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Thank you, for reading my stories and everything! I really appreciate it!


A being named Eclipsal Shade arrives in Equestria after a horrible storm. He finds himself in the care of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, with no memories prior to the storm. So he departs on a search to find his memories with the Mane 6, but pretty soon they find just how deep of a hole Eclipsal's old life had brought upon him. At the very end of the day, it will leave everypony wondering: What is darkness?

Set after Discord's reformation, but before Twilight becomes an Alicorn.

Cover Image by my friend, Imsokyo: http://imsokyo.deviantart.com/ http://www.livestream.com/ahappypichu

Chapters (45)
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Comments ( 93 )

Night Terror: Thanks for liking my story! NO PROB!

Ill track this, to see where this goes

Great they are going to get there asses handed to him by one stallion

This story I great I really like it

Team tree is now taking off! *white ping in sky*

woo first ,also this is a great story

woo first again this story is getting good

the begining was ok ,but the ending was awsome

and thus returns a great writer,

i understand the almost failing thing, but that's just because i am lazy

Will you add more chapters to the story soon? I really enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty cool.:raritystarry:

738920 Just for the record will, but because I'm busy I haven't had time to write :(

Awsomeness ensues

keep it up, brony

Edit: oh hey! first post!

plot just got 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat

Title suggestion ; The Eclipse's Shade

omg thats bucking hilarious!!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

oh noes, evil death rainbow!

873560 hey! u stole mine!
but id like more story b4 a title change please, as there may be a better title

P.S: thanks for the mention at the beginning! and you also rock, and your a better writer. :twilightsheepish:

Edit: Eeyup!
Anyway, very nice so far, but it dosent make sense that the poison joke would RELEASE his magic, unless he has some sort of mental block on it, would this happen to be the case?

good sheet

lol soz if i interrupted ur reading infinty

ALSO! title: the light in the/my darkness:ajsmug:

Another great chapter

loooooool u sir, are awesomesauce

TITLE: fifty shades of darkness!!! jk, i like the first title u suggested


I smell a reference to episode 2 :derpytongue2:

hmmmm... kingdom hearts much? lol

also... FIRRRRRRRSSSSST. i had to:pinkiehappy:

Well... that was interesting

1. it is me
2. i love this story
3. moustache:moustache:

:rainbowhuh: interesting...


im back! just read the last 6 chapters and i like it! sorry i was gone so long my kindle got taken sooooo.... keep up the good work... yeah...

Wow Finally came back to this story, hard to believe I found this site by googling "Eclipce", I have no idea why it sent me here but I would not have been a brony without this story (formally valientfan25)

Wow, I'm surprised i read the last few chapters in only 20 minutes, i mean, I'm a fast reader, but... just... dayum....

Anyway, good job on the last couple chapters, it deepened the plot quite a damn bit, and it makes me think that either
A: Eclipsal and Darkness are alternate personalities, one with a fancy new body.
B: Darkness created Eclipsal.
C: Darkness and Eclipsal were never the same pony to begin with.
D: ..... Something else?

Ditzy doo is changeling and shade's mare friend

you have to have a part where spike is a perv :rainbowlaugh:
and this pleases me

you could totally start a relationship between dash and eclipsal...
juuuust sayin

Cant wait to see what happens

... i know you're busy, but the chapters need way more substance this one seemed like it was just filler:twilightoops:

Luna cupcakes are good, but wait until you have MUFFINS:derpytongue2:

no flutter shy!!!

flutter seems a bit out of character but, whatevs, i only has constructiv critisism

1438648 well maybe she's gotten less shy?

1440934 less shy?!?!¿¡¿¡¿!?!?¿¡!?¿¡!?¿!¡!¿?¿!¡ ;A;
y would u do this to me...;

She tends to be less shy around her best friends.

rainbow, y u gotta be an ass:facehoof:

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