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This is a group dedicated to the characters Spike and Thorax. While shipping them is a major part of this group. Non-Shipping fics are allowed, but should be kept at a minimum. The only rule that I have for this group is (PLEASE) no NSFW material. It's bad enough that people hate us for liking a show, we don't need to be putting more fuel in the fire with impure material. Other than that, I welcome you to my Group. Make sure to enjoy this with every fiber of your being. Oh and , as an added rule, do not upload stories that are overly preachy. A little message is fine, but shoving your beliefs down other pony's necks are just tasteless and insulting. If I find any of these stories, I will have them taken down.

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I'm curious is mPerg allowed as long as no Nsfw or explicit childbirth scenes

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