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Twilight remembers a powerful being she met once before. Away from the rules of Everglow, perhaps a little summon wouldn't cause much harm? At the worst, nothing happens. At the best...

This is a crossover with the Ponyfinder universe and takes place during the same timeline of most of my other crossover fics. Twilight has already been to Everglow and back (twice!). Finally relaxed in her own castle, she can consider her part in this greater cosmology.

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Will they awaken the Old Gods and bring horror and doom to Equestria? :pinkiegasp:

Huh. This... huh.

Can't say I know where this is going. Luminance explores Equestria? Metaphysical shenanigans or just regular culture shock ones? Or just a short bit of conversation between the two of them, perhaps?

And more from Everglow-visited Twilight! That's cool.

How long has it been since they left Everglow? Luminance seems like she's been waiting a while, but the timeline is sometimes wonky.

A chance to learn more about the Everglow pantheon, at least according to this shard of existence? Yes, please! Definitely all ears. :pinkiesmile:

Especially wonky when you take into account that Sunset Shimmer and SciTwi visited Everglow AFTER Twilight on their end, but centuries BEFORE Twilight on Everglow's end. And you thought just time travel was enough to make your head explode, now we add a touch of dimensional shifting...


Quickly!! I need to build defenses, walls, get the army here!!! Aaaaaahhh!!!:raritycry:

*hastily starts building forts, fortresses, defensive lines, bunkers, pillboxes, etc... to protect the story from the typo menace*


7696181 Your loyalty and diligence are noted and appreciated. We will win against the typo menace.

7696170 And considering that inviting Sci-Twi & Sunset for a visit is quite literally as easy as writing a message on a book, that opens the possibility for many awkward conversation shenanigans.

Oh, and on the God's front, we know those to be at least Cadence, since Chryssy is her High Priestess. It's also likely that Celly & Lulu are too, even if their cult is only nascent. And we know pretty well that neither of those would raise a pip against Twilight summoning a friend to talk shop with. If anything they'd demand a recording for the adorkableness that should ensue. Luminance is quite safe in magical pony land :rainbowwild:

Edit: damn typos! They got me!!

Don't forget they dragged most of a species and a goddess along the way!

A species and goddess that are both very important to Soft Mane, a main character in the previous story.

Please let this story include a look into deep time, please let this story include a look into deep time, please let this story include a look into deep time.

Discord will be making his unspoken presence known before long I suspect. After all I can' see him letting some OTHER deity take up time with his favorite alicorn without his two cents. :twilightoops:

Just stay away from Vanhoover, Twilight.

Things to be careful of, did the spell form a bubble to allow isolated travel, or is there now a permanent flaw through the Planes, between Equestria and Everglow, meaning Others can follow the enticing trail?

If Luminace can feel Others that she doesnt want to make angry, shouldnt it be rather important to get information, even if basic, on those first?

7696612 Hey, no spoilers! I'm reading that story now. :pinkiecrazy:

7696702 Mea culpa. I'll say no more (or at least put up spoiler tags if I do).

Almost forgot to follow the story. Keep up the good work silver.

The Crusade against the typos commences...

She began counting on her hoof, which mostly ended with her clopping her hooves together as the went.

The went? Are you sure?

Twilight smiled at her faithful student, who had stayed resolutely at her side through her harrowing adventures.

Spike is her student? Since when? Should that not be "assistant"?

"It would appear so. No need to be so formal, fellow student of the universes. It is with great pleasure that I am invited her."

Should that be "here" not "her"?

7697339 Typos banished from Equestria. They had it coming.

They will have their revenge

Oh, nice! I really want to see those two nerding out!

*Anti chaos procedures engaged*:pinkiegasp:

I will murder the Typos....:pinkiecrazy:

They shall not find foothold in this story!:twilightangry2:

*preps tactical precision laser cannons*

Luminace can understand Discord, because he is a local deity.

But when Pinkie Split Screens, well, thats what she just talked to Twilight about comes and cream pies her in the face. :pinkiehappy:

PCGen is coming along nicely as well, although still no Fey Ponies that I can see, and they have dedicated entries for Half-Form, instead of the Generational Matrix. Simple version, take two entities and average their modifiers as this works mathematically correctly.

Maybe Twilight will have to go back to Magic Kindergarten, in order to start at the beginning of understanding and applying magical theory and practice.

After all, just how quickly can Griffins, Minotaurs and Spike and Ember pick up V,S,M Humanoid magic?

This should be interesting.

I see Twilight fell into the trap that only unicorns and alicorns can do magic. Then what is the Sonic Rainboom, The Stare, weather control, or earth pony agromancy? Pinkie is outside even Princess Luminace's understanding I bet.

7698289 Magic is not the same as spells.


Me realizing the deference and why I was wrong. :facehoof:

Perchance Luminace can find a friend in Discord better than she can Unspoken... Time will tell, of course.

Dammit other god I hang out with, not now! :facehoof:

Poor Twilight doesn't see the unspoken irony yet. :twilightoops:

Cute chapter titles. Levar Burton approves.


I see Twilight fell into the trap that only unicorns and alicorns can do magic.

No, she fell into the entirely understandable (well, sort of - not taking into account earlier fics in this series) line of thought that only unicorns and alicorns can cast spells, which is different from "doing magic." The series flat-out tells us that every pony has some magic, both due to their race and their cutie mark.

Then what is the Sonic Rainboom

Just a function of breaking the sound barrier in Equestria.

The Stare

Nothing magical there; that's just Fluttershy giving a really scary look at someone, even if it has a(n intermittent) leitmotif.

weather control

Racial pegasus magic (and griffon magic, and quite likely a lot of animals, since we see some birds sit on a cloud during the "Find A Pet" song in May the Best Pet Win!).

earth pony agromancy?

There's considerable evidence to suggest that earth ponies don't have "agromancy," per se, but rather enhanced strength. In Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1, Princess Celestia says "There is word he has gone after Earth ponies as well. Without their strength, they will not be able to tend the land." In other words, it's their strength that lets them tend to the land, rather than any sort of direct magical ability. Likewise, in the episode "All About Alicorns" of Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook, Pinkie says "There are Earth ponies, who get their strength from the land." So in that context, it's also strength, even if that strength is attributed as coming from the land.

Pinkie is outside even Princess Luminace's understanding I bet.

I see Pinkie as having "party magic" as an effect of her cutie mark (save for the Pinkie Sense, which seems like a psionic wild talent).

EDIT: Whoops, David already spoke to this. Nevermind!

I'm rather surprised that Twilight doesn't remember that she taught Applejack how to be a magus, admittedly while on Everglow, and in doing so disproved the idea that horns are necessary to cast spells. Heck, we've seen AJ using her magic on her farm in a previous fic.

7698696 She put up blinders between her Everglow experience and Equestria. Her Everglow time was mildly traumatizing. A friendly voice to point out the pieces let her snap to a conclusion swiftly, yes?

that ponies have are done - that ponies have is done

on Twilight's back of the neck - on the back of Twilight's neck.

inclined her heard - inclined her head


A reading rainbooooow...

A scientist learns as much, if not more, from a failure as from a success. Or to paraphrase from Mythbusters, "This isn't a failure. It's a result!"

7698874 Typos corrected before Luminace and Twilight could turn their mutual hatred upon them. Close call, there. :)

Well I am sure discord is going to add some fun. I like to see how she see him next to the unspoken one

So...next chapter ought to be interesting. I predict at least a semi-freakout from Lumi, due to Discords near-identical looks(and personality?) to the Unspoken...

Twilight felt like she was back in school, and the teacher had asked a question she didn't know. The horror of it clutched at her chest. "I... No? Besides Lashtada, I thought we were empty on that front."

Doesn't Luna have some worshipers as well?

and I would know her better, and I feel she would like to know me as well."


I'm not sorry.

What hijinks will ensue, or will they just nerd out together with increasing joy?


7702551 Twilight does not see Luna as a literal goddess, and is removed from the going ons in Canterlot.

"The fillies..."

:facehoof: I still haven't finished reading that...

Luminace shook her head at that. "You are only made a fool if you do not take this discovery and revel in it. To be proven wrong is an occasion for celebration."

Spoken like a true scientist. :twilightsmile:

This one is a sneaky bugger.

Luminace approached the books that laid open on the floor, her eyes scanning curiously over them. "Are these spells? They are... curious."

Perhaps you mean "lay"? As in present tense? I think they are doing that now, rather than before.
Plus it just seems weird that she says they are curious after scanning them curiously, try changing that. Don't want repeat words.

And Discord is not a source of typos, he is the source of typos. All chaos comes from him.

i feel like these chapters are much shorter than ususal

7708841 YOU MUST MAKE THEM LONGER! We need more horse words.:pinkiecrazy:

I so want to see that dialog!

Curiosity may have been tempered, but the books are still laid open.

No kidding Rainbow isn't Twilight's marefriend; she's Applejack's marefriend, as per how the previous story ended.

One has to wonder if she's going to think to ask Luminace for help with how AJ is still so...Lawful Neutral, after her contact with Severance. But then, Luminace's hooves might be tied, since that would constitute taking direct action against the workings of another god.

7711172 That's a subtle thing. AJ doesn't have her alignment as a badge on her chest.

she approaced - she approached

Of a sorts - Of a sort -or- Of a sorts


It's intriguing to see Discord put off his game so quickly, I hope Twilight was paying attention. That could be a useful tactic in the future.

Let me guess, the next chapter title is called I Can Go Anywhere?

7711186 Two typos fixed, and they were having a buy two, get one free! Also fixed.

Luminace tests the limits.

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