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One day on a trip to the market, Fluttershy discovers that things are getting caught in her tail. What kinds of things? Interesting things. Strange things. Their origins are all questionable at best.

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:fluttershysad: I hope not a galaxy, and planets in war. :fluttershyouch:

XD Sequel. The CMC get found in there after being missing for three days. XD Apple Bloom keeps talking about a town in there...

Pulling her hoof back, she brought out an object that looked like three golden triangles put together to make a large triangle.


Not bad, I chuckled a few times.:twilightblush:

This is funny enough for the comedy tag. Also this this is really good.

Fluttershy should probably talk to Pinkie about her problem, I bet she could help.

It had a few chuckles but really kept me hooked, you have my favorite of the Mane Six so I was dragged in without thought, it's extermely detailed and I very, very much enjoyed it, you did an amazing job. Though how she found an item that makes mortals a God or Goddess in her tail is beyond me:facehoof::rainbowlaugh: Made my night:twilightsmile:

Man, I wish I had that ability. Except the stuff would appear in my pocket instead since I don't have a tail (or at least, that's how it was last time I checked), and it would have to be small enough to not rip a hole in it.

had it in her big

I think you meant "bag."

, hoppe over to the table,

It should be obvious.

Lovely tale ya got here. Excellently written and definitely worth the read.

I couldn't help but think of this


The rabbit walked near her and patted her on the her,

Should have head of the end, I'm guessing. I liked the Zelda references, though I was expecting to find Navi in Fluttershy's tail. Well done.

After a universe forming in luna's mane we have various stuff getting caught in fluttershy's tail. What next?

In some alternate universe,

A certain human jerk that hates everything(Dan) accidentally falls in Fluffle Puff's fluff, and 3 days later he found himself in Fluttershy's tail.

I have an even crazier idea for a sequel.

A week ago, The Doctor's TARDIS went missing, he searched high and low. His faithful companion, Derpy flew his up to look for his beloved TARDIS. Derpy's hooves slipped and the Doctor fell into Fluttershy's tail, he found the TARDIS, and even an entire new universe to explore.

Oh god, I need sleep.:pinkiecrazy:

Rarity mouthed out ‘what the...’ as she looked at the item she held. Turning it around, there was a circular entry point, and on the side she saw the words ‘Bon Bon’ engraved. It only took her a moment to process what she was touching.

Oh dear Celestia. I have to go wash my eyes.

...Well, she found the Triforce. Alot faster than Link, i should say.

Little known fact: Rabbits are their own order of animal, Lagomorpha. Rodents are not related.
Go here for my source.


Might even say, he discovered a previously unknown Black Hole.


It appears I need some help too :pinkiecrazy:

I wish I found a triforce near my butt...

2419695 I didn't catch on. At first, I thought it might be a (word I shall not type), but then I read about the 'entry point' and I was lost; what would a mare do with the entry point?!

2419795 what is that pink, fluffy pony named?

Bitch, if I found 3 bucks, a sock, the Triforce, The Alicorn Amulet, and the Phantom Hourglass in MY hair, I would never visit a barbershop again. :raritystarry:

hey look at this comment fluttershy found in her tail:yay:

2419586 Celestia's eyes burning out of their sockets because her rainbow mane keeps falling in them?

The TARDIS. Tool and ration displacement in stern. (Stern is an synonym for tail)

Stories like this need an audio reading.:heart:

At least Fluttershy's tail isn't as bad as the Katermari ball. Also, if her tail drags on the ground, maybe a trim is in order.

2421135 I'll do it! i have a youtube channel that i put reading on. the first chance i get i will.

Really enjoyed this mate, great job :twilightsmile:

2421762 Could ya PM me when that happens?:pinkiehappy:

Make a sequel. Pinkie Pie's hair is being eaten by ponies, being so similar to cotton candy, and all sorts of candy start appearing in it! :pinkiesmile:

2421959 sure. here is my youtube if you want to look at my stuff as you wait. Scaroe89

2420259 actually that is Flufflepuff. But he was probably just pulling your leg.

Author Interviewer


>horn warmer

What in the shit did I just read.

Someone needs to take this to the next level, the whole universe in her tail. Flutterception.

cylindrical, cream colored object.

I started screaming at this point you sick bastard. Good story though, its getting a thumbs up.

Silly yet amusing.

Wonderful, funny, and most of all, kept me awake at midnight when I have things to do today. You, sir/madam, are horribly wrong! If this doesn't deserve the comedy tag, nothing does!:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

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