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Sail is a pegasus. Andy is a nerd. Nika used to be a Russian intelligence agent. Hawker is a porn star.
Jones works for the CIA. Shep flies the helicopter. Jeff is a mechanic.

They fight crime. Usually.

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FUCK YEAH! :rainbowdetermined2:

It seems like you post a story every day. I'm not sure what to feel about that.

Look! A comment! How fun!


Eagerly awaiting this.

1541614 I try not to read Cussler, but somehow do on occasion. I didn't have that in mind when writing this, but maybe some slipped in.

Notice how I write so much about the military? Yeah, I roleplay as Tom Clancy.

not worth a fav, but still a good story. my lack of enthusiasm likely stems from not reading the other stories in the series.

I sense a large concentration of win in this story. Reading, favouriting and probably upvoting.

That website is in my personal top 5 for greatest websites that exist ever, Randomly Generated Content edition

This can only end well.

>Something strange is going on


Wow, another sstory, jesus christ you write stories like there's no tomorrow!


1541644 I knew I sensed some Clancy... One of my favorite authors! I imagine that, if he were a brony, his takes would be similar to yours... Just sayin'. You have some seriously good writing, please, keep going!

OMC!!! My eyes!! They Burn!!!! .... Oh and good-ish story, I think.

Third in the Sail Canvas Trilogy

Damn, that means the end of the trillogy. This better be a damn long story TNaB


What made you come up with this idea?

One of these things is not like the others.... :rainbowlaugh:

" ...Those in our group who wore clothes—Nika, Andy, and Hawker..."

So wait... why isn't Jones wearing clothes?:rainbowhuh:

Awsnap... :D

:rainbowhuh: So why does Celestia want to be poking around with anything nuclear???

Also, could we possible be seeing a certain TMS Ponyville teaming up with the Traveller??? :pinkiegasp:

shit just got real mang :rainbowdetermined2:

On a mission from a goddess.

The shit has hit the fan, and then proceeded to get real.

Ohhh, I like where this is going.

Sail's rating system just got STOLEN. :D

Oh man... oh man....

This just became my favorite story on Fimfiction... Nunavut?:pinkiesmile: Cyclones?:pinkiehappy: JTF2? :pinkiegasp:


fighter jet...with a penis

can not unsee

Su-37 Super Flanker is better but more expensive because it has a little thing called Thrust Vectoring

1697199 It also didn't make it past two prototypes being built.

1697294 what do you mean the su-37 is in full production so is the su-47
edit: i stand corrected

1697305 I'm sorry, your information seems to be different than mine.

1697324 yeah i just Googled it.

Aha, Sweetie didn't use hert magic to pull the bags, our intrepid hero can put the blame on them!


Osnap Celestia... you didn't do what i think you did... :trollestia:


She did, she totally did.

Against his will too.


Not only did you save me from work but you capture vendictive bastard so well.

Haha! Sail Canvas as a human, this shall be fun...

fuck yeah an update!

when do they get back to their actual ship?!
this is the kind of stuff that makes me pissed the fuck off at governments.

I have to admit, the length of the chapters is a bit short...

Ah well. At least they are good and coming in relatively short amounts of time.

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