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David Silver

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The horror, the horror... They were on the search for new and amazing flowers and they found them! Why isn't this good news? They arrive in a strange city filled with colorful creatures they do not understand and no way home.

Come, welcome to Prisma, home of flutterponies. Don't know what those are? Learn with our flowery trio. No pre-reading is required for this story, so dive on in! Done for a lovely patron, to update once a week.

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I wonder what classes these three will be? Probably a fighter/mage/healer.

Or perhaps Druid/Druid/Druid.

... Animal Druid/Storm Druid/Leaf Druid?

for now


So much fun with dodging the fauna and exploring the flora.

Unlike with Timberwolves.:trixieshiftright:



You know Roseluck is more than happy to throw down to protect her girls.


Hey, once she gets Mordenponian's Universal Adhesive figured out, that'll be the world's awesomest, most brutal Flowerpower Beatstick of Smiting, +8.

And then the Flower Trio realize they went BACK IN TIME!!

And then they step on one of the Flutterponies and Pony Hitler wins the war in the future... :pinkiecrazy::twilightoops:

Don't step on flutters, that's just rude really.

So is this going to be one of those things here the party gets distracted and decides to start up a business instead of going off to do the world-saving thing?

This is off to a neat start... and has sent me back down the rabbithole to reread the other fics.
(Fun fact, the white and blue flutter pony in armor is my character Snow Blossom... I volunteered her art to be part of the cover.)

That would imply they were on some other task to start with. These florists are sticking to their floral stamens!

Huzzah, found the market! Very important.

Hmm.. Beefsteak and Oyster Mushrooms, and chicken Of the Forest?

"No! They all... came from inside things..." Lily shuddered with undisguised revulsion. "There is nothing inside me that you should want to eat or drink, and that goes for all the other animals out there, thanks."

Rose's eyes closed halfway in a sultry look. "I don't remember you complaining before."

Oh my.

So, being half brought into the druidic fold.

Maybe more than half.

Unless not being taught druidic means not being taught to druid but being taught to operate with the plants?

I wonder if they will meet Queen Rosedust.

Interesting to read that they have such different preferences in diet.

They all enjoy a nice daisy salad.

Just one of them would be alright with some sushi mixed in there.

And two of them would be cool with croutons in that salad.

First, they learn Fire.

Then, they learn Cupcakes. :pinkiehappy:

The lessons they learn will be useful later that's a cetainty. Also it seems that they spoke with Pinkie about her adventures in Everglow but didn't really understand. Not surprising with Pinkie who can talk non-stop for hours.

I get the impression that there is something of culture clash going on.

I like how simulations of daisy world show the greater teh range of variations, the more resiliant the overall whole is, even at the loss of induviduals and whole classes.

Equestrian dragons are Extremely varied.:moustache:

Daisy is quickly becoming a proper little pyromaniac. A druid of volcanoes and forest fires?

Hey, Roseluck, ever wonder how that glue got made?

Good thing it wasnt one of those compounds you have to dilute to rediculous levels to get an effect.

That is, if you dont, you is deaddified. :twilightoops:

I really think most Equestrian ponies are very silly to outsiders.

If it helps, she only touched her tongue to it for a quick taste. Imagine if she actually ate some, nom!

Lily should know better than to eat an unknown plant.


She really should, Equestrian florists double as confectioners really, so it's incumbent on them to know the ins and outs of what is and is not safe to eat. Therefore, licking some strange tree is right out.

Silly pony...

These mortal flames livez such short lives but can burn so brightly. :fluttercry:

I smell a circle of fire druid soon

Not really. this is pathfinder so would definately be a conjuration focused druid or maybe an Elemental Ally archetype.


I think this is 5e actually. They specifically mention cantrips get stronger as a druid does, something pathfinder is cehemantly against while 5e embraces. And a lot of david silvers latest fics have shifted focus to promote 5e setting material he’s been producing

pathfinder 2e cantrips grow with their caster as well.

Ponyfinder is compatible with 5E, PF1, and PF2!

Starfinder too if you're naughty.

Rose set a hoof over her eyes. "And the girls have pulled me out of the fire a few times. That's what being a friend is." She raised a brow at Tree. "If you've ever experienced that?"

Tree took a stiff step backwards. "That..." Her brows fell in an angry unison. "Don't you insult me!"

Rose smirked confidently. "It's not an insult if it's true, and it's not even that if it's a question. Do you have close friends or not?"

Tree stomped from hoof to hoof. "How... How dare you! I..."

This is, in fact, kiiind of an insult. The smirking isn't convincing me it wasn't designed that way.

Now, it's in response to Tree being kinda a jerk, but it is at least insulting on it's own.

Better be careful make that an Everlasting Flame on a Bonfire. Might get Undead turning up?:twilightoops:

Blood, Sap, and Pottery.

Someone must be an expert at cleaning that sort of stuff out of hair, fur etc?:twilightoops:

This was a fun chapter especially the comment at the end.

A lack of finders was the likely reason for that.

Finders should fingers meaning you have a typo.

Oh no, we need more finders to locate all these ponies.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon, Daisy even got to set something on fire.

Rainbow seems to be just fine leaving it in.

I see they learned a fun spell. That one can be used for all sorts of fun or practical jokes. I think Pinkie and Rainbow Dash had better watch out once the girls return because I think they may pull a few jokes on them as polite payback.

Prestidigitation is endlessly useful, good for everything from lighting candles to cleaning. Glad to see their education continues apace.

Little things can cause real problems if just the wrong place and time.:trixieshiftright:

Aw, that was very brave of her. I'm impressed!

This would indeed have been a job for Fluttershy and I'm sure she would would be willing to offer assistence if they tell her about this.

If Lilly got a bitey problem then Rose is going to get a thorny one?

This story amuses me in its extreme... low stakes. Adventure? No thanks, claim our isekai mares. That's how typos happen, you know.

I'm quite enjoying it myself, it's nice to read something simply peaceful.

For every hero, there are thousands of behind the scene supporting cast and crew?

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