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Every antagonist is the protagonist of their own story.


From the dungeons to the blinding light, Matt finds himself retelling the story of his time in Equestria. His words mean nothing to those listening. All attempts to change their minds is gone, leaving him no reason to convince them, and no reason to lie.

Follow this human from his first day in Equestria, to his last day of freedom.

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I would like to say that this fic has my interest. I'll be keeping it in my tracking self.
I don't have any critism of the first chapter, it sets up the mystery quite well.
from what I read it seems Twilight is on this guy's side and Celestia is angry at what he did. same goes for luna.
all it needs is more chapters
can't wait for the next chapter!

Same thing as the first commenter said, not much to say, just that I hope we see what this main characters story is.

*the sound of a distant chant can be heard*
More, more, more,more, more, more,more, more,more! More! MORE!

But seriously, I'm interested. Please keep it up! No criticism yet.

I hope it's not but it seems like it is


This is only the first chapter and I’m already starting to hate the princesses and the Maine 6(excluding twilight).

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