• Published 8th Sep 2016
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Where No Pony Has Gone Before - RK_Striker_JK_5

Equestria makes contact with the Enterprise. Star Trek/MLP crossover.

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Chapter One

Princess Celestia sat, sipping tea with a guest. This action, in and of itself, was quite a normal activity for her. Her guest, however, was not one most people would call normal.

At first glance, he was a simple earth pony, wearing a robe that hid a grayish coat and the cutie mark of a reddish ball. His face was that of an older pony, lined, but with nothing beyond that to distinguish it or make it stand out. Anyone in his path would give him a first glance, maybe a second, then a tip of the head and goodbye. If by happenstance they managed to exchange pleasantries, he'd tell them his name, but it wouldn't register in their mind. Alley... something. Maybe.

The pony, named Ayelborne, of the planet Organia, looked up at Celestia. “They're both young, and a bit violent, but they do seem to have... potential.” He held up a hoof. “I know, I know. 'We were all there one time or another. I shouldn't look down on them like that.'”

Celestia took a sip of tea. “Hmm, you seem to have the conversation well mapped out. Am I really necessary, here?” Her expression turned serious. “To be honest, that’s the same line I hear from most advanced energy beings who have ‘evolved beyond the need for physical form’. Q, the Metrons, even some of your own people! Come on, Ayelborne. I thought you more like the Douwd, or the Thasians, than Trelane. You can’t blame them for not evolving five billion years earlier than they did.”

Ayelborne chuckled. “My apologies, Celestia. That was rude and arrogant of me to say.” He cleared his throat. A biscuit floated over to him and he took a bite. “As I was saying, before I interrupted myself, they are young, and nearly went to war. However, last year, two ship captains managed to drive off a rogue windigo through cooperation and laughter!”

Celestia's teacup slowly floated down to the table, the cup trembling slightly. “That's quite impressive, especially for species with no magic.” She narrowed her eyes and leaned forward. “Do they have magic?”

“It depends on circumstances and species. What you call 'magic', they use more scientific terms for. Six of one, half a dozen of the other, really. Anyway, they'll be the ones attending this meeting.”

Celestia half-smiled. “And you didn't have anything to do with that, did you?”

Another biscuit floated up to Ayelborne, hiding his mouth as he responded. “Oh, I might have put in a good word for them. But they really are the best ones for this, Celestia.” He ate the biscuit, wiped his mouth, and stood up. “As much as I'd like to stay, I think it's time I get going.” He bowed to Celestia. “Thank you very much for the tea and biscuits, and for agreeing to this. I think it will work out quite well for everyone.”

Celestia frowned, but stood up and returned the bow. “Are you sure you can't stay longer? You haven't even seen Luna, or Cadance, or even my newest student, Twilight Sparkle. She managed to ascend last year.” She stepped over to Ayelborne and leaned down close to him. “She and her friends even managed to get Discord to reform a bit.”

Ayelborne gasped. “Discord? Behave? Most impressive! Alas, if I'm too long away, Trefayne will start worrying. And you know how he'll get.”

Celestia rolled her eyes. “Sadly, yes. Is there any chance you could stop by later? Maybe after all this is over?”

Ayelborne tilted his head back and forth, then slowly smiled. “Maybe I'll bring Trefayne along. He needs to get out a bit more.” His body started brightening. “Good bye for now, Celestia. Good luck, and good success.”

Celestia watched as he brightened, her eyes never wavering. His form quickly dimmed and faded to nothingness. “Thanks.” Her horn glowed. A quill, inkwell and sheet of parchment floated over. “So much to plan, so little time. Better get Twilight back here, if I can peel her away from that probe.”

Captain's Log; Stardate 6011.5. The Enterprise is en route to the Klingon Neutral Zone for a diplomatic mission to the Equus System. As per the terms of the Organian Treaty, representatives from the Klingon Empire will be there as well for negotiations. Little is known of the planet, or its inhabitants.

Captain James T. Kirk turned off his log recorder and handed it to the yeoman standing by his chair. He glanced at the viewscreen, taking in the sight of the stars streaking by as the Enterprise traveled at warp speed to its latest destination. He glanced down at the main helm and the two trusted officers stationed there. “Steady as she goes, Mister Sulu.”

Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu nodded, adjusting several controls. “Aye, sir.”

Kirk glanced back at the aft science station. There stood Commander Spock, chief science officer and his trusted right-hand. “Mister Spock, this Equus System. What... do we know about it, precisely?”

Spock straightened up, turned, and pressed several buttons on his station's console. The main viewscreen changed from stars streaking by to a computer-generated image of a planet, a single moon orbiting it, and a star orbiting the planet and moon. “The Equus System, Captain. Two months ago a class-A probe flew by it, malfunctioned and crashed, but not without sending data back. A rather remarkable system, and one I do not believe we have encountered before, at least not naturally-occurring.”

Sulu's eyes widened. “Mister Spock, am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?” He looked over his shoulder at the half-Vulcan science officer. “A geocentric star system?”

Spock nodded. “Correct, Lieutenant. Somehow A G-type main sequence star, similar to that of Earth's sun, is orbiting a class-M planet and a class-D moon. It defies logic and the known physical laws, yet here it is. Most vexing.”

Next to Sulu, the newly-promoted Lieutenant Pavel Chekov rubbed his chin. “Hmm, if it's not natural, then someone must have... engineered the system to be like this?”

Spock looked over at the young helmsman. “A logical deduction, Lieutenant."

Kirk snapped his fingers. “Wait, the probe you mentioned, what did it... send back?”

The image changed from the view of the Equus System to a static-laced shot of a blue sky. A pink head attached to an equine body suddenly slid into view, eyes wide. It looked offscreen and, in a feminine-sounding voice, said, “Twilight! Twilight! I found it! I have no idea what it is, but I found it!” She bounced back slightly. “What is it?”

Another equine appeared, this one purple. A small horn could be seen jutting from her forehead, as well as wings emerging from her back. “I... have no idea, Pinkie.” Her eyes narrowed. “Wait, here's some writing... 'United Federation of Planets'.” She shook her head. “We'd better get this to Celestia.”

The image faded out. When it returned, the probe was inside some high-vaulted room. A white head, horned like Twilight's, but quite a bit longer, appeared. She furrowed her brow. “Oh, my...”

The image faded once more, static completely overtaking it. Spock spoke up. “That is the extent of the footage. A survey team was sent out to retrieve the probe and initiate first-contact. After initial cultural exchanges, the ruling government requested a meeting for possible negotiations.”

Kirk stood up and walked over to the viewscreen. “With the probe located, the Prime Directive pretty much went out the window. And under the terms of the Organian Treaty, the Klingons got an invitation as well.” He looked back to Spock. “Their government? Do they know who set up this...” He waved at the image of the Equus System, “remarkable piece of stellar engineering?”

Spock shook his head. “The planet is not unified under a central government, but the most powerful country is known as 'Equestria', ruled by the equines we saw in the footage. They witnessed four subtypes, differentiated by wings, horns, having none or both, reminding them of the ancient myths of unicorns and Pegasus. The unicorns exhibited telekinesis, the pegasi flight, and the regular equines had enhanced strength. As for the geocentric nature of the system, most seemed rather surprised and shocked that it was not the norm in the rest of the galaxy. Beyond that, there was little more information they could gather from the natives in the short time they were there.”

Lieutenant Commander Uhura, chief communications officer and also recently promoted, spoke up from her aft station. “Mister Spock, is there any sample of their native language or writing? I'd like to see if I can work out their language beyond the universal translator, just to make sure we don't miss anything.”

Spock turned back to his station, bent over and peered into a viewer on the console. “The survey team made some recordings. I shall send them to your station.”

Uhura touched the transceiver clipped to her ear and turned a dial on her console. Her brow furrowed, and her foot started tapping the deck plating. “Now this is something...” She flashed a brilliant smile. “Quite rhythmic and lyrical. Almost tailor-made for song.”

Kirk nodded to her. “I look forward to hearing you speak or sing it, Commander.” He looked to Spock. “Well, Mister Spock. Our mission is to... seek out new life and new civilizations. I would say this Equestria qualifies, wouldn't you?”

Spock nodded. “Agreed, Captain. This Equus System presents a rather fascinating mystery.”

Sulu leaned forward. “You can say that again, Spock.”

“I do not believe repetition will make the meaning of my words any clearer, Lieutenant.”

Captain's Log: Supplemental. The Enterprise is approaching the Equus System. The mystery of this system has only grown. How was it constructed, and by who? Could the inhabitants know? Was it... them? The inhabitants of this world? I am eager to find out, yet also... cautious. Hopefully we shall not wake a sleeping dragon here.

Kirk leaned forward in his chair as the world of Equus filled the bottom half of the viewscreen. Bright-blue oceans glittered, while even from orbit, large swaths of lush vegetation covered the landscape. He looked down slightly at Sulu and Chekov. “Any problems with orbital insertion, gentlemen?”

Sulu looked down at the astrogator nestled between the helm and navigation stations. “A little tricky, Captain, but nothing we can't handle.” His head shot up as his console flashed red. “Sensor contact!”

Spock peered into his viewer. “A Klingon D7-class battlecruiser is approaching, Captain, full impulse.”

Kirk tensed. He flipped a switch on his armrest. “Yellow alert. Shields up!”

Klaxons sounded throughout the Enterprise. Crewmembers raced to their ready stations. A tactical viewer rose on Sulu's console. He looked into it as his hands moved across the navigation station. “Captain, the battlecruiser's defensive shields are down, and their weapons are on... cold standby.”

Uhura spoke up, her expression one of confusion. “Captain, I'm receiving a signal from the battlecruiser, the IKS K'naiah's Pride. Shall I open a channel?” At Kirk's nod, she flipped a switch. “Channel open.”

A raspy voice came over the internal speakers. “USS Enterprise, we are on a peaceful mission. We do not wish to engage in hostilities. I repeat; we do not wish to engage in hostilities. Our weapons are powered down.”

Kirk leaned back. “IKS Pride, this is Captain James Kirk of the Federation starship Enterprise. I... apologize for jumping the gun a bit. Your presence startled us. Enterprise out.” He slashed his fingers across his throat.

Uhura spoke up again. “Captain, we're now receiving a transmission from Equus itself. She identifies herself as... Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

Chekov and Sulu exchanged a glance. “'Twilight Sparkle'?” Chekov repeated.

Sulu shrugged. “You got me, Pavel.”

Kirk sighed. “Put her through, Commander.” He cleared his throat. “Princess Sparkle, this is Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, representing the United Federation of Planets. We come in peace.”

There was a pause before a static-laced voice came through. “Captain... Kirk? I'm transmitting? YES YES YES! I did it! I got it working!”

Despite himself, Kirk grinned. “Yes, Princess. You are transmitting.”

Oh, oh! I am... so sorry, Captain. It's just, this technology is quite beyond anything I've seen before. The survey team showed me a bit how to use it, but getting it working is still quite exciting!” there was a pause. “Okay... according to my checklist, you need coordinates for transporters.” There was a pause. “Is that anything like teleportation?”

Spock spoke up. “Princess, our transporters are designed to convert matter into energy, beam it across space and reassemble on the quantum level at the intended destination.”

So that's a yes, I guess? Anyway, here are the coordinates. The location is just outside the town of Ponyville, within sight of the capital of Canterlot. We'll send some chariots to pick you up and give you a nice tour of the countryside. Is that alright?”

Kirk nodded. “That will be fine, Princess. Please send us the coordinates.”

Twilight rattled off a string of numbers. “Okay, Captain. I can't wait to meet you! We'll all be great friends! Twilight, over and out!”

Uhura looked down for a moment. “Captain, that was definitely the same Twilight we saw in the footage from the probe.”

Chekov looked back at her. “You got that from two seconds of her speaking from a probe?”

Kirk flipped a switch on his armrest. “Spock, Uhura, you're with me.” He leaned in close to a speaker grille next to the switch. “Bones, please meet me in Transporter Room Three. Mister Sulu, you have the conn.” He rose and made his way to the aft turbolift door, Spock and Uhura following.

Four shimmering columns of light appeared on the edge of a large, dark forest. They each coalesced into a humanoid figure, fading and leaving behind Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and chief medical officer Leonard 'Bones' McCoy.

Spock pulled out his tricorder and waved it around. “Gravity is at .9 of Earth. Atmospheric quality is rather remarkable.”

Bones inhaled deeply. “Now that is some clean, fresh air.”

Spock flipped his tricorder closed. “I believe I already said that, Doctor,”

Uhura turned around and looked about. She gasped and pointed as she spotted a large city hanging off the side of a cliff. “Captain, I think I spotted Canterlot.”

The others followed her gaze. Uhura stepped forward and smiled slightly. “Like Minas Tirith from the old Lord of the Rings novels.”

Bones chuckled. “A fantasy fan, Lieutenant?”

Uhura rolled her eyes. “Sulu loves Tolkien’s work, especially the live-action movies they made in the first decade of the twenty-first century. As for myself, I’ve studied them for the languages he created.”

Bones shrugged. “Ah. Always was more a fan of the Ancient West, myself.”

Kirk snapped his fingers. “Spock, do you think... whomever built this star system, could have built... Canterlot?”

Spock flipped out his tricorder once more and pointed it towards Canterlot. “Impossible to tell without more data, Captain. However, it cannot be ruled out.”

Motion caught their eye. Kirk's hand went for his phaser, but stopped when a small, pink-coated pony appeared, hopping down a path. He quickly recognized her from the probe footage.

The pony stopped a few feet from Kirk and the others. She looked up at them, eyes widening with every inch she raised her head.

Kirk held out a hand. “Greetings. I am James T Kirk, representing the United– “

The pony suddenly jumped into the air. Her mane and tail blew up, not unlike a balloon, as she gasped loudly. She hung in midair for several seconds before dropping back to the ground, turning and speeding off, leaving a cloud of smoke trailing behind her.

The four stared at her as she sped off. Kirk's jaw canted to the right. “Did you..” He turned to the others, his expression one of total confusion.

Bones crossed his arms over his chest and scowled. “Beats some of the greetings we've got, but not by much.”

Kirk looked back to Canterlot. His eyes narrowed as he spotted two large black dots heading away from the castle and towards them. They quickly grew into a pair of chariots, each one pulled by six armored pegasi. “Well, Bones, you can file a complaint with whoever they've got in their diplomatic corps. Unless I'm mistaken, I think that's our ride.”

Author's Note:

1. Thanks to Talon and Thorn, Bliss Authority, Tumbleweed, sun tzu, and RainbowDoubleDash for help in proofreading/editing.