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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.


This story is a sequel to The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand

For two years of their time, they traveled the Realm, fighting off Venger, Tiamat, and other assorted demons. Now three friends meet up once again, in another fantastic realm. Eric, Bobby, and Presto think their adventuring days are behind them, but there may be one more surprise in store for them!

This is a crossover with the Dungeons and Dragons animated series from the 1980's, and is a Hasbroverse story, taking about two weeks or so after the events of United We Stand, in late 2012. I own nothing.

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I never really saw the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, although I have a vague recollection of it from somewhere. None the less, I enjoyed the chapter.

As an aside, I've loved your stories and Hasbroverse, and I'm always looking forward to seeing more.

Well I was sort of expecting that dragon to have a few more heads, but I doubt Tiamat would be put off by a single blow of the club.

Inhumanoids in this world as well? Silver Quill recently did a video about them.

Uh, I'd have thought you'd upload this to the Hasbroverse side-stories.

Let's just say Earth Force doesn't have the best reputation despite beating Mettlar and his cronies.

Humm I wonder since after buying the IP Hasbro officially made M.A.S.K. part of GI Joe are they in the Hasbro verse too?

Also if you consider the final D&D script Cannon then Venger no longer exists and his armies where retuned to the world's he took them from somewhere around half the residents of "The Realm" where not natives and went home when Eric defeated Venger, yes Eric was the one to beat him!


Why did that dragon think one of them was a thief?

Sounds like it's a Ironwood club then. A druid's favorite armor material.

Man their aren't enough Dungeons and Dragons fictions. Well ones based on the cartoon anyways

Ah, man, the nostalgia! Shit, I remember that show - I remember watching it - and it was pretty cool! But... where's little Uni? :raritydespair:

Presto's gotten a lot better with the Hat, luckily. In the old days he probably would have ended up pulling out something like Bobby's SPORTS club or something like that.


Another piece of my childhood here, very nicely done. I have to admit I have expected the story to contain the evil being from the episode "Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn" verses the forces of the combined worlds worth of good guys.

or that you would play the card of their enchanted equipment being as super powered on Equestria as it was in the Dragon's Graveyard as in the episode of the same name

Ooh, nice stand-alone!

With a little creativity, Presto's ability to cast the 0th-level prestidigitation without his hat still makes him very dangerous on Earth if an enemy thinks he's got no magic at all.

This was quite funny and I have actually seen a few episodes of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon and I once read a short comic with 2 stories of the cartoon in it. In one of those stories Venger actually keeps his word by giving them their weapons back after dealing a demondragon.

10032283 Lawful Evil. It's not just an alignment, it's a way of life.

9935514 From the dialogue, stayed behind in the Realm.

Bobby looked to him and sighed. “Yeah, but you never forget your first.”

Albert gave him an odd look. “That's what Diana said...”

Did Presto get lucky? Well I guess he does have 'magic hands'.

Bobby's VA is a dentist now. That fact continues to make me smile.

10265854 Okay, according to 'Requiem', the canon final episode that was never actually filmed, but has been done unofficially by fans, Presto stayed behind in the Realm when the others went back to Earth. Also they gave back their magic weapons. But I like this better.

After this I wouldn’t be surprised if a new equivalent of GI Joe was to come about he would be scouted for it.

Could be that at some point after that, Albert came back.

Someone somewhere had talked about giving Uni a cameo where she was inconsolably melancholy about lost friends, and had been encountered during the second century after Luna's Fall, and so would be long gone by now.

I forget who it was that said that, though...

Hmm... Odd that I missed this back when I was lurking...

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