in varying states of health who could suffer serious complications if they were to say, rush about in a panic?

I'm here for Tree Hugger Mare Do Well.

Personally, I'm hoping for Celestia instead. She did get deputized as a member of the Night Guard last story, after all.

Sketchy happily drew out a quick diagram of the overlapping chain of law enforcement and how it tied into the Manehattan EUP hospital. Fit was loathe to realize that Acerbic Cure was on the list. He wasn’t a Guard anymore, but as the administrator of the hospital, he had oversight and probably held a lot of implied authority.

Art skills come in handy!

That was a very helpful interview.

I was waiting for the maple syrup distillery explosion or some similar accident, nearly happened.

The two fake outs at the end were fun.

Aww :yay:

I still bet Tree Huger is Mare do Well, though.

And I'd love a final installment where we finally find out who is Mirror and her story.

You know it’s funny. I was wondering why I felt that name was familiar.

It was partly inspired by the great molasses flood of Boston.

I've contemplated doing a story about Mirror but ultimately it's just as Fit says: she's best served in small doses. I could write a story about her, but she exists more as a plot device than a character and reality is sometimes not as interesting as mystery.
That's also why I didn't unmask Mare Do Well. But yeah, it was Tree Hugger.

I have to admit, that would have been pretty funny, especially if she and Luna had met during the climax.

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