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They take… really long bubble baths.

An indirect sequel to “My Little Staring Contest: Alicorns can stare for a very long time.”

Chapters (25)
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I...I d-don't know if I'm r-ready for this:derpyderp2:

Bubbly bubble.

If this is anything like the staring contest, then i can't wait to see how this turns out. Also, i think you mean 'progression' instead of transgression, unless the events in the windows have gone on a crime spree. :trollestia:

Shame on those stallions, peeping toms that they are. :ajbemused:
Ciao darling :raritywink:

I'm so ready for this. Bring on the bubbly bubble bath!

Yo dawg, I herd you like bubbly bubbles...

Ohyes, can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

2433841 Pls be joking ;_;

Cheeky Royal Guards. :raritywink:

Thanks. It has been dealt with.

2434103 As it turns out, during Discord's reign of chaos, the events in the windows punched a kitten, j-walked no less than 17 times, egged a homeless shelter and drew gentleman sausages all over the left wing of the Canterlot Art Museum.

Not to be outdone, the west facing window events stole fifteen jackhammers and had a power tool fight in a china shop, painted half of the town red, used megaphones to create that horrible screech noise inside of an old rest home, and rapped Numa Numa for three hours straight.

It turned into a whole east side/ west side thing.

Whoa buddy, we all know why these stories are really posted.

I'm half waiting for the "Awwww yeah" face to be posted here because of your comment.

You better prepare yourself, it only becomes more nuts from here.

Popply Popple

My Little Staring Contest was out almost a year ago.

Good to "note".

You don't know the half of it, yet.

With a cute avatar like that? Stop, my heart is attacking me!

Celly & Woona Wet Mane Tiem Nao?
YES. *pomf*

seeing ponies are naked all the time I can't quite place why the guys are so excited about watching the sisters bathe, the main point of which is to see people naked.

2434851 Damn, You Beat Me To That Comment xD


which they could see all the time. and apparently they're mostly hidden by bubbles now.

Why isn't this on the greybar? It has a pefect scoe.

uh... please don't let these perverts get away with this? (those photos deserve to be viewed by all)

Comment posted by CosmicAfro deleted Apr 17th, 2013

I got cute brain images with Luna and her duck.

If Twilight hears about the guards peeping, she is gonna be :twilightangry2:.

Me like.


Is there a "cannot be featured" button somewhere I don't know about?

Sort of. Story has to have 4k+ words.

Oh, is that all? Seems like a silly rule, brilliant stories can be done in much less than 4000 words.

But ok, that takes some stress off my mind.

By the way, 400 views! :twilightsmile:

2434865 Nowadays it is known as the Canterlot Aperture Altercation. True story.

I anticipated some princess getting angry, though I thought it would be twilight. Luna works just as well.

This is getting better and better with each chapter! :yay:

"And the tree that made it had long since been dead and none others had been found in the ravine, making it a scarce."
That should either be a scarcity or just scarce.

And then they all fucked.:pinkiehappy::twilightoops::trollestia::rainbowlaugh::eeyup::moustache:

Yup, that's all.

And yeah, it does mean those quality short stories cannot get featured. But before the change, the feature box was loaded with the short stories, and not of the brilliant type. Cheap feels, pony verbs a noun, and video game crossovers were the order of the day.

So anyway, not perfect, but better than it was :scootangel:

BAH. BAAAAH. Dang it, errors. Thanks for the catch.

"If it wasn't for the wood beginning to work, realizing copious amounts of steam, one could have possibly seen her own head boiling in embarrassed anger."
Should be releasing.

I declare this chapter free of any obvious errors! Well done.

And some guards will soon be taking their vacation time early. On the moon.

All my YES:pinkiehappy:
Also I have been reading the entire fic to this tune

Starswirl the bubblebearded for the win lol

My nomination for “Understatement Of The Year”. “Oh crap.”


I thought that name was given to the failed ASHPoD/ Potatoes experiments under Canterlot... Hmmm
Also, Author, How you update so quick?
Flying post-excretionary fecal matter, meat oscillating anti-air stagnation devise...

that guard is the smartest pony in all the land, while at the same time the dumbest!

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