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Among the thestrals of the Lunar Guard, no battle cry is more potent than that of 'Remember the Moonflower!'. And like all battle cries, it has a story to go with it. A proud, yet tragic tale of defiance, loyalty, heroism, and great sacrifice.

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Guys! I can't tell the rating. It needs more thumbs!

just this Prelog brought me to tears this is going to be a huge story.
and as I live in the crappy state of Pennsylvania I have hade history drilled in to me. I have stood on the 38th parallel.
or for those of you not in the know that is the divider between the north and south.

yep this is most defiantly going to be a story to keep a close eye on.
we need more rating to see ware it is going.
Harts Fire

Interesting, mate. I shall follow this as the story grows. You have my attention!:moustache:

( Lunar guards FTW.):moustache:

this story is vary interesting.
I am betting it will have just a little action in it.

quite a lot to think about in this chapter a lot going on in the back ground.

Alamno reference? I like this already.

6861101 The story is pretty much one giant Alamo reference, with a bit of Civil War mixed in for good measure. Hope you enjoy the rest of it. :twilightsmile:

Not a bad job. Glad to see this update again :ajsmug:

6913087 I write several chapters ahead of publication to ensure I keep up to my schedule. I'm currently working on the last but one chapter. :derpyderp2: It gives me some room to manoeuvre in the event I get struck by writer's block.

The Bright Lights may capture the fortress, but they'll take a massive number of casualties doing it. And their atrocities will come back to bite them. I doubt that Celestia personally gave them any order for the surrender, and never to slaughter civilians or combatants.

6998792 At this point in history, the Royal Guard are effectively committing a coup, having joined the general uprising to force out all thestrals. None of this is Celestia's doing, but with no real way to stop them, all she can do is watch. :fluttercry:

6999202 Isn't she a princess or something, though? Doesn't she have the power to tell them to stop, and if they refuse to jail them? And since they worship her (falsely), shouldn't that mean that her word is law to them? I mean, they're doing it in her name and they're not overthrowing her, they must like her.

6999405 Basically, after the end of the war, all the ponies of Equestria began to turn on the thestrals en masse. The Royal Guard simply joined in, with it all being done in Celestia's name. And just because they worship her, doesn't mean they listen to her, look at most human religions. Plus, in the wake of Luna's banishment, she has withdrawn herself quite a bit. Ponies such as Pike think that they're killing 'servants of Nightmare Moon' in a sort of twisted holy war. Not everypony is that extreme, of course. Most of the Royal Guard want the thestrals gone in order to restore order in Equestria; no thestrals, no crazy religious crusade.

I am a Unionist, but I think this is appropriate here;

Also, please refresh my memory; what happened at Atcanter?

7042860 Prior to the events of the story, when ordinary thestrals and others hostile to the new monarchical regime began to protest against the forced exodus of thestrals from Equestria, the Royal Guard, by this point acting on their own authority, cracked down hard. They, along with a mob of supporters, set the city on fire and burning most of it, along with many of it's inhabitants, to the ground. Steel Pike was in command of one of the units involved. Atcanter is a ponification of Atlanta.

As for your music suggestion, I think this fits the mind-set of the Lunar volunteers:

Ah, I see. Well, I thought the song I posted would have been something not far off of what the rebel forces would have sung during the Equestrian Civil War, rather than this particular aftermath conflict. they've sung other songs similar to the Bonnie Blue Flag and others, after all.

7043263 Oh, right. Derp. :derpytongue2: Yeah that makes sense. In fact, if you look in my other story here, I actually did have a go at ponifying some confederate songs.

Bonnie Blue Flag
The Southern Wagon

This was an amazing story. I'm suprised how it hasn't gotten as much attention as it should.

7085025 I've added it on all the relevant groups I could think of. Feel free to put it in any group you think it fits in. FiMfiction is a fickle beast though, sometimes brilliant stories get ignored and mindless drivel makes it to the feature box. And, as they say, it is better to write for one's self and have no public, than to write for your public and have no self. :twilightsmile:

Great ending, honestly the genocide should not have happened and hopefully those that contributed were punished as they deserved in the next life.

A well done story, and a great ending.

Thank you :ajsmug:

To non USA readers. AFAIK, to the rest of the world we are all Yankees. In the south east corner of the USA there are states where that is still an insult. You go into the wrong bar & call someone a Yankee & they will break your head open & let all the stupid out.

It is to Celestia's credit that she tried to stop the thestral's being slaughtered and to her discredit that the attempt was a near total failure

One thing Whatever happened to Governor Diamond? Did he ever get punished? Or did he retire, unmourned, unmissed -and unhung?

8118141 After being placed under house arrest, Diamond doesn't really have much of a role to play in the story. He's simply the catalyst that sets events in motion. I know I hinted at a couple of ideas, but I leave his ultimate fate up to the reader.

My name is on tonio Montoya you killed my father prepare to die

I'm impressed. Good war story.

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