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I like doing crossover stories a lot


Bumblebee is a very nice Autobot Scout who can´t speak but after arriving in a world full of different creatures with no idea how he got there he will have to earn the trust of the residents to figure out how he got here but along the way he´ll encounter old and new enemies (MLP & Transformers are owned by hasbro and all music used is not mine)

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Ah, not bad of a start, I loved the introduction between Bumblebee and the Mane six and the CMCS. I enjoyed the Bumblebee movie so much! He is certainly the best autobot.

Bumblee's journey.

dis gonna be good. one slight issue is the format in the dialogue section of things.
this for example:


it would usually be denied by admins because that format is not allowed.

Loving the story overall. I just spotted an issue that I felt should be addressed so that this doesn't get taken down by the administration for reasons.

Thanks for letting me know

this reminds me of a play script, or videogame cutscene subtitles. but alltogether, good story

Wow, Rainbow Dash, that was a dick move.

Hopefully Rainbow will learn that Bumblebee is dangerous nor a threat to them.

Wow, what a jerk Rainbow Dash is, and if Bumblebee decided to smack her with his metallic arm, I wouldn't mind at all because, that's what a bully like her deserves!

Thanks for the idea

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