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The beginning, the rise, the downward fall, the recovery, the new rising and the end.


Twilight was a mare of many talents, her highest being her knack for invention. Her amazing skill soon turned out to be her downfall as she was forced to undergo horrors just to see the light of Celestia’s sun again. But she soon showed them just what happens when you think you can do anything like that to her. Now, she’s out to make sure that everypony else involved in the ordeal will pay for the horrors they inflicted on her, and for the horrors they planned on inflicting on ponies across all of Equestria. So she’ll need to take on the identity of...... Iron Mare.

Cover art drawn by: Arcanelexicon. Thank you so much! :heart:

Featured on: August 1st, 2016.

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Sounds like someone we all know and love

Looks great mate! I am curious, are each of the mane 6 going to fill the roles of the avengers or do you have other things planned?

6476679 I know that Twilight, Rainbow, Apple Jack, and Fluttershy will play a role. Rarity and Pinkie are the two roles I'm stuck on. But I am having a little idea pop into my head about them, but I don't exactly know how to incorporate Rarity's role YET. Pinkie will clearly be a smartass. So take your pick out of the dozens of smartasses Marvel has. :rainbowlaugh:


Loki = Pinkie Pie
Thor = Apple Jack
Tony = Twilight Sparkle
Black Widow = Rarity Belle
Hulk = Fluttershy
Hawk Eye = Rainbow Dash

6477422 You got 2 right. I already chose a 'Loki' character. RD, FS, and AJ are already chosen for their roles, which are not those. Rarity? MAYBE. Still working on how to do it though. Pinkie? I'm thinking of another character that's going to be joining the Avengers in the third installment who we've already seen. :raritywink:

6477330 I think Pinkie will play the greatest smartass of them all, Hawkeye

6477492 Nope. :raritywink: A better smartass. one that people like

6477496 okay I admit I that I only choose hawkeye because he was great in the age of ultron

6477500 He was. He's now moved from my least favorite Avenger to my SECOND least favorite Avenger. Sorry Captain America, Hawkeye is just funnier than you.

oh wtf man they cut off her horn and wings really i hope this is one of the universes were a unicorn can regrow there horns i can see twilight living without her wings but her horn she would be crushed

6477536 Can't give her an advantage, now can we? :raritywink:

She made this tech IN A TREE! With a bunch of OATS!

6477554 And now everyone reading the comments knows how Twilight made her very first invention in her career. :rainbowlaugh:

OK I like we're this is going I only have one request plz let there be a Warmachine
Plz plz plz plz:raritystarry:

6477583 War Machine will DEFINITELY be in the MLPMCU. But... I have two candidates for who will be War Machine. And I can't decide who it should be.

Okay, this is a good story, so I will be following it.
(Even though I usually hate Marvel-type stuff with a passion.)

I do have one gripe, though.

Apple Jack

AJ's name is one word (like so):


not two.

Other than that, you have a great start to this story here, and I hall be waiting to see what you have in store for us next.

Marvel has many smartasses, but one of them is far greater than his peers and shares Pinkie's fourth wall recognitions (each in their own ways).
I hope it's not Deadpool, because he's overdone and perhaps a bit too dark (I don't see a gore tag on this fic).

6478559 I MADE THAT MISTAKE WITH HER NAME?!?! AGAIN?!?!?! Ugh...... Sorry, I'll fix that. :twilightsheepish: And thanks. :twilightsmile: I hope the story won't disappoint you.

6480557 It's not Deadpool, but it IS someone else we know who wears red. :raritywink: So that shortens the list from, like, hundreds of heroes to, like, dozens?

6480740 Hey, you're not the only one who does that, hun. You would not believe how often I see AJ's name done that way.

And I don't care if it's in a story here, or a picture over at DA. It's crazy how often I see that.

And some folks do the same thing with Apple Bloom's name, only backwards.

Like so:


And you're very welcome. It hasn't so far, and I don't foresee it doing that any time soon.:twilightsmile:

6481914 At least I know I'm not the only one who messes that up badly. :twilightsheepish:

And great. :twilightsmile: I hope you'll enjoy the future installments as well.

6484051 No, you're not, actually. I see those two things all the time, both in stories, and art.

:pinkiehappy: I plan on it.:raritywink:

6484462 Poor Applejack can't get a break. Insulted by being called a background character and now her name is continuously being misspelled. :rainbowlaugh:

6484466 No, she can not, it seems.

And you're so right about that.

I still don't get why people keep calling her a "background character". She's one of the main characters in the show, for Celestia's sake!:facehoof:

Okay, sure. I know that she doesn't get as much exposure as maybe, say, Twilight or Rainbow, but she's still one of the show's major characters!

I just wish that folks would quit with the "background character" crap. That's Lyra, or Bonbon, or ... whoever.

Honestly, I don't know which is worse, and that I hate the most; her being called that, or Scootaloo being called a "chicken" all the danged time.

One's just as bad as the other to me.

6484602 I know... I hope AJ will get more time on the show. More episodes focused on her, Hasbro! Give them to us! Oh what's that? Rarity Invesiga-NO! What's that? Twilight deals with her problems with Moondan-WHO GIVES A SHIT?! Explore AJ more Hasbro! That's all we're asking.

6484625 Yeah, me, too.

And I agree! Less Rarity (how in the hell did she get three episodes in a row after the hiatus?!), more AJ!

She deserves a some really good episodes, and not ones focusing on her stubborn streak! She's got a great, loving, loyal, very wise personality; do some stuff with thise, rather than focusing on all the negative stuff about her!

Heck, she's Best Pony! She deserves more attention!!!

6484689 Yeah! She's more loyal than Rainbow!

6484935 Finally someone agrees. But... Unfortunately we have to deal with AJ being just a stubborn pony known for her episodes of stubbornness.

After re-reading this I think I can see war-machine in Spitfire's future

6495757 Well anyways, I'm glad you're interested in my story even with your whole hating of your hating of Marvel stuff with a passion. :twilightsmile:

6495777 Hey, tis the story that counts, not so much the universe that it's set in.

I've been following Avenging_Hobbits' Harmony's Warriors-verse stories, which are set in the Marvel Universe (like yours), for years, and he weaves a masterful, enthralling tale.

Just like you are.

And also, it's interesting to me to see just what Marvel-Verse roles that other authors put Twilight, Applejack, and the rest of ther MLP crew in.

Can't wait to see where this one goes, so keep up the rad work!

6495860 Well I hope the rest of the story, and the universe, will not disappoint. :twilightsmile: This is a project that I've been waiting to make for a long time. This whole universe. It's my second biggest project.

6495955 Oh, I don't think that it will. What I've read so far is wonderful.

Really? Wow.

Well, much good luck to you, my friend. I'm with you for the ride!

However long that it may be.

6496036 However long it may be? Well.......... I've heard there may be a 4th phase of the MCU. :raritywink: MCU.... The franchise that will NEVER die!!!

6496045 Excellent!

And oh, boy, are you ever right there!!!:rainbowlaugh:

6496165 I plan on going and going until MCU dies..... or until I die. I'll probably die first.

6496401 Sorry sweetie. Still love you. :heart:

6496432 Don't worry baby. No one will be able to guess who Pinkie will be to be honest, I assure you.

6496462 No, I do know. :twilightsmile: And I can't wait to make THAT story.

6496468 I'm just getting started after the Avengers story. I'm keeping the MLPMSU alive as long as possible!

6496465 It's going to be a story? While I haven't read this story (Yet...) I'm going to guess Pinkie is going to be either Hulk, Captain America, or Thor... I'll take a guess and say Fluttershy is going to be Hulk and Rainbow Dash would possibly be Thor. (I'm mainly guessing those two are those two because of the power ponies episode and their personalities.) So that would leave Pinkie as Captain America if she gets her own story... Or she could just replace a character from the two MCU movies I haven't mentioned. (AKA Ant-Man and Guardians of The Galaxy.)

Am I right? :moustache:

I bet I'm totally wrong and just look like a idiot...

Welp, time for me to actually read this.

Okay, so now I just have to go to the meeting with Celestia and Luna to discuss with the Council what to do about the strange creature attacking poachers in the Zebra Kingdom. Twilight bit the inside of her cheek and began thinking about the strange creature, that was described to be zebra shaped, but it was completely black and had two white eyes.

Black Panther? Part of me wants the Black Panther to turn out to be Zecora but I don't know how closely this fic follows canon, I mean apparently Twilight has her friends and became a princess but she also has a company so who knows how different this fic's canon is to the shows canon.

Twilight could barely head Spitfire’s words through the explosions

Should be hear.

but when she was Spitfire open the carriage door and step out

This sentence is a mess I can't really tell what it was suppose to be but I got the general idea of what it meant from the sentences before and after it.

Twilight looked over to her and gave her a friendly smile while nodding softly, but on the inside she wanted to blast the mare all the way to the moon. Or the sun.

I vote the sun! I already hate that unicorn

“Mares and gentlecolts, I, Twilight Sparkle, present to you...... The future.”

If this is your future... I hate it.

They claim to have more information for us in Equestria about the one they refer to as the ‘Black Panther.’

I knew it! :yay:

They had sawed off her horn, her wings included.

I'll be honest... I didn't expect that but I should have...

Just like Twilight’s horn and wings, Spitfire’s wings were also sawed off.

Daaamn SkyMon you are just chopping off everyone's wings today.

sitting in the middle while his eyes glanced downward as he tended to Spitfire, sat a stallion with a brown coat, mane, but his light blue eyes

Is it weird I immediately thought of Doctor Whooves?

All in all this was a good chapter. can't wait for more.

6529488 Thanks. :twilightsmile: I'll try to update as soon as I can. I've had to deal with a couple things which is why this hasn't been updated yet. I hope you enjoy and I'll fix those mistakes as soon as possible. :twilightsheepish:

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