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Every antagonist is the protagonist of their own story.


Raised by The Organization, Marx knows the ins and outs of his messed up life. He's been a mercenary since he was young, and he hasn't failed. Failure can only lead to certain death. So what would happen when somepony puts a hit on the mane six? Accepting the contract is the only answer, but to what end will he go to complete it? Will the contract take him to places he never thought possible?
Follow the adventures of this pony as he battles his past, time, and most importantly, the contract he signed.

No Coverart, I feel like if you're going to like my story, it should be because you thought it sounded interesting, not looked interesting.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 20 )

I like it.

'Nuff said.

Glad to hear :pinkiesmile:
I'm still waiting for someone to complain about the fact I have multiple stories going on at once. Hopefully not the case, but I'll give it a day.

........is he aware that technically speaking, they are probably going to aware she is gone by morning, right? pinkie pie.............. she'll know. she will try to find rarity, aske sweetie belle, take about twenty minutes to understand what is happening, then go right for twilight.
then a chain effect involving alicorns, royal guards, and this guy committing seppeku with a crossbow bolt when he realizes crossbows are not very effective against demigods; that lst bit was more of a joke.

it makes me wonder why these guys have even accepted this contract. they are gonna garner the attention of the rulesr of the land, demigoddess, alicorns, not to mention once Celestia or luna knows, they all gonna know..............

so far he has only dealt with the least aggressive and the most clever. now he has to deal with someone with a will of iron and matching strength and a pegasus so fast and aggressive that she could be on him before he could blink.

3765932 Dat comment...
You deserve something better than a cookie.

whats to prevent pinkie pie from just escaping and running off for help? nothing i can imagine. she jsut came along upon her own will after all.

How did you read it that fast? Wow you're one dedicated reader. Like eight minutes after it's posted you reply. I don't think I can even read that fast.
*Spoiler to anyone who didn't read full chapter*
Wasn't she stuffed in the bag, and then almost gagged? I don't think that counts for her own will. Either way, no one really understands pinkie so maybe she thought it was a game? I don't know.

3825702 she realizes it isn't now.......... and she did take those cupcakes.

Just wait 'til next chapter ;)
If you correctly guess who my favorite pony of the mane six is correctly, I'll post it immediately.
Caution: You have one guess.
(Just cause you're a faithful reader.)

I LIKE THE DIALOUGE!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks, I don't use much details, so I try to fill it up with dialogue. Glad you like it.

Comment posted by Slywolf930 deleted Feb 3rd, 2014

nooooooooo freaking cliff hanger :fluttercry: :raritydespair: ugh cant wait to see how this all turns out

im gonna call it now the pony with wings was fluttershy

That'd be too predictable :raritywink:.

4008989 of course it would but im sticking with my wrong answer lol

This is getting good. I'm glad I can finally comment on this story. BTW, how different are Divone Guards from the other tupes of Guards?

Different as in strengths? Divine Guards are like the final bosses in a game that don't ever want to die, and when they do they come back with another life bar. You'll learn more about them later.
Shadow Guards are like the bosses that have a certain weakness and if you don't know about it, then you're pretty much screwed.
Dawn Guards would normally be a slight challenge, but these are professional mercenaries we're talking about. Either way, the gap between them is pretty big.

"He's telling the truth," Applejack said. "I can tell."

No, she can't.

*insert random comment trying to defend myself while knowing that you are in fact right, making me forget why I'm even writing this*
After my editor went to Equestria (How I explain his disappearance) I kind of stopped caring about how bad my writing is. I know it's a cliche of Applejack's, but I really had nothing else in mind I could write when I wrote that. I've been trying to rush it forward for something I have planned, but I'm also worried I'm running out of pre-written chapters. My revision of my other story really cut into this story's writing time, thus when I can write, it's often rushed.

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