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Chrysalis has taken Canterlot, the Elements of Harmony are captured and Celestia and Cadence are in her grasp, everything has gone according to her plans, she could just sing about how perfect this day has been.

Too bad three fillies, one night princess, and four other hives have something to say about that.

Cover art by Siansaar go show them some love.

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Great story so far, I can't wait to see what happens next, and Scootaloo being a Changeling Princess, should have seen that one coming, also do any of the other Hives feed off of Lust instead of Love like Chrysalis Hive does?

So good so far, I hope I can read more of this story

The Ruby's primary source is lust, it has to do with what city their hive is located in, that's coming up soon.

Humm not the first story with Changeling Scootaloo, first I've seen where she is a princess too. I am pleased you didn't feel the need to remove Shineing and Cadance's victory and included the whole "Celestial held back" explanation for why she lost to Chrysalis.

Well, time to add another story to the tracking list. :P

It's like people expected Celestia to go all out, but they forget that calling the power of the SUN might be harmful to others in the area, also yes the 'love shield bomb' [you find a better name] is actually needed.

Oh joy... another fic for me to track....:pinkiecrazy:

I need more!

also... there are a few errors here and there

Luna and Glimmer charged Chrysalis, Luna welded dual ethereal short swords as Glimmer leveled her royal magic. Though if Chrysalis was worried she did a fine job of hiding it.

that should be "wielded"

Rarity was cut short as Sweetie Bell rolled to one side, launched a spell bolt of changeling magic, and nailed a hostile changeling in the face just as it was about to tackle Rarity.

missing and "e" from Belle

“Thou are truly a fool if ye thinks thy sister should fall so easily in combat, our sister merely did not want to destroy our fair city with her might.”

"thy" is the possessive form of "thou" which mean "your" and "you" respectively. i checked

HAZZA! For we are victorious this day!” Luna shouted.

I believe that should "HUZZAH" since i remember Luna saying that and not "HAZZA"

I think that's all i saw. might have missed some but also might not have missed any. hope this helps

Is it just me or is Chryssi continually defeated by her food? It's like getting smacked around by a sandwich.

To be fair, i have yet to see a sandwich with a horn using magic.

Very good story, and an interesting concept, this.
Have a Fave, a Track, a Follow and an Upvote for it.

Also, I think that this is one of the few (if any) stories about the Royal Wedding (or on any level, for that matter) that Celestia has had knowledge of the Changeling Hives, let alone have one of their Princesses as her student.
Now that, I really like!
I also like the bit where two of the Emerald Changelings formed armor for Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.
Very nice.
:rainbowlaugh: I also particularly liked this bit:

The room erupted into cheers, as the changelings and ponies began to celebrate their victory. Suddenly a large magic circle formed in the middle of the room, everyone backed away from the circle just as a portal opened up. With a flash the portal deposited a large group of changelings into the room, everything was quiet for a few tense seconds as the new group of changelings glared at everything around them, weapons drawn.

“Oh come ON!” One of the new arrivals exclaimed throwing down their spear. “We missed the whole thing!”

This guy sounds like Sweetie Belle when one of the CMCs plans goes "somewhat" awry.

8381883 No, it ain't just you, and yup.

8381893 :rainbowlaugh:

Felt just a tad fast on pacing, but otherwise pretty good

So Scootaloo as a changeling princess?, nice how interesting.

8381883 Heh, sandwich. I know that fish can be weaponized. SANDWICHES could be a throwing weapon.

Or club is the bread is stale enough.

Nice start hope to see more on short time

Very cool chapter, with some very cute moments.

I heartily approve, and eagerly await Chapter 3.

“Well, I for one am glad we're all together, despite the circumstances, although we do have some things to discuss, and not by choice.” Copper, queen of the Amber hive laminated.

I think that should "lamented"


Sweetie Belle’s question died as her and Applebloom we surrounded in green changeling fire, when they opened their eyes everything had a slightly green tint to it.

think that should be "were"

As with all post season 6 stories involving changelings I am curious what throax did here. Did he get hit by the shield, surrender or hide among the population of Canterlot?

And another good and funny chapter I'm can't wait for the next one

Hey, Xanderfox was asking you about Thorax, did he get hit by the shield, surrender or hide among the population of Canterlot?

8384117 8383873
I had not really given much thought to Thorax, how ever now I have something special in mind.
And to answer your question, no he was not in Canterlot.

“A lot better than we thought, most of the damage was superficial with the worst being a few changeling sized holes in the streets and some broken windows. Ponies are handling most of the repairs, we are helping as much as we can but most of us are just standing near impact sites with signs saying ‘Cheeze bug landed here’.”

Wisp raised an eyebrow. “Alright two questions, where did you get so many signs so quickly, and why do they say ‘cheeze bug’?”


Why, by Luna's moon, am i not surprised?:rainbowlaugh:

Also.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

These new changelings had subtle but noticeable differences from the ones with Chrysalis, their eyes were a light green, they had a forest green back plates, sharp 'lightning bolt' shaped horns, sharpe dragonfly like wings, and they lacked any holes in their legs. It was easy to identify these newcomers as changelings, yet it was clear they were very different.

I'd hardly call those subtle differences!:twilightoops:

“Hardly Luna, now if the introductions are done,” Glimmer said while falling into an attack stance. “ATTACK!”

Enter the heat of battle!

“Thou are truly a fool if ye thinks thou sister should fall so easily in combat, our sister merely did not want to destroy our fair city with her might.”

You might need to work on ye olde vernacular. That should go better as "Thou art truly a fool if thou thinkest that our sister should'st fall so easily in combat. Our sister merely wish'd not to destroy our fair city with her might."

That was assuming Luna didn’t skiure her first.

(wince) *Ahem*. That would be skewer, i believe.

8399211 There is actually a reason for this

8399219 fixed

“Indeed,” Celestia sighed. “However, while we discuss that, I believe somepony has a wedding to get back on track,” Celestia said winking at Twilight.
“Aunt Celestia, are you sure? After all this, I’m sure we could just start over tomorrow.”
“Nonsense darling, we can’t have your special day turned upside down like this.” Rarity interjected.
“Besides, we have plenty of help to make sure everything is fabulous!”
“I couldn’t agree… more?” Rarity said turning to address, herself.

Okay, THAT was funny!:rainbowlaugh:

Glimmer was thinking every deity she could think of for her mother's foresight right now. “In the darkest night, guided are we by the moon.”

Luna replied, blinking, she hadn't expected to hear a code from before her banishment. “And the shadows fear not the light, but those who walk in it.”

Ooh! I like that.

“Seems like only yesterday, but yes she was my student back then, she had to return home to take the thrown, or she might still be my student today if she could get away with it.”

Throne not thrown

Please continue this is a great story.

Sweet new chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next, will Twilight take notes about the hive or even take pictures of what the hive looks like on the inside. Another thing will pinkie sneak some love to taste, because I SO want to see Super Hyper Pinkie Pie on a LOVE high, it would be funny to see how crazy she will be from tasting some love.

Hmmmm a love high pinkie, perhaps. :pinkiecrazy:
Viewing of the hive is coming soon, I hope it doesn't disappoint.


Only if you eat some of the Love that the Changelings have stored up, heck you could out race Super Sonic and Rainbow Dash, when she is flying at Sonic Rainboom speed, of course after the love clears your system I bet you would crash badly and sleep for several days to get back your lost energy that was used up.

Pinkie on refined love will be like Twilight on Irn Bru.

Beware the elusive typo, they will strike when least expected. Aided by their minion spell check.

were we the flower fillies [ We were ]
I'd like to get back home today. Scootaloo laminated. [ lamented ]
Twilight guessed they weren't just statuses. [statues ]
Applejack asked indicating one of the statuses. [ statues ]


Glad you're enjoying it.
I would not be opposed to this

The least we need is an illustration of the Emerald hive.

I like changeling princess Scootaloo.

A good story so far, even if it would need someone to proofread it.

8642884 It's gonna be a lotta work for the cleaning crew. I hope they get a better reward for ALL the shenanigans.

8643380 Especially because of Pinkie. Pinkie's pretty much enough reason to set up an appointment with the psychiatrists and psychologists and having to be with her for long periods of time would hafta be taxing on anyone's sanity, really. If not Pinkie, then I pity the poor souls that hafta deal with Twilight's neurosis or Rainbow's ego, which I might add is the size of UY Scuti.

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