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Rainbow Dash flies yeast.

Pun assistance and revisions by the delicious FloydienSlip.
Cover art by the scrumptious Swan Song.

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Ciabatta be kidding me!

I don't think I can read the original after this :pinkiecrazy:


I... will leaf this one alone.

I'm a simple man. I see puns, I updoot.

Let's hope that this rises to my expectations.

This story makes want to baguette and take it home with me.
It is truly of the upper-crust of fics on this site.

Comment posted by Potatomania deleted May 14th, 2017

I read this as "Rainbow Dash gets yeast" and thought at first that it was a rather icky fic where she got a yeast infection.

Haven't read the original fics yet, so I'm just gonna take this story with a grain of salt.
Huzzah, eight of you saw what I did there.

Now I have a craving for some sourdough. :trixieshiftright:

8161754 Well, at yeast I'm not the only one.

:facehoof: Rye did you write this?

All I can do now is giggle helplessly.


Good loaf, no.
Rye? Rye would you—
Because you could? Alroti then, fair excuse.
But you'd bara brith thinking of a better excuse for next time.
Farl our sakes.

This story probably has cheaper than a tire inflation service sine they charge a pumpernickel. :rainbowderp:

I'm gonna give you a pizza my mind and say that this seems like a half-baked fic to me. Did it really knead to be made? I donut think so. Now I'm going to cry in a corner and baguette I ever read this story.

Yeast? Oh, I thought you said 'East.'

Ofolroti when?

Come to the dark side, we have cookies!

Ciabatta bing ciabatta boom...


Crumbs!! My brain is now Toast after Kneading this fic!
On a semi serious note though, it left me craving crumpets for some reason.




Frustrated, Rainbow sped up to a light canter. Then, a gallop. Like a living, breathing Fruit by the Foot, a rainbow blur stretched out across the landscape, a speeding baguette pushing past row after row of wheat that bent back in its wake. Rainbow’s eyes closed, allowing her to focus only on her hooves pounding on the ground below, the soft beat of her wings helping her along, and the pounding, kneading in her chest.

a speeding baguette


8162131 I almost included that pun in the title, but felt it was not yet time.


Better than the original in every way. 10/10. A modern classic.

So Rainbow Dash flew yeast to save Equestria in its hour of knead? Her actions butter earn her a place Honor Roll.

I sense that something's cooking....

8165463 Hopefully she is not foiled by a ball of sourdough.

And when her hour of knead does come, dough her enemies will be all around her...

She will not rye, she will survive!

8161952 East? What compass are you using boy?

This fic is pretty sweet; the ending leavens me feeling a bit sourdough. Perhaps an 800,000 word sequel would be in order. It would be a pita to end things here! Says-a-who, you ask? Sesame!

8168040 This one sir. *Shows Compass*

8169485 That's WEST Trooper. YOU'RE FIRED.

Michetta Roll
Machine World

... This made me hungry.

Were we not bready for it?

Now this is how you turn a story into a beautiful flour.

This was delightfully silly. Now I want a garlic knot.

The greatest thing since sliced... Something. :pinkiehappy:



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