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Scootaloo's family has always been a mystery: is she an orphan? Will we find out her family eventually? Is she somehow secretly related to Rainbow Dash?
The truth is, Scootaloo's one and only family member has been staring us in the face the whole time-a familiar pegasus who lives in a little cottage right outside of the Everfree Forest.

This takes place before Scootaloo meets the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and before Fluttershy meets any of the Mane Six-excluding Rainbow Dash. This is purely fanfiction-as far as we know, Fluttershy is not related to Scootaloo in any way, shape, or form.
I do not own the cover art, either.

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Favorite Pony and Favorite CMC as sisters. Love it. I could actually see this to and the reason for why Scootaloo didn't want to be seen around Fluttershy felt real as I can see a younger sibling being embarrassed by an older one.

I have a headcanon where they're sisters and don't know it.

After finding out about the world on the ground, Fluttershy decided to move there permanently. But their parents didn't want her to live on the ground like "some common Earth pony" and disowned her.

Scootaloo wasn't born until after the whole thing, and their parents never said anything. So Scootaloo never knew she had an older sister.

This.. would be interesting as cannon. Seriously it would, although, now with season 3 over, meh, I don't think well get to see who is siblings with who anymore. Ah well.

Though I never imagined this angle, very well thought out good sir.

This isn't Canon..?:rainbowhuh:

I liked the idea of the two being sisters. It's something, dare I say it, new (to me anyway). But the story itself seemed a little weak. I liked the premise, but it was just missing those extra details. Still though, I liked it for what it was. Also, cool cover art. I'm a sucker for good art.

2408529 So the CMC arent ponies?
You're right, they're DEMONS

Oh I love this idea!!! I'd actually like to see a continuation, if that's okay with you:fluttercry:.

*sees cover art*
*Re-looks at Scoots and Fluttershy's coloration*
Holy similar, Batman!

You never know. It could come straight out of left field. Shining Armor did.

A very good first story! It's a little clunky in some places, with some of the dialogue feeling forced, but most of it was very well written! I look forward to reading more from you :twilightsmile:


That sounds rather similar to the backstory I was working on for a fanfic at one point. Though said parents also ended up abandoning Scootaloo once they figured out she couldn't fly. Essentially I was having Fluttershy figure out Scoots was homeless, and taking her in, and then later on figuring out that they actually were related. Ended up moving on to other fanfics, and just leaving what I'd written of it in with all the other fanfics I worked on and never finished...

The dialogue is off. They sound like they have the same accent as Adam Jensen in Disaugmentations.


"This is purely fiction-as far as we know, Fluttershy is not related to Scootaloo in any way, shape, or form."
Also, it's a cartoon show. It's all fiction.

won't be surprised if this goes to the feature box :3

that was seriously good:twilightsmile:


ALL MY FEELS :raritycry:

this was good i won't lie I would love to see them be happy maybe a fic about them coming back together and everyone finding out that they are sisters or something.

Haven't read it yet, but I'm confused. Before Fluttershy met the main six? What about Rainbow Dash?

2415887 True, Fluttershy has met Rainbow Dash by this point, but Flutters hasn't met Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie, and Rarity quite yet. Thus, this basically occurs before the series even starts. :derpytongue2:

2409096 I'll hopefully make more Scoot n' Flutter stories, like more about their parents and such.

So many replies! Thanks, all! I'll keep suggestions in mind! :pinkiehappy:

2410090 I wasn't going for a super sadfic (though I put 'Sad' for a theme...:facehoof:) but I'm happy I was able to move some people!

Work on dialogue: got it.

2409278 I suppose that's true. Then again, it seems likely they would have revealed it by now...But anything could happen!

2409737 Again, true. This is all fanfiction, then.

Great ideas! I could definitely see what you're talking about, like the parents are ashamed of her, or Fluttershy even adopting Scootaloo...I suppose you could always give a fanfiction like that a go yourself! :twilightsmile:

I'm impressed. You did rather well, never thought of the two as sisters. But I like the idea, great job:twilightsmile:

2416989 Thanks! I've always felt bad for Scoots, since she's the only CMC who doesn't have a big sister, (RD doesn't count in my book) so I gave her one!

2417119 That really does make a lot of sense, I'm eager to see more work from you soon, you done very well with this story:twilightsmile: Why don't you think RD counts? I'm hoping you like my own stories if you ever get a chance to look them over:ajsmug:

2417462 I was kinda thinking related by blood-sister, though I do think it's sweet how Rainbow has taken Scootaloo under her wing. I'll definitely check out some of your stuff, too!

2417489 They are great as family though I don't mind them as a romantic pairing either:ajsmug: I think Scoots and Cheerile are sisters by blood in G3 but I can't be sure. Thank you that means a lot to me, though I must warn you, much of my work is very, very dark, but still if you wish to press on, feel free my friend and thank you for the watch. If you need any help, ideass or advice, I got yuor back.:yay:

2417532 I love dark stuff. :pinkiehappy: I read Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory and didn't really think they were creepy at all. Yep, Cheerilee and Scootaloo are related in G3, though that's obviously not the case now.

2416919 We the readers require... SO MUCH (insert colorful words here) MOAR!:pinkiecrazy:

2417554 Seriously? Then I'll have a feeling you will very much enjoy my fics:twilightsmile: That's awesome, I sometimes put them as such in my stories though not all the time.

Even though it's unlikely that they are related it seems the idea of Scoots and Fluttershy being related is picking up some small amount of traction in the fandom. I've seen at least two fics where they're mother/daughter, and I saw one comic that explained them as being sisters, with Scoots trying her hardest to ignore her relationship to Fluttershy in order to win Rainbow Dash's approval.

Good fic, though the dialog does seem a little off, and flows slightly odd.

signed the good dr.

I like this more than the usual Scoots is an orphan or she's a run away with no family. You see this is how a Scootaloo fanfiction should be done, and I'm very sorry if I spell wrong I'm not to good at mainly with names.

ok just take all of my feels :fluttercry::fluttercry:

we need more fanfiction where scoots is fluttershy's sister

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