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At this point, I’m sure you’ve heard that I’m being deployed to the war. Don’t worry about me. I don't.

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Dust as a medevac pilot? Interesting.

Beautifully sad story.

A seazed MGB? High oil temp #1 High Ng / Low Nr #2 Chip light #3

Lube oil on exhaust, remote

Crawl out a chin bubble? Not doable on most helicopters.

Hit hard enough to burn? 99% dead already . (unless you fly an older R-44)

5219046 I'll keep that in mind. I don't know a lot about rotary wing.

5221017 It shows , Good story, Lost a few friends in crashes, both fixed wing and helicopter (37 years helicopter CRH/AP-IA)

DUSTOFF Squad: The ultimate face of selfless badassery during wartime.

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