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They can stare for… a really long time.

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Yes, it is completely written. Expect updates daily. They will be small (very small, actually), but it's to build up the necessary suspense.

That was... odd...
I'll be watching to see who the winner will be. :pinkiecrazy:

oh wow staring contest over a muffin...

where derpy?


Is this a series about a staring contest?
That's a complete win in my book.

I have to expect random :derpyderp2: to appear and save the day. :derpytongue2: is always the hero.

damn inmortal princess, they could be all day with this...:ajsleepy:


What the hell, have a free small update, on the house!

inb4 letter to celestia disturbing her concentration...

“Fine, I see that thou wishest it no other way,” she said, returning to a mix of her archaic speak and common tongue. “We challenge the to a staring contest! The winner who’s lids refusest to drop last wins the chocolate muffin!”

"The" should be "thee".
I hope that's a legitimate correction.


That would be both disappointing and hilarious.

My guess is that Derpy will fly in and get the last one no matter who wins. :derpytongue2:


Since that guess was already taken, a new one!

It turns out Pinkie Pie has been there the whole time, and she wins. :pinkiehappy:

All i have to say is MUFFIN:derpyderp1:

blink! blink! blink!!
great idea you got here bro!:pinkiehappy:

Need... more...

And my guess is that they will blink at the same time, and a civil war will be started over the muffin, the country divided by support for the two princesses. It will be epic.

Oh really? has anyone else noticed the nightmare moon tag?

And epic!




:trollestia: no!

Next small chapters!

“Very well, I shall add that to my calendar when I have one this contest.”

It supposed to be won.:ajsmug:

I just hope luna doesn't do anything rash...

inb4 they break out toothpicks to prop eyelids up...

Man this is intense.

You know, it's pretty hard to make a feature-worthy story out of a two hour staring contest. But you managed it.

Luna will win. Obviously.

My money is on Derpy breaking in and stealing the muffin whilst they're still staring at each other.

Do you not notice the "incomplete" tag?


What's with everyone being hell-bent on Derpy? There's no derpy tag!:derpyderp2:

Well thats why it would be a complete suprise on her appearing and taking the muffin!
Oh and congradulations on making the Featured Bar.

Dat picture. Not sure if gusta.

Yeah, my bet's also on somepony going and eating the muffin, oblivious to the plight of the staring contest.

And then, suffering the wrath of the goddesses.


There's no freaking reason behind this and the entire concept has less substance than a Molecule of Dark Matter.
Kindly stop posting this, for it is full of shit.

Not to mention your absolutely atrocious grammar.

"Celestia promptly greeted her solar counterpart" - I think you mean "lunar"
"Celestia was apparently bemused at the prospect" - "bemused" means "confused" or "puzzled"; you probably want a different word.

When did I make the featured bar :rainbowderp:?

I figured that I'd get a post like this and regardless if it's sarcasm or not I feel as if I should adress it.

First of all, if you don't like it or the subject matter, why would you even read it? I'm assuming you're a brony because you -are- on a fanfiction website dedicated to writing, so where is your love and tolerance that many of you seem to hypocritically shout? I find it complete and utter crap when people post comments like this that have nothing constructive to offer. Do I expect to get praise from everyone? No, that's stupid, but the least you could do is offer constructive criticism on how I could improve. I mean, obviously if it's shit, you know how to make it better.

Yes, I should have had my editor run through this because I know my grammar is far from flawless. This was written on a whim and it's a mystery to me as to how it became rather popular. I will ask him to run through this when it's done. Hell, even this comment didn't go through spellcheck. If I mess something up, point it out. I'll fix it.

So, the next time you feel like telling people that their work is shit, remember what community you're a part of. I'll do my part and tolerate your angry post, now it's up to you to be the better person.

Yeah, that's what happens when you write this late at night. I'll fix those now, thank you very much!

I need to read this. Now. Godspeed and goodluck.


... Love and Tolerance? Seriously? That died a long time ago, you will never catch me preaching Blind Loving and Tolerance. However your point remains valid, so in this post I shall explain exactly why your fic is shit.

In chapter one you start using old words such as "Thee" yet you spell it each time as "The." Though obviously hast not studied thy language properly.

Also, I cannot begin to fathom how after being back for so long, this is the first time Luna tastes one of these Muffins. Nor can I understand as to how a staring contest will solve anything.

But the worst part is that I haven't seen your chapters really say anything other than a gradual reddening of their eyes. No proper plot development is happening. I guess there is plot development, but the plot that is developing has more holes than Swiss cheese that went through a hole puncher.


Reviewing your points made:

Again, written on a whim so I wasn't looking at many of the smaller details. Continuancy errors were bound to happen. Need I say it again that I have no idea why this is popular?

I can fathom how she never tasted a muffin like this. It could have been a recent creation. A lot can happen in a thousand years. Think about the evolution of the cellphone. How long has that been around and how much has that improved?

Edit: clarifying recent, as in was introduced maybe a day ot two ago. The point is that she never had one, she loved it, and now they're fighting over the last one.

What, plot development? It's a staring contest! But you forget to take into account this a "Random" tagged fanfiction.

Also, there is the Nightmare moon tag still left... room for more errors? Eeyup!

The suspense is killing me.

Well when I posted the comment it showed this story there.:rainbowderp:

618536 Derpy stole the muffin while the sisters were staring at eachother, and the crowd was looking at them. That's what I guess. Maybe I am right:pinkiegasp:

623446DAMN! I was gonna be the first post!:twilightangry2: lol oh well

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