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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )



Equestria is under threat. A group calling itself 'Unicornia' has made itself known, and their intent is to dethrone Celestia and Luna, and return Equestria to its rightful bearers: the three tribes that originally founded it.

Some fight for power, some for justice, some simply to defend their beloved land, where Celestia had failed in recent events. Their reasons bring them together, but the fight will not be easy. Friendships will be formed and tested, and lies will lead to bloodshed and severed ties that can never be reformed.

Trixie Lulamoon fights in the present. Queen Platinum fought in the past. Both of them had unwavering resolve, but where one had fallen, will the other succeed?

Credit to Emkay for the Princess Platinum vector used in the coverart, and to Spaceponies for the Trixie vector.

Note: As much of this story was planned out (and some started) before Season 5, the fic itself will take part before Season 5 of the show and as such may disregard some canon.

Chapters (15)
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Is that a reference to gen 3?

7082162 nope. Hearth's warming eve

Ah, here it is! Not much I can say, still love it. Nice action, good twists.

7082237 Just looked it up, it is in gen 3.

Guess that episode/lore was a reference too. :applejackconfused:

So Sombra and Platinum are related, the Princesses have parents, Robin Hood has been ponified and is a prince, Trixie is a princess, may or may not have a son and has gone full on Hydra against the Royal guard.

I am officially interested.

This shall be interesting. Though with what Trixie and Robin have planned, wouldn't that be considered treason against both Equestria AND Unicornia? After all it's canon that Princess Platinum and her friends befriended the princesses and it was THEIR idea that Celestia and Luna rule Equestria with Celestia being nervous on the first day on the job worrying if she'll be a good ruler or not. And they hadn't yet earned their cutie marks or discovered the Tree of Harmony since that'd happen at least a month or 3 later on the job I think. So by trying to dethrone the princesses, they're basically dishonoring their ancestors and everything that worked to achieve.

Summed up as "Get shit on Alicorns".

Anyone else read the speech in Johnny young bash's Zero voice?

This sounds very interesting, but why am I having a deep feeling that this is based on the idea of G3 "unicornia?" Perhaps that is what the idea is based on, "Back to the old times" (G3) and the "3 tribes?" (The three sections of the land in which ponyville was split) This sounds like a great story, but after watching the Runaway rainbow so many times I cannot read this without "Here in unicornia" playing in my head. This is a very good idea though. Favorited.

Song to those who dare:HERE IN UNICORNIA


Thank you forgiven nightmare fuel this freely. G3 Brr... :fluttershyouch:

Overall I like this story so far, guess the writer is a Maudtrix shipper. :ajsmug:


Only G3 thing I've watched is Minty Christmas. I could never really force myself to sit through any of the other stuff :(

Oh woh this is going to start really interesting. You have a talent in building up suspense. A talent not many writers posses. :twilightsmile:

And now they have confirm their suspicions about her before using her to leak disinformation. Maybe Shiny could assign her as the guard outside his office and make a habit of leaving important documents on his desk.

I find difficult to sympathize with the Unicornians given their flimsy morality and self-justifications of their members , all while Celestia and Luna, the "villains", are the ones who show the most concern for the ponies caught in the middle.
Seriously, a nation were all members of the three tribes will be free and equals... Under the name "Unicornia"? Yeah, no suspicious at all :trixieshiftright:

So glad to see the next chapter of this. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for all ponies involved. Can't wait for the next chapter.

And now you've left me wanting a Kaito Kid crossover/comedy spoof starring Trixie :applecry:.

7315931 He's already done that, check his story, chasing thieves. Might not be proper comedy though.

Hmmm I hope I don't need to wait long for the next chapter. This just got really intense. :rainbowderp:

This story is awesome. The bits with Platinum are really interesting, showing how for Celestia's good intentions, she did kind of steal away the crown and take control. Platinum however has slowly started becoming paranoid and scared because she outright knows she can't best Celestia directly, and she has less forces, but she will not back down and so keeps pushing more then she can.

The present situation is just as good. Trixie has a good backstory here and a noble goal, even if it is tainted by revenge. Sunset is still as destructive and dark as she was in her first appearance, and Celestia is still loving and caring, but somewhat oblivious to her nation. Unlike Shining Armour who does recognize that Trixie's mission is noble and her views on the nobles is far from inaccurate, Celestia seems to just ignore the issue.


Next Saturday. I'm doing each chapter weekly (they're already written and proofread). Sorry, you'll just have ta keep guessin' a lil' bit :3 If you need something to do until then, GDQ is starting today :pinkiehappy:


The Platinum scenes actually became my favourite part of this story, despite me adding them in as an afterthought after I had started to write XD

I wanted to portray Celestia as being somepony who tries to rule the country without being entirely certain of how best to rule it, simply to keep it out of bad hooves. I'm not sure how well I did that though - she might just be coming off as incredibly dense ^_^;;

7359639 I like that view actually. She tries to give off that she knows all and is clearly the best leader for Equestria, but she doesn't actually have all the answers and more then once she has made bad decisions. Really the best qualification she has is that she is stronger then the average pony, but is that really a trait that requires leadership?

Okay didn't saw that plot twist coming. Well played. :moustache:

It's a shame whith this ending how all histories, whit a happy final and no one wins.

We are Unicornia, and in Unicornia, it is our law that those in power must use it for the greater good!"

I don't even know what that's from.

But seriously this is an amazing story, I so want to read more.

Not gonna lie, i really did not like this story but it was not bad for what it was so I'm hit with a like.

Not the best story I have ever read but not the worse either. I think it's slightly above the mundane from the stories I usually read. Never the less it was very enjoyable so keep on the good work. :twilightsmile:

Not gonna lie, I actually feel bad for Platinum.

This needs a sequel. With Unicornia and the rest of Equestria dealing with the corrupted nobles, the Griffins and Platinum once again, with Trixie hurled back into the midst outside her control.

7295531 That's not the name of the nation, just the organization rebuilding the government of Equestria.

But yeah, I also want Unicornia to win. Celestia's a bad ruler, there is no getting around that. And from the flashbacks, it looks like the princesses being in charge was part of a take-over.

I really enjoyed this.

How does Spitfire know Trixie? And for that matter how did Trixie know Velvet was Twilight's mother?

“Now then, please go and file the paperwork for the stage before the post office is closed, Mr. Scrooge.”

“Bah, humbug,” Filthy Rich groaned


how does this happen, I'm reading this great story and then I just stop. How? How does that happen? Well, it's time I get back to reading.

Some interesting scenes to start the first chapter. Given the whole chat with Twilight, Filthy Rich and Mayor Mare about the Hearth's Warming Eve and how the play has always been performed the exact same, I'm going to take a gander and guess that the way events really went down were far from how they are depicted in the plays. Maybe the three Tribes surrendered their sovereignty over to Luna and Celestia (though it sounds like the pegasi and Earth ponies already had nominally deferred some power to the unicorns since it sounds like Platinum was to lead Hurricane and Smart Cookie) in an agreement, which Luna and Celestia have abrogated the terms of, only for almost nopony but them and Platinum's descendants to remember the true terms. After all, it's always been Princess Platinum, never Queen.

I'm mildly curious about Celestia and Luna's line numbers. Either they had predecessors but they themselves became immortal, they were always immortal and just pretend to have had several descendants of the same name, or the Celestia and Luna of today aren't the same as the Celestia and Luna of then.

I predicted Trixie using Robin Hood and his accomplice as a gambit to make herself look better, but then, that was fairly predictable. What is surprising is her mention of having an offspring. If that wasn't something she was lying about, then that means there will be another Prince of old Unicornia around too.

So I'm guessing it's not Trixie who's secretly descended from Princess Platinum, but rather King Midas. If either of them are descended at all from Platinum, even, that is. King Midas is a curious allusion, too. I wonder how badly his tale will end given the real-world allegory of King Midas. Given Sunset's appearance in this story, I notice you curiously avoid mentioning she has wings, so I'm going to guess she is still just a unicorn. Her Princess status is a little odd, but I suppose it could be much the same as with Trixie and Midas, in that they might not have royal heritage but are still taking titles for themselves in their rebellion against Equestria.

The scene at the beginning of the story with Platinum and Chancellor Puddinghead and Hurricane seems prophetic. One problem, though: in the first chapter, you have this line:

"It's a shame what happened to Chancellor Puddinghead. And just when I was beginning to like her, too."

At first I thought maybe the beginning scene was a fake-out dream sequence, only then I realised that Puddinghead is described as a stallion with male pronouns in this chapter, whereas in the previous scene Puddinghead is mentioned as 'her'. Did you just completely forget that you had apparently offed Puddinghead earlier and mentioned her as a mare?

The play, though. Oof. While some things can be brushed aside, I think the most personally needling claim (that isn't wrong at all) is Celestia using the Crystal Empire's return and King Sombra as a test for Twilight to pass.

EDIT: I find it pretty nice that Ponyville is so inclusive that Diamond Tiara, an Earth pony, can play Princess Platinum, unicorn royalty.

You know, if this is a storyline where Equestria Girls took place, Sunset Shimmer's presence could have some interesting implications. After all, she was blasted by the Elements of Harmony, meaning she has to be good now and working for a noble cause. If Equestria tries to claim otherwise? "Well, if the Elements of Harmony supposedly aren't surefire in reformation, there was this other pony who also got hit by them. Her name was Nightmare Moon."

Celestia and Luna at the very beginning feel a little bit sinister with some of the emphasis on words they make. I do wonder whatever happened to that actual garden they speak of (then again, since you've mentioned Prince Sombra, I guess the Royal Palace spoken of is the Crystal Empire that will inevitably be thrown into stasis).


I notice you curiously avoid mentioning she has wings

- unless I missed it in a comic issue, she doesn't have wings :applejackconfused:

"It's a shame what happened to Chancellor Puddinghead. And just when I was beginning to like her, too."

Holy shit, how did this go unnoticed for so long? XDDD I was supposed to change that to Smart Cookie 'cause I decided I wanted to use Puddinghead ^_^;;

I wonder just how far Trixie and Sunset's intelligence networks go that Trixie off-hoofedly knows who Twilight Velvet is. I see you're setting Prince Charming up to be some sort of impressive third-party, though no real hints as to what his intentions are.

One gets the impression that Omnis' tactics will end in tragedy if Celestia and Luna are the only known alicorns for several years. There goes my theory that old Unicornia was the Crystal Empire, though I wonder how Sombra goes from being Platinum's younger brother to usurping control of the Crystal Empire.

Given Trixie apparently spent two years on the border, I would expect her to be a good fighter at least (which she shows in fighting Captain Falcon, and boy can I not get the image of F-Zero Captain Falcon out of my head now), but having only spilled blood once seems just a little out there. I would have at least expected her to brawl with wild animals from time to time or the like.

Still, won't Twilight be surprised when she hears Sunset Shimmer, who she hit with a friendship laser and left in the human world, has returned to Equestria and crippled her brother? :twilightangry2:

It seems a little odd that the alicorn nation is still around but seems to be completely irrelevant to current affairs. Well, I think that ousting Celestia and Luna and forcing the other alicorns' hooves into invading will make most ponies sit up and realise they're apparently not allowed to determine their own destiny, only the alicorns can do that.

Well, there's the origin story of one of our council. At least that answers the question of who is related to Platinum near the end, though it doesn't quite tell me yet whether Trixie is married to Midas or if she just claims the title of Princess by being part of his council.

I'm a little bit surprised that the one Unicornia soldier knew who Trixie was. I would have expected Midas and Trixie to be a lot more careful about showing Trixie around to the soldiers, considering that she is working as an undercover spy. Given her actions at the end about slipping a letter into the General's desk, I'm guessing she's setting him up as the fall-pony as the purported spy leaking information to Unicornia.

It's getting more and more obvious that the alicorns are simply overwhelmingly powerful, and I wonder how much resentment there'll be from the ponies who realise they've been around for a while and never cared to help them out during their greatest time of crisis, and now that they've showed up are attempting to set themselves up as rulers. In that light, I suppose Sombra fighting against Celestia and Luna was old Unicornia's last gasp at ponies ruling themselves. I'm betting a good armor-piercing question would be to ask alicorns from the alicorn nation if they even consider themselves ponies, or if they inherently think of themselves as a different, superior species.

Hah, the bit at the end about Maud. I wonder if that's related to Trixie namedropping herself as Maud Pie earlier to Twilight Velvet.

Of course Twilight has OP powers that can't be nerfed that allow her to escape with General Morgan in tow. Well, she's finally getting some action it seems, halfway through the story :twilightsheepish:

I can see how Queen Platinum and Prince Sombra are getting more and more frustrated. Luna and Celestia are constantly finding ways to overreach, and of course we know it'll inevitably end with them taking control of Equestria, and they do it so effortlessly compared to Platinum, who is truly a warrior queen, and Sombra, who we know will end up getting blasted by the alicorns.

So that's the 'stallion' that broke up with Maud :trixieshiftleft:

The ending sounds a little bit convoluted and a leap of logic for Shining Armor to somehow deduce Trixie is a spy. Of course, the time span in this story between Magic Duel and now is a little bit iffy (all we know is it takes place about Season 5), so for all I know Trixie still could have been spending some time as a Royal Guard and indeed did have a colt, though so far it seems unlikely that the backstory she claimed really is true at all.

Of course, it's a bit for naught if Unicornia attacks before Shining Armor has the chance to get back to Canterlot.

Oooh, and now Trixie is surrounded on all sides. Gonna have to see how she breaks out of this one.

Of course, the problem is that Shining Armor still has nothing more than circumstantial evidence unless he finds something else.

It's pretty easy to see how Queen Platinum is slowly falling apart in the past. The problem really is the alicorns are just simply too good, while Platinum has to sacrifice so much to save her people and gets shunned for it because despite killing so many gryphons, she's not a one-mare army like Celestia is.

Ha, and with that, yet another top member of Unicornia has been killed, but his death will also strike some turmoil into Equestria. I'm certain Blueblood won't be refusing those guards now. I wonder just how many more will continue to fall. After all, of the inner council there's only Trixie, Sunset and Oasis left now, and the last hasn't really done anything in several chapters. Maud being seen at the site of Prince Charming's death might also break up the Elements of Harmony since Pinkie knows her sister, but Twilight might insist on justice. Or something.

And of course, right when Celestia or Luna would be most useful to have around, neither of them are, just as normal :trollestia:

Platinum in the past finally got usurped, but no indication of what happened to Sombra. The true indicator of just what Celestia and Luna's intentions were would be if Luna was to break up with Sombra on her own right after, before he has any chance to run away or chase after his sister.

So Sombra conquered the Crystal Empire only to be offed by Luna off-screen, huh?

I suppose in the future Celestia and Luna may have kept the events of history quiet as they were to preserve Queen Platinum's good name, but given they allow a winter play that belittles Hurricane, Puddinghead and Platinum as fairly ardent tribalists to be performed, and Sombra's name has been completely lost to history except as a tyrant of the Crystal Empire, they sure don't so much care about preserving Platinum's good name as they do preventing it from being tarnished.

Too bad for Maud that this thing is going to end in more bloodshed, including of the bluehorse kind :trixieshiftleft:

I wonder if Sunset Shimmer is plotting her own thing, or just merely expects Robin Hood to fail in leading the assault on Canterlot. Then again, Sunset's motives are more personal than they are altruistic, so I fully expect her to get into a magical duel with Celestia.

As for Rainbow Dash...

Lightning Dust: "So, RD just ran off recklessly. Should I be following the actions of my leadpony now?"
Spitfire: "Shut up Dust."

You referenced a Wilhelm scream :ajbemused:

I suppose it's not Trixie who makes the best parallel for Platinum, but Trixie and Sunset in conjunction. Trixie works best as Queen Platinum in her better days when she was all about bringing the three tribes together, protecting them and doing the best she could for them, even at the cost of her own body and spirit. Sunset is very much Platinum post-fall, as she slowly loses her insanity, becomes more paranoid, her pride holding her up, and becoming more willing to kill even close friends and the like. The story of Platinum and Puddinghead is very much a tragedy.

Huh. What a :twistnerd:.

Of course, seeing Princess Celestia and Luna basically destroy her brother and then have a follow-up a thousand years later where Celestia's student even more permanently destroys Sombra sure didn't do much for Platinum's sanity.

A little bit disappointing that Queen Platinum got captured off-screen. Of course, Celestia seems to be suffering from a baffling incoherence of her motives. With Luna, she got a new set of Element Bearers to purify Nightmare Moon. With Sombra, she sends Twilight along with Cadance and Shining Armor to wrestle control of the Crystal Empire away from him, trying to sent Twilight without her friends and definitely without the Elements of Harmony, and seemed to accept destroying Sombra entirely. With Queen Platinum she doesn't care to do that, and presumably if Rainbow Power works as an Element of Harmony equivalent she could get the Mane 6 to try it, but doesn't. It seems Celestia really didn't care about Sombra at all.

Smart Cookie was basically dead at the start of the story (as you noted, saying Puddinghead first was an error), and Clover makes a few mentions before finally dying in the gryphon attack. However, I don't think I recall Private Pansy ever receiving a mention.

I would have loved to at least see one call-out of Rainbow Dash's recklessness in this chapter. After all, after Spitfire's scolding Lightning Dust earlier in the story and telling her to listen to her leadpony, it would have made an interesting about-face for Lightning Dust to mention back to Spitfire just what RD's actions were that Lightning Dust supposedly should emulate.

Unicornia disbanding as a terrorist organisation and reforming as a political party still doesn't take away from the fact that there's no real mechanism to remove Celestia. She basically flat-out admitted that even if she was removed, the other alicorns would still come in and take control of Equestria, and they might not be as nice. Food for thought for Trixie if she wishes to resume her reign against the unfairness of it all later on in life.

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