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Why does Equestria need a guided missile cruiser?
What made the US Navy sell it so cheaply?
How could Princess Celestia think this was a good idea?
Learn the true story behind one of the most controversial - and secret - arms deals in history.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 145 )

I shall wait for the comments before I read this... I already have my hands full of content to read, and I'm not so eager to have MORE right now.
I AM expecting this to be good though, knowing your basis and all.

Until later.

EDIT: And apparently I claimed first. Suck on that Firsttards.

Interesting... I can't wait for more!

I shall read this when my brain deems it time to read it, I have yet to finish at least 200 other ones yet :rainbowlaugh:

I, my good sir, know that feeling.

A very good start! Feels very creepy with the contrasts between the environment on the two ships.

New TNaB story? Yes.

Battleships are Magic universe? Double yes.

Absolutely kickass?

1270606 I'm glad someone appreciates the classics

Back into the oceans with this story, eh? I'm on board. I'm debating whether to ask a question or just read the story out.

Man, that got dark quickly.

>Reads synopsis.
>Expects comedy and hilarity to ensue.
>Sees it's tagged [Dark] and [AU].

Hmm. My prediction algorithms need recalibration.

Me: "A TNaB story without a comedy tag? Can he do it?"
Me after story: "GOAAAALLLLLLLL"

This is awesome man.
Real awesome.

Loving it so far.

I do apologize for not commenting this morning when you first linked it. I made the mistake of reading it right before my drive to work and by the time I got there giving any feedback had totally slipped my mind.

I don't know if it was your intention, but between this and your horror story blog post I'm now imagining some sort of Nightmarish Battleship that pops out of nowhere on foggy nights and completely wrecks everything it comes across in a storm of fire and metal.

Let's see where this takes us...

Aye, there been a shit-storm a-brewin' on the horizon for some time now, and methinks we're goin to get hit by it any second now.

So, these guys assault Navy personnel? Whilst taking part in some sort of ritual relating to The Nightmare? Well, I hope they had fun digging their own graves.

Get some, Navy. Get some.

That ending. Such good effect.

12776051278859 I'm actually planning to do something a little different with this story. Something to get the politicians from the US and Equestria involved in.:fluttershbad:

Having said that, the Navy will definitely obtain some by the end of the story.

I'm gonna give the random guess and say Bryant's gonna be pretty important for at least the next one or two chapters. If he makes it farther, then the whole story.

Cheaty unicorn magic. :ajbemused:

I agree. It is often too OP. It needs to be like a flashbang. You know, stuns people but can't really kill.

1283819 I second this, seeing as apparently Magical Warfare spells haven't been used or developed for over a thousand years. Plus, magic is far too OP, seeing as it IS magic. I sure hope Bryant gets out alive...

I wonder if that fishing boat has an extra passenger aboard?

Short chapter now, long chapter next.

Bryant clearly has only one solution all of this. Shooting his way out with a large caliber automatic weapon. That would be funny as hell.

1296737 Better yet, shooting his way out with an enemy unicorn, Pinkie Pie style.

1296991 I so want this to happen. It would be glorious.

1296737 Large caliber? Oh, I have so many plans.

1297071 Fredde Wong style, except with an artillery piece! That would be freakin' sweet!

freddiew in Equestria? I'm down with that.

Not this story though. You can't rocketjump in real life.

1298403 ... Has this been proven by scientific testing?

If there's anything I've learned in my short 18 years of life, It's Never, EVER, fuck with the US Navy.

You forgot to close an italics tag.

1296991 Haha, yea!
1300911 Plans you say? I can't wait! :pinkiehappy:

I liked Bryant's little monologue on humanity. I think The Nightmare was taken aback.

What the big glowing red balls is going on?!

Stated plainly, I'm sure that was one of the best 'fuck you' speeches I've ever read. Welcome to Earth.

1307332 Well, just to put this into perspective... a tad.

Welcome to 'Murica, nice shooting you.

Also, story. Uh-oh.

Perhaps it's delicious candy. He should lick it to make sure.

Just wanted to say that cover image is not a US Navy guided missile cruiser. Its also not an American warship.

It's a japanese frigate if I'm correct. Here's a picture of the actual USS Cushing.

I'm pretty sure I have a picture of a Spruance-class, if not the actual Cushing. Yes, I'm aware that those are destroyers, not cruisers. Just keep reading. I'll explain it.

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