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I like writing.


Luna has the cold, which activates Celestia's matronly instincts. Which drives Luna crazy.

New cover image courtesy of http://www.fimfiction.net/user/BlackLal.
Previous image: http://fav.me/d5tedm6

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 126 )

Cute, though gotta feel bad for Luna for being treated like a child.

Adorable. I love it.
Arghg! Luna-rito The cutest thing ever.

How did Luna fit in that old blanket?
Since the hankie was still small and Celestia had 1000 years old soup in the same bag, i doubt she have had it updated recently.
But meh, it's only a small nitpick. Still an awesome story nonetheless

Keep the awesome work coming and always remember that your awesome!
With love asabrasa. :heart::raritystarry::heart:

2596460 If it helps, that blanket belonged to Tia's (sun symbol). I'd like to think she was all legs, even back then.

Sure, why not. I like this.

Just keep Celestia's behavior only mildly smothering and I'll be a happy camper!

This seems to be the opposite of my own fic. The tables have turned apparently.


Also, there are some grammar mistakes.

Other than that, interesting.

Celestia really wants Nightmare Moon to return...

Must resist...Must resist...oh whatever. FUS-RO-CHOO!

This is Hilarious I havened Laugh so much in Weeks, please continue!

And the Scene with Fancy Pants was absolutely awesome I could nearly picture the whole thing in front of my eyes :rainbowlaugh:

And now sompony pleas write a Fic where both Princesses a Sick an get's Nursed back by Twilight:pinkiecrazy: *We do everythink by the Boock! First Aid for Princesses / 101 Steps for Eggheads and the Cold :pinkiecrazy:

I just Love this art of Sotrys to much.

Could sompony draw a Picture of a Luna-rito?

And @ Foxy Kimchi: I would call this "Pay back" if this would play in the same Universe.:trollestia:


Luna-rito, pure genius. Seemed like such an anti-climatic ending though, hope there's more.

Adorable and funny. I love it.

You sir have created a thing!
and dare i say it? an Awesome Thing! :scootangel:

You dear author are a genius!!!!!!
LOVE STORIES like this :heart:
(secretly cheering for Celestia to catch Luna at the same time)


The Royal Canterlot Sneeze will always tell Tia where to find Luna! Even if she would hide on the Moon:rainbowlaugh:


This is just Luna in a giant Shock but I get what you meant, thats why I ask fo some pony to Draw the Luna-rito. The Story has such a nice and good description of it, so it shouldnt be to hard to Draw. Unfortunately I can't even draw stick figure's , if I could I would Draw it myself.

I have the urge to sic Gordon Ramsey on Tia's babysitting kit.

Lunarito... OMFG I love it. X3!

Go forth Celestia, and fulfill the oldest and proudest off all traditions known to elder sisters and brothers:
Terrorize Tend to your younger siblings when they are weak and can't fight back sick and need your help.
How it was in the beginning and will be for ever and ever!:trollestia:

Oh feck, I can't stop smiling. This is just too funny and too cute >:)

The paper and the bills are on fire!?!? Oh no!

..... you should have seen me Laughing my face off alone in my room
my mom came to me and asked if I was okay.....
This is Hilarius!

and... well... I could resist de Luna-rito so...
Hope it is okay and well..
Can wait for the next CHapter!

ps: forgot the Sun on the blancket D:

2610519 I would so love to use that as a cover pic!

2610768 if you want you can use it.
XD its for the Story after All

There will be more nights, make those ideas into dream chapters like this one. Add one for every night.

The chapters title was so funny "super sniffles" hahaha!:rainbowlaugh:

Lunar-rito! Lol soooo cute! Loved the part when Luna screams "Accursed sun loving sister" had me rolling on the floor!

Good lord that was bugging the everloving hell out of me. The character's name is spelled Macintosh. With an 'a'. NOT "McIntosh".

Otherwise keep up the good work, this is most amusing. >w<

Applejack likes pears? 11 versions of the same man all fainted at the same time.

any idea when the next one will be up?:rainbowhuh:

2627002 maybe in a few days time.

Nice timing: you posted the update five minutes after I favorited, while I was reading the second chapter. Bloody hilarious :)

I think Luna is overreacting. As an elder sibling myself, it has always been my expressed believe that younger sisters and brothers are far to whiny about everything.

True, she overreacted a bit but Celestia was way out of line in this one. She had the whole court laughing, or close enough, at her (a serious offense back in the old days), not to mention I think you would be hard pressed to find a single member of the staff that Celestia hasn't embarrassed Luna in front of. Fact of the matter is that there are times when they are princesses and when they are sisters, Celestia forgot that.

To tell the truth I was expecting something like this to happen sooner or later, chances are she'll just be in her bedroom.

Edit: Also, Luna hasn't whined at all. She was doing her job and only complained when her sister treated her like a three year old.

I'm not so sure.
The last time - when she became Nightmare Moon - it's presumed she had no one else but Celestia, based on the argument being her antisocial attitude. That's not the case anymore. My bet is she teleported to Ponyville to cry to Twilight and co.

True, she knows quite a few friendly ponies this time around that would house her. However, if you wanted to avoid Celestia would you really go to Twilight? Luna didn't really mean what she said, she just couldn't hold back her frustration at the whole situation anymore and Celestia was a target for it, a slightly deserving one but that's beside the point.

Except Celestia's told Twilight to study friendship. If Luna cries to Twilight about what happened with Celestia, I could see Twilight sending her teacher the following letter:

"Dear Princess Celestia,
I understand that you and Luna had a bit of an argument recently leading to her teleporting away. I can imagine you are worried about her., You don't need to worry, she's here in Ponyville with me.
However, I must ask that you NOT come to Ponyville under any circumstances until I let you know. Right now, Luna needs to be away from you for a bit so she can cool off. Don't worry, my friends and I know quite a bit about siblings and caring for the sick, so we can take care of Luna quite well, and she'll feel better for spending time with friends.
Also, having heard of the Royal Canterlot Sneeze, I have erected the appropriate magical dampners to prevent Luna from accidentally demolishing the library. We have everything under control here.
Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.
P.S. I'm serious about the staying away from Ponyville thing. For Luna's sake, just take care of the kingdom for a while, okay?"

True, but that would be after the series of necessary events of Twilight freaking out a bit and the rest of them getting used to the whole thing.

The problem is that Twilight would in all likelihood immediately send a letter to Celestia saying Luna seems to be going on a rampage, sneezes ahoy, and asking that she come down here to calm her down (just a possibility). Coupled with the phrase and the past events associated with it Celestia would go down there as soon as possible.

Though if it did go the way you said, that would work out.

Actually, I don't think Luna would go straight to Twilight. Given she'd want to go to the pony that's calmest about things first, she'd probably start off at Sweet Apple Acres, and then AJ would bring her to Twilight after giving her the pony equivalent to home made chicken soup, probably made with apples.

Actually, in regards to the letter I described, I could actually see Celestia reading the first line - about Luna being in Ponyville - and immediately teleporting in to try and make up...only to be confronted by six ponies in front of the library, standing between her and Luna.

:trollestia: Oh, hello everypony. Twilight, I got your letter, and-
:facehoof: You didn't read the whole thing, did you?
:trollestia: Umm...
*reads the rest of the letter*
:trollestia: You aren't serious about that, are you? You wouldn't really keep me away from my own sister in her hour of need, would you?
:rainbowdetermined2: If that's what she needs, then yes, we would.
:duck: I know you mean well, Your Highness, but this isn't the way to do things.
:applejackunsure: Luna's a grown mare, Yer Highness, and while she does need care, she needs to be treated like a grown mare, too.
:pinkiesmile: But don't you worry your pretty little head, we'll take good care of her!
:yay: If...if that's okay with you...and really...even if it isn't please don't be mad
:trollestia: You're...you all are really serious about this, aren't you?
Six nods.
:trollestia: ...out of idle curiosity...how serious?
:twilightsmile: Celestia, with all due respect, honor, and affection...
Her horn glows. A certain tiara settles lightly onto her head as certain necklaces adorn her friends.
:trollestia: ...you wouldn't!
:twilightoops: We would deeply regret it if we had to...but our friend's well being has to come first.

After a time, Celestia returns to Canterlot. Back in the library, Twilight returns the Elements to their case.
:rainbowlaugh: Wow, Twilight! I can't believe she bought that! Remind me to be careful playing poker with you, you bluff to well!
:raritywink: Yes, Darling, however did you get so good at bluffing? I didn't think you had it in you!
:facehoof: Celestia taught me that the best way to bluff believably...is to not bluff.
Everypony stares at her in shock. Spike continues to feed Luna soup.



yeah, no. I just don't see that happening. I really don't. Anyway, most likely I don't think the mane 6 are gonna get involved in this one, seems to be one of those fics.

2662942 jeez lewis, you guys are extensive! Oh well, my turn to join in the fun!

:trollestia: Twilight! Gimme back my baby sister!
:twilightoops: No! You were mean to your sister and I cannot give her back! I'm telling your mother, old lady!
:trollestia: You mean- NO! NOOO!
PRINCESS MOTHER FAUSTIA: Tia, you made your sister cry again, didn't you?
:trollestia: But she was being a mule again...
PRINCESS MOTHER FAUSTIA: I am dissapoint. Time to turn you pink again.
:trollestia: No mother! NO! I don't wanna' look like an old, geriatric version of Cadance again! NOOO- my wings are so pretty!
:twilightoops: Ouch...

Now I have to deal with two of you guys, great. That being said, liking the story and can't wait to see more.

Hey is it bad if I liked knowing that celestia cried? Also anyone else think luna should of smacked tia for putting a sippy cup in her mouth? Also fuck you tia dont act like her mom she is and adult one of the oldest things on the planet and you are forcing her to use sippy cups. Luna fuck her up!!

another very well written chapter like the first two :raritywink: any idea when the next chapter will be out?:rainbowhuh:

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