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The year is 1109. Long under the rule of the royal sisters, Equestria is in the midst of an economic boom. New breakthroughs in magic and steam technology give rise to elaborate machinery, resulting in an exodus as adventurers scramble to chart the unknown lands outside the Equestrian Valley. Spearheading the movement are the airships Celestia and Luna, the pride and joy of Equestrian air travel.

After failing the final exam of Wonderbolt Academy, Rainbow Dash's dreams of serving aboard an airship seem crushed. But when a mysterious stranger offers assistance, she is given a second chance to make those dreams come true. Together with a calculating pilot, a stubborn engineer, an eccentric inventor, a genius record-keeper, a timid strategist and a child cartographer, Rainbow Dash will face down the unknown in a foreign land as she is thrust into an adventure beyond her imagination.

(Inspired by the "Mares of Tomorrow" drawings by LionheartCartoon, who has green-lighted the use of his universe. Featured on Equestria Daily as of 11/2/13)

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First traditional seafaring pirates and now sky pirates, huh?

.... s'okay by me.


Glad you approve. I will say that, as a whole, this story will be centered more around exploration. I'm really excited to be writing this. Probably more than "Howling Winds", even. I've always enjoyed steampunk more than seafaring stories :rainbowlaugh:

When I first saw this art series by Lionheart, I was hoping against hope that someone would turn it into a fic, and you have! Wonderful! I am looking forward to further chapters and developments, so consider this Faved and Up-voted! Can't wait to see what happens next!!!:ajsmug::twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2:

And I think, like Rarity, that Dash is gonna surprise everyone with what she'll do. In other words, "The Wonderbolts' loss is the crew of the Luna's gain.":raritywink:


I'm honestly surprised that I'm the first one. I'm more surprised that he actually let me run with it :rainbowlaugh:

3366224 Yeah, I'd noticed that. I'm just glad that it finally happened, and that he did let you run with it.:twilightsmile:

Honestly, though, I've read Howling Winds, which I like tons, and I'm glad that he did. You've made a great start so far, and I can't wait to see how the rest of it goes. Good luck!:rainbowdetermined2:


I'm so sick of Victorian Steam Punk stories. Oh mercy... mercy...

I'll read it soon.

If this is like Sky Captain and the Worlds of Tomorrow and Crimson Skies... oh... I need to check my pants. Oh please tell me it's like those two. I think it is. I really think it is... please!


:rainbowhuh: Uhhh... I can't really say if it is or not. Haven't read and/or watched those so...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story. I don't think it can be classified as Victorian-esque. I mean, Rarity is pretty swanky, but that's pretty much a necessary character trait. Just look at her :duck:

3369284 Do it! If you are writing these genre those two are musts! Do it, or I'll cry....

3370073 Ones a movie, ones a game. Still, youtube is your friend.

3370082 can you send me a link to SCATWOT?
i've wanted to see that one for a while

Very well written, hope we get to see more soon! :rainbowdetermined2:


Indeed you shall. Once I finish writing chapter 5 of "Howling Winds", that is.

Goodbye, free time! How I will miss you so! :raritydespair: :raritycry:

Awww, well if it helps we wuv you for it. :heart:


That love is what keeps me going. I'm secretly a changeling

I remember looking at Lionheartcartoon's art not that long ago and thinking to myself "this totally needs to be a thing."

Then I find this enticingly written fanfic.

BINGO! :pinkiehappy:


That's another word I can add to ways my writing has been described. "Enticing". I like it. Thanks a ton :pinkiehappy:

There's a blog post that I made if you guys are curious about updates. Also some Youmacon stuff. You can find it here: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/224841/an-update-of-sorts

I don't know why FimFiction got rid of that option to tag everyone who faved your story on your blog. That was really convenient.

You had me at Rainbow Dash with a jetpack :pinkiehappy:


The funny thing is, as I was writing it, I didn't realize how awesome that actually was. Now I know. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow i can tell this is going to be awesome XD
do you know how long you want it to be?


That, my fine sir, is a very good question. And my answer is as thus: as long as I want it to be. I have an ending planned out. Whatever happens between then and the beginning is completely subject to my whim.

Interesting story idea you have here. I'll have to give this a read in the near future.

I haven't gotten very far in at all but I just couldn't help but point out how much the opening scene reminded me of The Last Exile. Woulda linked to a youtube clip of what I'm talking about but I can't find any :rainbowderp:
Edit: now I HAVE read the whole thing and I can honestly say: ERMAHGERDMAKEANOTHERCHAPTERCUZAHLIKETHISSTORYANDIHUNGERFORMORETOREADANDAHWANTITNAOW!!!!1!! Have fun dealing with this clusterbuck

Quickly now! Write! I'm desperate to know what direction you're going with Twilight!

Oh and before I forget, you totally need an alicorn Twilight joke in here somewhere. Just a little one, maybe some comment from Twilight about how terrible she would look using Rainbows jetpack or something. I demand it to be so!!!

Pirates! Sky pirates! Arrghh :D

Love the concept! I'm kinda curious as to whether this may have been inspired by something. For some reason a lot of the imagery reminds me of video game worlds and such. Anyway, I digress!

This was well-written, well-paced and exciting. Rainbow Dash was suitably characterized as the free-spirited (minor) jerk that's just too badass for your orders, Rarity is intriguingly mysterious, and the end of your chapter leaves me hanging off my seat at a satisfactory angle. Approving Big Mac face isn't working so have an approving smile instead-> :)

Really good! I'm certainly reading this through the end! :twilightsmile:

I hope you enjoy it when you get around to reading :pinkiehappy:

Glad you liked it. I was a little worried about the ending. It's good to see I was wrong.

Don't worry, I know what you're talking about :rainbowlaugh: I haven't watched all of "Last Exile", but I enjoyed what I saw.

Unfortunately, I can say that Twilight won't be appearing until a few chapters in :fluttercry: As for writing... well, I'm kinda bombarded by real life at the moment. Got a lot of college stuff to take care of. And, as far as story priorities go, I need to update Of High Seas and Howling Winds first. It's been like a month... :ajbemused:

Get ready for a journey :rainbowdetermined2:

Hmm, yes very good. Will also be folowing.

One issue though, on a few occasions you used pegasi (pegasus in a plural form) to refer to a single pegasus. That sets off my editing alarms and eats at me.


Fixed. Though I only found like... two instances where that was the case. Still, that's two too many. Thanks for pointing that out :pinkiehappy:

This makes me want to go and work on my novel and make it steampunk. Skypirate things seem to be getting more popular lately, and i'm loving it.
On the other hand, this is awesome, and i'm definitely keeping up with it! :yay:

Well written. I look forward to the next chapter, and also the introduction of the others.

Already following High Seas. You have a thing for nautical/aeronautical themes, don't you?

Well, it's lucky that I do too! :rainbowlaugh: Looks like you've earned another fave from me!

Dayum, this is nice. When I read the description is was instantly interested in the concept, but worried it would fall short of what I hoped. But now now that I've read it, I can tell that won't be an issue. This is spectacular and I look forward to seeing you continue it.

I don't normally like stories that try to incorporate a military but this one i like. Cant wait for the next chapter.

Indeed I do, though I'm a bigger fan of the aeronautical. Seriously, anyone who doesn't like airships is crazy.

Glad I managed to impress you :pinkiehappy:

Ehhhhh.... calling the Wonderbolts "military" is kind of a stretch. More than anything, they're just stationed on airships to defend them. So its more like a PMC :rainbowlaugh: Not really. Think security service or something.

oh, i hope you expand on that in a later chapter or something; it would be really interesting to learn more about universe itself since it seems so deep and colorful

i actually gotta with Spitfire on this one. Rainbow is good, but she can't be depended on to follow orders. Rarity is right that she should be given a chance, but i hate that old "you should break the rules whenever you want" cliche. Rainbow Dash's failure is her own fault, and by offering her this opportunity, Rarity is encouraging her behavior. now don't get me wrong, the rules do need to be broken every now and again, but Spitfire made the right choice.

also "Teamwork isn't everything?" really?.....really? you do remember what show you're basing this fic on, right?

oh, i forgot to mention: i did actually enjoy the story, i just had a problem with that one part. looking forward to more!

I think you're rather missing the point. Yes, RD disobeyed, but she did it by risking herself FOR her team. If she did not, her team in fact would have not succeeded in the exercise. She showed these things called initiative and creative thinking and courage above and beyond the call of duty. Now, while in excess that would be a bad thing, most militaries actually encourage that sort of mindset in moderation.
And, I find myself in agreement with Rarity here - Teamwork is not everything. Friendship and cooperation cannot, ney, must not be ever allowed to be used as excuses to suborn ones individuality.

3441638 i do get the point actually. it just wasn't communicated as well as it could've been. the way it was written made it seem like Spitfire was completely wrong and Rarity was completely right, when in fact Spitfire had a good point. Rainbow may have taken the risk for her team, but she can't depended on to follow orders. and even after two years, she's never learned respect for her team leader.

and yes, teamwork is everything. if you can't depend on your team, if you can't trust each member to do their job, then you're all going to fail every time. and don't get me wrong. Rainbow's actions were necessary. the reason her team wasn't cohesive was just as much Firefly's fault as it was RD's. part of being a leader is humility, and Firefly wasn't able or willing to admit that RD had a good idea. what she was demonstrating teamwork, it was foolish pride.

I rather strongly disagree. But, I won't go into arguments when it is rather obvious neither of us will be persuaded to the others point of view.
I will say this - that Firefly was passed and RD failed proves Spitfire/wonderbolts do not deserve RD.
Also, in this setting Rarity is captain of the second most Elite ship in the Skynavy - give her the benefit of believing she knows her job, hmn?

Chapter theme song:

I love well-written fics!

I love steampunk!

I love adventure fics!

I love Alternate Universes!

I love ponies!

An extremely well-written, Steampunk, adventure, Alternate Universe Ponies?!?!

>ded frum head'splode.

Friggin' faved hard as I could click the button! Hell of a great start, brother! Like, seriously, I can't explain how much I loved this. This chapter alone, while giving us proper introductions to all the cast, offers just enough of a tease about the world and ulterior motives and... UGH! Please tell me this will update regularly!

Kind of a cliché start but interesting none the less. I'm going to keep an eye on this one.

Finally got some time to read this and I have to say I really like what you have so far.:rainbowkiss:
Not that I expected not to like it. I love adventure stories and I also liked "High seas and Howling Winds"
I am sure this story will quite different and I can't wait to meet the rest of the characters.
So far I am imagining this grand expedition to be like the Louis and Clark expedition, but with magic, steam-punk and Ponies, Awesome! :rainbowdetermined2::raritywink::ajsmug::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::moustache::fluttershyouch:

"These are the voyages of the Airships Celestia and Luna, in their 5 year mission, to explore strange new lands, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no Pony has gone before." - Engineer BJ

3442096 3441974

I think you are both right. I wrote this chapter with the intention of having RD's failure be a gray area. I'm unsure of how well I conveyed that, but still. On the one hand, RD is extremely talented and has the makings of a great Wonderbolt. On the other, her attitude completely sabotages any chances she has. Spitfire values teamwork. Rarity values skill. Both have their pros and cons. For example, teamwork is, without a doubt, a integral part of any combat group. You have to be able to trust your team members. But what happens if those team members freeze up in a stressful situation? Suddenly, the split-second decision of one person could mean the difference between life and death for the whole group.

Basically, you both have very valid points.


Glad you liked it so much :pinkiehappy: Unfortunately, I can't promise regular updates at this point. Maybe when the semester ends, but until then it's all depending on how much free time I have (which is like none). That's if winter doesn't kill me first. This is the second time I've gotten sick to the point of expelling my guts in as many months. :pinkiesick: Fun Fun Fun.

Hmm... This could be interesting. Right now I'm not sure, but if you can dazzle me I will certainly give you a like. Following you for updates until further notice...

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