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In her youth, Twilight Sparkle discovered a way to infuse technology and magic. 20 years after her breakthrough, she is now the CEO and founder of Sparkle Industries, and one of the wealthiest ponies in Equestria. Her relatively perfect life goes sour, however, when she is captured by a group of griffons who want to steal her technology.

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Well, well, well, it seems somebody else is also writing an Iron Mare fic. I'm writing on myself actually. I wish you luck!


If you are actually writing it on yourself then I would recommend not showering for a while.

You knew this was coming.

Nice start! Definitely looking forward to more!

Author Interviewer


where did this come from

you sneaky

wow, way to go! I really like how this is shaping up. I truly think this will be a great crossover.
As it appears you will involve Trixie, I wonder if she would take the role of Obie or Rhodey, or someone else.
Anyway, keep it up, I am terrible at criticism, so I won't give any, and I love that twilight is the 'tony stark' of the story.

Why do I have the feeling that Filthy Rich is going to end up being Obadiah Stane.

Ahem.... This was done before

1280013 thank you for pointing that out. Don't worry, I'm writing it in Word.

Congratulations, Twilight... You've just changed the world! I hope that what you get after the change is what you hoped it would be!

so far so good...

Yeah, I believe they called it 'Iron Man.'

Interesting so far...

The writing style is good, and i enjoy the way you have set up the company`s history. but at this point you don`t see twilight being a very damaged character, unlike the "real" stark. He was a billionaire, Cassanova, genius, womanizer: and twilight`s just a wealthy nerd with a slight drinking problem, who even admits it.

The writing style is good, and i enjoy the way you have set up the company`s history. but at this point you don`t see twilight being a very damaged character, unlike the "real" stark. He was a billionaire, Cassanova, genius, womanizer: and twilight`s just a wealthy nerd with a slight drinking problem, who even admits it.:moustache:javascript:smilie(':moustache:');javascript:smilie(':trollestia:');javascript:smilie(':facehoof:');:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

You're in for a treat.

Damn, you've managed to successfully combine two of my favorite franchises. Let's see how you do with what you've created, shall we?

1281093 knows it 1280925
Twilight suffers from extreme OCD and inferiority issues remember?

1280242 As great as that series is touted to be (I've never played it thus I won't comment on the veracity of the statements), Iron Man was originally thought up by Stan Lee, the guy who practically defined modern comics. Iron man is a LOT older a concept than Deus Ex, but they share similar main characters. I personally wouldn't mind seeing this fic combine a bit of both Iron Man and Deus Ex. Mostly, I'd suggest spicing with a bit of Deus Ex because Twilight literally would be performing augmentation on herself and Filthy (or whoever plays Stain) can be doing covert research on it as well as black market weapons deals.

Finally, I would suggest calling her Iron Mane (better than mare because it leaves the gender to question, and anonymity is power in superhero circles) and it has a bit more of a ring, in my opinion, than Iron Mare, but that's up to you Alex. I can't wait for more of this.


alex, you're my favorite kind of human being.

Not a bad start! I'm certainly interested in how this fusion will go.

Heh, I had a similar idea for a magic battery, but that was a long time ago in a fanfiction archive far far away. And it had an OC. This looks to be much more fleshed out and less stupid.

Iron Man crossover featuring Twilight Sparkle as the Iron Man/Iron Mare? OH HELL BUCKING YES! I'll definitely be reading this later.

Not too sure if I'll read yet or not, but in the mean time its going on "read later" list, and have a thumbs up for the thought.

I like. Only request is for more technological details? I'm nerdy like that. :twistnerd:

Well, I'll be keeping this in my "To read later" list. Maybe when I have the time, I'll get around to fully read it.

Looks interesting, didn't even see where it came from dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png , but isn't Griffin spelled Griff'in' not Griff'on'?

I've seen people spell it as griffin, griffon, and gryphon before. Depends on who you talk to.

1283132 Ah I see. I guess it cannot be considered a typo then. Interesting chapter 1, will read 2 in my spare time

Holy shit, Alexstraza! I like where this is going. And where have I heard your name before...?:applejackunsure:

'the body may heal, but the mind is not always so resilient' my favorite line across ALL games I have played, make it so Twilight is forced to rely upon an external source to keep her heart beating and have most of herself replaced with robotic parts and we have a good Deus Ex/Iron Man mix

There's a list of stuff i'm involved with on my profile.

Hmm, I wonder how this will turn out *wink wink*

1283248 Oh, the EqD stuff. I first heard of you as an OC in a Fan Fiction, oddly enough.:derpyderp1:

Twilight Sparkle+Robert Downey Jr.=????????:derpyderp2:

Very good read. I look forward to the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

Nice, I can't wait to see where you take this.

Wait, a Twilight story based off Iron Man. Does this mean she's going to be a playmare like Tony was? Getting it on with a different stallion every other night? Now that would be hilarious.

Ooooh. Good start to a good crossover. Looking forward to more of this. :yay:

as the doctor wants to say
"fuck the wiki I AM THE DOCTOR

1283470 I see, There are 3 different ways to spell it, but they all mean the same, so none of them are technically wrong

Ha, HA! Feel a bit of Spilight going on, always ready to read and review such, I LOVE it, As for the story, a very, very impressive read my good sire/madam, you have my review and support on this, I shall await more of this genuis idea!

I like this so far. I just started my own MLP superhero fic, and I'm pretty darn sure it won't be half as good as this one already is.

One of the things that made the movie feel awkward to me was putting Tony Stark's abduction at the beginning and then building back up to it. You've fixed that slight bit of awkwardness, but exchanged it for another one, though it's equally insignificant: twenty years is a pretty big jump for characters we've become familiar with. True, they were young and Sparkle Industries would need time to grow to the point it needs to be at in this story, but are you sure fifteen years wouldn't have been just as good?

Anyway, since Spike is already Twilight's number one assistant and old enough for the age difference to be pointless, it's clear which role he will be playing. If Spike and Twilight don't develop the same romantic bond that Tony and Pepper have, I'ma gonna be a little disappointed. Not very disappointed, but a little. Looking forward to more.

1283419 That I agree with, Rarity seems as though she would be the villian in this, as well as Filty Rich, hmm...wonder if the Mane Six (Minus Applejack and Fluttershy) cuold be villians as well, love Iron Man one and two but I felt like it needs more enemies then just the Iron Monkier and Whiplash, you know?

Love the story so far, really and I'm 100% down for Rarity/Fancy pants for even though she's my least favorite pony as long as she's not with Spike then I'm ok with whoever she is with long as it's not Twilight as well, not sure if there is romance in this or not though...hmmmm....can we have Derpy Hooves in this as well please? And I always had great respect for Fancy Pants can't wait for the next chapter, also, Twilight drikning? Shit...keep that up, where is Owl and Peewee though?

>that feel when you forget the pets.


You got my follow...
And a like...

And an impatient fan who will be watching you from your window every time you sleep. :pinkiecrazy:

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:1283860 I know, EVERYONE forget about the poor animals which is odd because the ponies and other creatures are all just that...animals, how can we always forget about Peewee, Opal, Gummy, Winona, Tank and Owl (can't spell his or Opal's fully name) or even Angel? Damn....we are not that great at this huh ?:rainbowlaugh: Or even Pila what's her full name. The Princesses pet.



Luckily, I consider this a 'first draft' of sorts, so I can definitely edit them in later for more... authenticity, I suppose? Thanks for mentioning it!

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