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If you can't sell weapons in Equestria, don't live there! Sail Canvas operates his company from Earth. Between nerdy sidekicks, porn stars, and drug dealers, he's got all the business he can handle.

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I am actually liking this. I suspect the dislikes at the time of writing this comment are due to the fact that this is getting pretty separated from the canon. That or trolls. Heck, change a few names around and you could probably send it to a publisher.:raritywink:
(Also the summary implied to me that he would be some sort of arms dealer, possibly a shady one. Just my interpretation.)

Okay, this is no longer coincidence. I was reading bean in equestria, finish after a short break, and you have a new story out. Please explain this!

The plot thickens.
.....stupid clop fics....:facehoof:

1308236He's totallynotawizard.

I will read the rest of this later.

How do you write so much?

What do you think I did when I was offline for two months?

You always get the crazyest ideas for your stories. I'll read it at work, i'm busy right now !

Today I am going through the first chapters of every non-mature story on the front page and offering feedback on each one. Yours is the thirteenth.


* I take it you're aware that it's no longer standard practice to put two spaces at the ends of your sentences? You can keep doing it, but just keep that in mind.


* This was pretty cool. Your easy-going first-person narration flows well, and you've got a very interesting setting here. I think I may read the rest of this one at some later date. Keep doing what you're doing.

Good day.

Whaaa...I...everything I know is wrong...

Thank you for your feedback. I also recognize your service to the fanfiction community by reviewing so many stories. Authors, even experienced ones, need all the help we can get.

Then Dad had a heart attack and Mom overdosed on pills two days later.

Mom and dad didn’t really like each other, and sometimes I think dying in a plane crash gave both of them some much-needed peace and quiet.


Plot twists, plot devices, and plot holes...


1311027 It was a really really long flight and his mum was the one piloting it. :moustache:

Hmmm. This intrigues me. I think I might like this. Continue.

This one went off of my read later list and on to my favorite list. Please continue.

they eat meat now?

MOAR! :flutterrage:

Hazza part 1,

That means their are going to be at least 3 parts knowing you.

I was waiting for the CIWS to get some use, that was awesome.

CIWS, the burp of death.

“Code X-ray Kilo Charlie Delta, over.”

I see what you did there. :pinkiehappy:

My inner nerd sometimes can't be contained.

Loving the story. Does the "The End" permanently end this story, or will there be a sequel?

Also I really appreciate you knowledge of firearms and weapons systems. I can't even begin to explain how much it aggravates my when people use the terms and names stupidly. :flutterrage:

Once again, great story! More please.

There will be two sequels, "Corsair," and "Traveler."

Maybe prequels, too, not sure yet.

There had better be more coming, buster!

I've got a blog coming tonight that talks a little about that.

WTF man thats just not fucking right.

i hope he gains a fleet of those yachts to help him, that would be cool as all fuck! :derpytongue2:

1334326 just read last chapter i changed my perview of the situation

I got my fishing pole and went out to the pier in my backyard. I didn’t fish with the intent of catching anything, and in fact wouldn’t know what kind of bait to use. It was a remarkably relaxing hobby, though, and I spent the rest of the day out there, thinking.

Jack O'Neil? :rainbowhuh:


Did he get a wetsuit? It's probably pretty chilly above the Carolinas.

I guess I never said anything, but in my headcanon, pegasi are natuarally resistant to cold.

1317165 *grins* Barbecue refers to cooking things on a barbecue, it doesn't have to be meat.

the theme for this story....

Sail wasn't carrying any firearms, was he? Just a knife?

Also, lol at how everyone else had a semi automatic and Andy had a revolver.

Nice. The only thing I'm somewhat confused about is that Sail's status as a pony doesn't really seem to affect the story much. He really doesn't get to do anything special with being a pony besides being unable to use a gun and being a bit out of place.

ponies don’t shake.

try telling that to applejack

I ship Nika and Canvas.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radioisotope thermoelectric generator
www.bellona.org info about Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators in Russia

3285396 Why yes, I did my research. Thank you for noticing.

Damn it feels like I'm actually reading a book that just happens to have a colorful talking pony as a protagonist rather than a fanfiction.

All kinds of shenanigans going on here.

SAIL Is so incredibly nonchalant about all the incredibly illegal things he's been doing, I wouldn't be surprised if he did in fact have sociopathic tendencies.

His friend impresses me as well; he must either really want to come along or give no fucks about whAt he's being implicated in.

Is he really going to get a bail from that guy?
Well I guess Sail did help him out when getting his company back.

DF #50 · Dec 30th, 2013 · · · 3:2 ·

This story deserves to have more views.

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